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Opening Day for the Chicago Cubs at Wrigley Field

Via Ald. Tom Tunney, 44th Ward

cubslogoOpening Day for the Chicago Cubs at Wrigley Field is just around the corner on Monday, April 11 at 7:05 pm where the Cubbies play the Cincinnati Reds. Click here to see the 2016 Cubs schedule.

Please remember that on Cubs Night Games, zone 383 Residential Permit Parking on streets north of Belmont begins at 5:00 pm. Vehicles that are not displaying the proper permits may be ticketed and towed. Please call (866) 427-3869 to report any parking violations. All night games are scheduled to begin at 7:05 pm, unless otherwise noted. Below is more information and tips on Opening Day.

2016 Cubs Opening Day Information

As Wrigley Field is preparing for the upcoming baseball season, expect increased traffic and delivery trucks in the area surrounding the ballpark as well as to local businesses along Clark, Sheffield and Addison.

  • Opening Day is Monday April 11th – Game is scheduled for 7:05 pm. Gates will open 2 ½ hours prior to the game.
  • Testing for the Video Board may occur on April 9th and 10th from 8am to dusk.
  • The Wrigley Field Marquee was reinstalled this week beginning Wednesday, April 6th.
    Waveland between Clark and Sheffield will be open to two-way traffic beginning Monday, April 11th with a modified traffic pattern. Please note, Waveland may be temporarily closed to accommodate additional utility work on Non-Game Days.
  • Temporary No Parking Signs will be posted on Addison (North Side) from Fremont to Sheffield and Halsted (West Side) from Addison to the alley (between 3600 Halsted building and Whole Foods) on Monday, April 11th from 4pm to Midnight. Vehicles parked in violation of the posted signs will be ticketed and towed.
  • Residential Permit Parking (Zone 383) will be strictly enforced. As an added neighborhood protection, Permit Parking Zone 383 from Belmont to Irving and Broadway to Ashland within the 44th Ward is a Tow Zone from 5pm to 10pm. Vehicles parked in violation of Residential Permit Parking regulations are subject to ticket and/or tow beginning at 5pm for all night games
  • Residential Parking Guest Passes are valid on night games. They must be properly completed and displayed on the passenger side windshield no later than 5pm.
  • It is illegal for any person or organization, to offer for sale, expose for sale or acquire for the purpose of sale, any residential parking permit or daily parking permit. Violators are subject to a fine of up to $1,500 and banned from further purchasing of residential daily parking permits.
  • Reminder: There is No Parking on Addison (North Side) from Clark to Ashland from 4pm until 11:30pm during all night games and on Eddy (North Side) from Racine East to the first alley two hours before until one hour after all baseball games.
  • Priority Towing will take place in all special areas designated as No Parking (Clark, Addison, Eddy, etc.).
  • Vehicles in violation of parking regulations resulting in a public safety hazard, such as Bus Stops, No Parking/Tow Zones, crosswalks, driveways, alleys, etc., are subject to immediate ticket and tow.
  • The Cubs Hotline is operated one hour before until two hours after all baseball games. To report night game parking violations and other quality of life issues, please call 1-866-427-3869.
  • During Pre & Post Game, at the discretion of the Police and/or OEMC, Addison between Racine and Halsted may be closed to vehicular traffic as a public safety measure. Traffic will be rerouted North/South on Racine and Halsted. While this may be inconvenient, public safety is of the utmost importance.
  • To view the Cubs Opening Day Preparations, please view their newsletter here.

Minutes – April 5, 2016

April 5, 2016 ELVN Minutes

In attendance:

Jim Spencer
Michael Zink
Patrick Nagle
Beth Murphy
Aileen Tien
Chester Kropidlowski
Bruce Handler
Terie Kata
Jean O’Neill
Tom Rothschild
Heather Way-Kitzes
Kit Welch
Maggie Koehler


Mark Lundgren
Marty Wallace
Patrick Carlson

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m.

44th Ward

Ald. Tunney was present and discussed April demolition of the Park on Clark project, which is as large as the 1060 project.  New lighting was installed on Sheffield from Belmont to Addison, but he does not like that the prototype is not very strong.  Chester asks if the normal Openiing Day traffic bulletin will be sent, which the Alderman confirmed.  Tom asked about whether the rat ordinance applies to the McDonald’s project, which the Alderman also confirmed.  Patrick Nagle asked about police numbers.  Ald. Tunney said that the commitment was 35 by the 3rd quarter of 2016; it is not there yet, but he and Ald. Cappelman will keep fighting for it.  The total number is up to 356 now.

Ald. Tunney has talked to the new police superintendent.  They are working to put young cadets in the 23rd district.  In response to a question from Terie, Ald Tunney says that if the 35 promised officers do not materialize, he does not see how he can continue to support budgets.

Ald. Tunney also spoke about the Lakeview High School capital plan to make it an elite public city high school.


Heather has Green Lot passes for game days for residents and applications for the Green Lot.  People can also come to the office and pick them up.  Lots have been renamed officially for specific Toyota cars.

This year there will be more communications with OEMC and Ald. Tunney that TMA must allow residents to and from their homes even if via cab.  The Cubs are hoping to have consistent staff at those blocks this year.

The sound system and lights were fired up this week,since Thursday.  There will be rehearsals Thursday and Friday, maybe Saturday and Sunday this weekend.  They need to test the video board at dusk, but not past 8:00.  The sound should be more balanced this year, but the full system is still not operational, so they are using a partial legacy system.

Gates open 4:30 on Opening Day and thus people should expect long security lines.  Tickets have gate assignments and there will be express lanes for people without bags.  Wrigley Field is the last baseball stadium to go online with security gates.

