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Join East Lake View Neighbors (ELVN)/Time to Renew Your Membership

(If you intend to vote in our March 3rd ELVN Board election, your dues must be paid by Friday, February 27, 2015).

East Lake View Neighbors (ELVN) is one of the twelve neighborhood organizations affiliated with the Lake View Citizens Council. We are a non-profit organization serving the residents, businesses and social organizations within the area bounded by Addison Street, Clark Street, Irving Park Road, and Lake Michigan.

The September 2013 issue of Money Magazine listed Lake View Chicago as being one of the “Best Big-City Neighborhoods” in the nation in which to live. East Lake View Neighbors’ objective is to help confirm the statement made by Money Magazine by being a mechanism both to maintain and improve the quality of life in our neighborhood through active involvement in community “betterment” related programs and activities that work towards improving East Lake View.

We accomplish this objective, in part, by providing a forum, through monthly Board meetings, for neighbors to discuss quality of life issues, to provide our neighbors with information that impacts their lives as residents, and to offer our voice to the Aldermanic Offices on licensing, zoning and other issues in our area. (ELVN includes both the 44th and 46th Wards.)

Your dues will help ELVN achieve our objectives.

Normally our Board meets the first Tuesday of each month at 7 PM at the 19th District Police Station Community Room. (Meeting updates or changes are noted on our website – http://eastlakeview.org.)

ELVN Activities Include

A major role of ELVN has become to be community advocates for maintaining and improving the system of Neighborhood Protections associated with baseball games and other major events at Wrigley Field. We have become the community voice to monitor and express input and concerns to the Cubs management, our Aldermen, and our Mayor regarding the ongoing renovation of Wrigley Field and any proposed changes to the Neighborhood Protection Program.

In 2013, ELVN supported the efforts of the 46th Ward to close the Chateau Hotel by providing testimony at Housing Court. The resulting closure of the Chateau Hotel has resulted in new interest in redeveloping nearby properties including nearly the entire east side of the 3800 block of Broadway and the nearby properties. We are also now working to improve and make Gill Park more of a community asset.

Working through the 44th and 46th Ward Aldermanic Offices, ELVN serves an advisory function for proposed zoning changes or new developments that affect the East Lake View Community including:

  • Addison Park Development
  • 3800 block of Broadway (eastside)
  • 3901 N. Broadway
  • 3936 Sheridan/Dakin

Some examples of other ELVN activities are:

  • Hosted an Annual Oktoberfest Fundraiser resulting in an annual donation of approximately $10,000 to community non-profit organizations
  • Sponsored Community Sculpture
  • Supported 19th Police District Office Appreciation Day
  • Conducted Annual Thanksgiving Food Drive for Lake View Pantry
  • Hosted several Rooftop or Food collection fundraisers benefiting Lake View Food Pantry
  • Maintain ELVN Website (http://eastlakeview.org) and use email “blasts” to keep our community informed of Important Issues and activities
  • Active Board Members of Lake View Citizens Council
  • Attend CAPS meetings and advise Police of community policing concerns

How to join ELVN

Our dues for an individual are $10. (A complete list of categories of dues is shown on our website.) You can join East Lake View Neighbors by using the Membership Application or Pay Pal available on our ELVN website – http://eastlakeview.org.

You can contact ELVN by sending an email to friends@eastlakeview.org.

ELVN Board Meeting, February 3, 2015

East Lake View Neighbors will be holding a board meeting on Tuesday, February 3, 2015, at 7 p.m. in the 19th District Police Station’s Community Room, 850 W. Addison St.


Chamber Reports

44th Ward Update

46th Ward Update

  • Presentation of proposed redevelopment of 3817-3845 N. Broadway

New Business

  • Board member nominations

ELVN Update

  • Board Member election will be at the General Community Meeting on March 3, 2015
  • Membership dues are due.

ELVN Board Member Nominations

East Lake View Neighbors will be accepting nominations for Board Members of ELVN at our next meeting on Tuesday, February 3, 2015, at 7:00 p.m. in the Community Room at the Police Station located at 850 West Addison Street. We invite all eligible people to consider serving on our Board. If you are interested, please attend the meeting on February 3, 2015, and either accept or submit your nomination. All nominees will be verified for eligibility and will be asked to submit a brief biography which will be considered by all ELVN Members and will stand for election to the Board at our General Community Meeting on March 3, 2015.

To be eligible to serve on The ELVN Board, nominees must live within the boundaries of our Organization. The boundaries are Lake Shore Drive, Clark Street, Addison Street and Irving Park Road. Additionally, all nominees must have a fully paid membership by March 2, 2015.

Responsibilities of ELVN Board Members are as follows:

  • To understand the needs and concerns of the Community
  • To actively promote ELVN within the Community and to work to increase ELVN Membership
  • To attend at least seven (7) Board/Community meetings within the calendar year
  • To participate in annual fundraising activities such as our annual Oktoberfest
  • To be engaged in the activities of ELVN through active participation

Please consider this great opportunity to get involved in your Community. Please contact friends@eastlakeview.org with any questions.