The bike valet is moving to underneath the Addison red line stop.  There may be no stroller checks this year.

Chester says Seminary through Kelly Park to Challenger Park should be an unending path for fans to walk to and from Wrigley.

46th Ward

Ald. Cappleman was present and mentioned that the 3901 Broadway project passed all committees and is looking good for full approval.

The Irving Park lighting upgrade will proceed, with piggyback lighting over the sidewalk from Sheridan to Lake Shore Drive.

Gill Park is meeting about the play lot.  The Parks Department says that it is on their radar to get  it done and that most required money is there.

3700 Broadway has a vaulted sidewalk on the west side.  He is working with CDOT about it, and ComEd has wiring underneath.

Regarding the no right turn sign on Halsted & Broadway, CDOT discussed it and the Law Department advised him not to ignore CDOT, so Ald. Cappelman is agreeable to removing the sign but has to defer to CDOT.

Police/budget: He says that the Mayor must show him something for his supporting budget vote, and he is holding the Mayor’s office to it.

Homelessness plan-He says to measure success is to see speed in getting someone in permanent housing.  The City was doing a poor job, so he asked the Mayor for a homeless czar which has been accomplished.  He will revisit how INS social services seek to bypass the shelter system and put people directly in permanent housing.  We can do this because Medicaid has limits, and it costs Medicaid quadruple when someone is living on the street, so there will be serious savings in putting people in housing.

Uptown will have unprecedented economic development in the next 5 years.

Tom mentioned that the lighting on 800-900 block of Grace is very poor.  Ald. Tunney says Grace (at Wilton and Kenmore which routinely have large standing water spaces) is a finalist for the Cub Fund.

New Business

Terie says that Officer Appreciation Day is May 20 all day.  There will be food for every shift from 6 a.m. through midnight.  All food is donated from 23rd District restaurants.  There are prizes and you can mingle with the officers.

The Clean & Green cleanup for the Sheridan triangle at Sheridan and Lake Shore Drive is coming up.

Alexandria and Aristides Loukas spoke about the Dakin-Sheridan development.  It is a TOD and they have hired Lucien LaGrange as the architect.  He has designed a number of buildings in the Gold Coast.  It will have retail, car parking, bike parking, and a loading dock, none of which is currently present.  Current loading occurs on Dakin, and it will be moving inside the building.  Initially they wanted 27 parking spaces, but now down to 11, and it can be reduced to 0 under TOD regulations.  It will have 43 bike spaces.  It is a tear-down project.

They want to sell this as one of the leading TOD locations in Chicago.  There will also be a zip car in the building.  For the retail space, they envision a coffee shop or other little store.  Tac Quick spoke with them about a long term lease, and the space is large enough to be split into 2 retail spaces.  It will also have 5 more feet of sidewalk.  The zoning will be changed to an 8 story building with 54 units, with the height being the same as what ELVN approved at 77 feet.  There will be masonry construction with accents around the windows.  It will be shorter than the 3901 gas station building.

They are asking ELVN for support in the reduced project.  A community member asks that there be no retail space for real estate agencies like those already on that stretch of Sheridan.

Beth asks Alderman Cappleman why the Sheridan el stop is being ignored.  Ald. Cappelman says that because there is a curve at the stop, it is difficult to make the stop ADA compliant.  He says that there was some discussion about renovations in 2019, which still would probably have no elevator which disappoints him.  He agrees that it needs to be overhauled.

Old Business:

Chester says that the CAPS meeting will be April 6 at the station.

Jim introduced the 3 new board members Heather, Maggie, and Kit.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:07.

Closed Session

Nominations of officers were discussed.  After nominations and votes, the Executive Board is Jim Spencer as President, Patrick Nagle as Vice President, Terie Kata as Treasurer, and Michael Zink as Secretary.

After discussion and a vote, the size of the Board was increased to 17, with the 17th seat dormant if all are present.  The size will revert back to 15 if someone vacates the Board.

After discussion and a vote, the Loukas proposal was supported as presented, with one vote opposed.

The date for Oktoberfest was set for October 2 and Patrick Nagle will chair the effort.

Intraboard communication will be changed to a secured Facebook platform.

East Lake View Community CAPS Reminder

CAPS_BeatsSome news of concern about a criminal attack of an elderly woman in East Lake View.

Click here: Woman with walker attacked, robbed in Lakeview high-rise |

You have an opportunity to get more information and to express your concerns regarding criminal activity in East Lake View at CAPS meetings. ELVN is in Beats 1923 and 1925 of the 19th District.

The next CAPS meeting for the ELVN Beats will be Wednesday April 6th at 7 PM at the 19th District Police Station Community Room at 850 W. Addison Street.

ELVN is normally represented at 19th District CAPS meetings. You are invited to attend these meetings. You can also advise of any concerns or issues you want to be included as discussion items with our Alderman or the Police.

Agenda for April 5, 2016, ELVN meeting

ELVN_community_meetingEast Lake View Neighbors will be hosting a Board meeting on Tuesday, April 5, 2016, at the 19th District Police Station Community Room, 850 W. Addison at 7:00 PM. Please join us.


  1. Call to Order
  2. 44th Ward Update
  3. Cubs Update
  4. 46th Ward Update – Presentation by Aristithis Loukas regarding proposed development of northwest corner of Dakin and Sheridan Road
  5. New Business/Old Business
  6. Adjournment
  7. Board Member Only Session
    • Nomination and election of Officers
    • Loukas property proposal
    • Set date of Oktoberfest 2016