ELVN Community/General Meeting – March 4, 2014

ELVN will be hosting a Community/General meeting at 7 PM on Tuesday, March 4, 2014, at the 19th District Police Station Community Room (850 W. Addison). We will be holding our Annual ELVN Board Election. A list of candidates can be found on our website.

Agenda items will include:

  • ELVN Board Elections
  • 44th Ward Updates
    Proposed Sports Plaza Ordinance (SportsPlazaOrdinance.pdf)
    2013 Annual City Wrigley Field Community Meeting (March 12, 2014)
  • 46th Ward Updates
    Proposed 3936 N Sheridan/Dakin Development (This is a proposed 8-story building that will have 60 residential units with some retail. The development will require a zoning change from B1-2 to B3-5.)
  • Wrigley Field Redevelopment Update and Related Issues
    2014 Schedule
    Proposed Sports Plaza Operational Parameters (SportsPlazaProposedOperations.pdf)
    Green Lot Improvements (including discussion of impacts to Racine Avenue)
  • Presentation of Holiday Party/Fundraiser Donations to Unity Green at Gill Park
    Unity Green – www.unitygreen.org

2014 ELVN Election Slate

East Lake View Neighbors (ELVN) is announcing its 2014 Election Slate! Read the bios of the members below who are running for election to the ELVN Board of Directors.  Remember, to vote at our Board of Directors elections on March 4, you must have already renewed your membership.  Per ELVN bylaws, payment cannot be made on the day of the election, so be sure to renew your membership now!

The elections will take place at ELVN’s March 4th Community Meeting at 7 pm at the 19th District Police Station Community Room. We will be discussing the (Cubs) Plaza Ordinance and the development at 3800 N Broadway, among other topics.

ELVN Election Slate – Member Bios

Terie Kata has been active as a board member of ELVN since 1992, serving as Chair for five years and Treasurer for ten years. Terie and co-chair James Murphy raised ELVN fund-raising to new highs in attendance and profits at our annual Oktoberfests. She has been an active resident and property owner of the Lakeview community for 22 years. She has been a participating member of LVCC for 20 years, serving on many committees and has planned and co-ordinated numerous LVCC fundraising events. She is also active in a variety of community and business organizations.

Pat Nagle has lived in Lakeview for the past 17 years and has worked as an attorney for 19 years. Currently, he serves as a federal Administrative Law Judge. He has been an ELVN member for the past several years and is a member of Alderman Cappleman’s Zoning Committee. His wife and he are raising two children in the neighborhood and he is invested in making this community an optimal place for people to live and work.

Chester Kropidlowski has lived in East Lake View since 1991 and has been a board member for over 12 years, chair for the two years. In 1998, he retired from the City of Chicago after 32 years with the Chicago Department of Transportation as a City traffic engineer. His duties included dealing with Lake View traffic and parking issues and managing the night baseball Neighborhood Protection Program. Since retirement, he has worked as a traffic engineering consultant including consulting for both the City and the Cubs regarding the Wrigley Field program. Chester was Chair of the Transportation Committee for the 44th Ward Master Plan and was active in the development of the 46th Ward Master Plan. He and his significant other, Lenore frequently enjoy the many restaurant and entertainment opportunities available in Lake View.

Tom Rothschild has called East Lakeview home for 21 of the 23 years he has lived in Chicago. He has been on the board of ELVN for two years and helped streamline the database. Currently the Treasurer of his condo association, Tom has been active on the board of every building in which he has lived. His work with the condo board has led him to form relationships with the Aldermen’s offices.

Dafna Stempel has owned a home just steps from Wrigley Field for the past seven years. In that time frame she has been involved in many of the fundraisers and events benefiting the local community. Dafna also actively works on many of the concerns related to the Wrigley Field redevelopment.

Jim Spencer, 51, is a real estate investor and manager. He bought an apartment building in East Lakeview in 1996 and has been active in the neighborhood since then. He and his wife have lived in the neighborhood since 2004. Jim has served on the ELVN Board since 2012. Jim also serves on the board of LVCC and is a member of CDDC.

Paul Bauch is a 22 year resident of Lakeview and has lived on the 3600 block of Sheffield for the last 10 years. He has been an ELVN director since 2004. Paul is also a director at large of the Lakeview Citizens Council, the Activities Chairman of the Junior Board of the Chicago 100 Club (charity benefiting survivors of first responders); a member of the Chairman’s Advisory Council of the Big Shoulders Fund (charity benefiting inner city Catholic schools) and the co-captain of its marathon team. Paul was formerly was a parent advisor at the Francis W. Parker School; the ELVN Chicago Alternative Policing Strategy beat representative, and a director of the University of Miami Law Alumni Association. Paul is an attorney that represents a number of local businesses.

How can I become a member of ELVN or renew my membership?

Our dues for an individual are $10. (See other membership options.)

You can join East Lake View Neighbors by signing up via PayPal or mailing in your membership application (.pdf) and dues payment (instructions on form). All members will receive our email newsletters, community announcements, and invitations to special events.  To vote at our Board of Directors elections in March, you must have paid dues at least two weeks prior to the March meeting. Joining ELVN is a great way of supporting your neighborhood!