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CORRECTED: ELVN Board Election Candidates

The following candidates have been tentatively nominated as candidates to the East Lake View Neighbors Board of Directors. There are 7 open seats. The election will take place on March 13, 2018, at the ELVN Annual Meeting.

John Fitterer
Heather Way-Kitzes
Chester Kropidlowski
Kit Welch
Marty Malone
Tom Rothschild
Jim Spencer
Brandon Cunningham
Terie Kata
Patrick Nagle
Justin Kreindler
Joshua Ring
Maggie Koehler

Board nominations & elections, meeting schedule, and dues payments

The next ELVN meeting will take place on March 13, 2018, at 7:00 p.m. at the 19th District Police Station Community Room at 850 W. Addison Street.

ELVN seeks nominations for its Board of Directors. The vote for Board members will take place at our Annual Meeting on March 13, 2018. To nominate yourself or anyone else, please e-mail Michael Zink at by February 12.

As a reminder, annual dues must be paid by February 27, 2018, in order to be eligible to vote at our Annual Meeting on March 13.

You can pay your dues on the ELVN website, or you can mail a check payable to ELVN to 3712 N. Broadway #470 Chicago, IL 60613. Dues are $10 per individual, $6 for senior citizens (65+) and $50 for a business.

Upcoming 2018 ELVN meetings will take place on the following dates:

March 13, 2018
April 10, 2018
May 1, 2018
June 5, 2018
August 7, 2018
September 4, 2018
October 2, 2018
November 6, 2018
December 4, 2018

Unless an alternate location is announced in advance of a particular meeting, meetings take place at 7:00 pm at the 19th District Police Station Community Room at 850 W. Addison Street.

Northalsted Winter Events

Two Northalsted events are coming up this winter.  Check them out and enjoy!

Frost Fest

February 24-25
Sample unique craft beers in a fun and festive party tent! Pick between 3 tasting sessions over the weekend.  Tent is located at 3514 N Halsted (1 block south of Addison)

Lakeview Soup Walk

Sunday, March 4th, from 1-5pm
Walk the streets of Boystown, East Lakeview, and Wrigleyville to enjoy samples of soup from your favorite restaurants featured at local retail and service locations. FREE EVENT
In partnership with the Lake View Chamber of Commerce.

Minutes – February 6, 2018

ELVN Minutes 2-6-2018

ELVN Board Members Present:

Patrick Carlson

Kit Welch

Beth Murphy

Tom Rothschild

Terie Kata

Mark Lundgren

Chester Kropidlowski

Jim Spencer

Aileen Tien

Heather Way-Kitzes

Jean O’Neill

Ballots handed out for votes on sculptures.

Cappleman Update

Main item discussed was the “Car to Go” program.

Cappleman is on the fence about a new parking program, called “Car to Go”. 43rd and 44th wards have opted out of this program. This is a program like Divvy bikes. With Zip Car you have to rent and return the car. This situation is different, you pay for the car by the minute or by the hour. You can pay $14/hour to rent a small, smart car. or $17/hour to rent a Mercedes. You can park at a metered zone, and you don’t pay for metered parking. The company pays for it. You put a sticker or some indicator in the window of the car that will prevent you from getting a ticket. There will be a “Car to Go” designation on every car so that it is apparent the car is part of the program.

You can also park in residential zones as well without a permit – this is where residents have an issue. No more than 10 parked cars throughout the entire 46th ward that will be part of the Car to Go program. You will not be able to park during Cubs night games from Ashland / Clark all the way through Lakeview. It’s a pilot project. The belief is that when program was tried in 25 other cities, car ownership dropped. It is believed if this program takes off, that people will get rid of their cars and so we will have less problems with parking in the area. At least, that is the desired effect.

It’s going to City Council for approval 2/26. Cappleman notes this is a very short time frame. But Tunney notes that the idea of this program has been kicked around for at least 6 months.

Lundgren asked what is the duration of the pilot program? Pilot will run through December 2019, then there will be a review in May 2019. Apparently in Boston, the program worked in that car ownership dropped. People might be more wanting to park in metered zones for free as opposed to hunting for residential zone spots.

Terie asks – how can you really measure success of the program? Also, how would you be able to determine which zone you can park in?

Patrick asks – what other cities? Boston, San Francisco, Seattle, and Austin.

More feedback: Sounds very similar to Zip Car. But Zip Cars you have to locate back to a Zip Car location, and you can’t park in residential zones. Again, the belief is that people will not be motivated to park in residential zones b/c it’s too difficult to find parking there.

Tunney: 50% Supportive, 50% Against. There are enough metered parking spaces for Car to Go people to park there.  But he has issues with Car to Go being able to park in residential zones. Then again, users of Car to Go would most likely be residents of the wards in question. And we’re somewhat allowing a commercial enterprise on a residential street. Feels that there are very few spots left in Tunney ward already as it is after 7:00pm every day. Tunney is leaning more towards being against the program. But on Wrigley Field event days, this program probably won’t be in effect, because Car to Go cars might be stranded in the event areas.

The registration fee to enroll could be as low as $5.00. 41 cents a minute to use the car. There’s also a day to day rate. Wherever a car ends up being parked, it stays there until the next person picks it up. According to Car to Go studies, the car usually only stays in a spot for a few hours.

Quick Straw Poll of folks at the meeting as to whether they would support Car to Go:

  • Strongly Supportive: 4-5
  • Kind of Supportive: 6-8
  • Neutral: 6-8
  • Negative: 4-6

Cappleman side note: Howard Brown is doing very well.

Tunney Update – Chris Jessup and Tunney

  • Finalizing liquor licenses in S&A boundaries. Addison Y Clark development start occupying spaces in June.
  • Annual Wrigley Field Meeting will be Wed, Mar 7, 6:30 at Addison Police Station.
  • 363 officers, 2 net decrease. November Community round table with community leaders where it was promised that number of officers will increase by early Summer.

Concerts at Wrigley Field and the issue of people camping along in front of residential buildings – will this be allowed? Heather says that Cubs will do what they can to mitigate this type of situation. She indicates they have some plans in place that will hopefully prevent people from camping out. Cubs are aware and are working on this. The specific concert in question is Pearl Jam on August 18 & 20.

Infrastructure work will be done along Grace, Clark, Sheffield involving new lighting. Then Kenmore, Seminary, Clifton, Wilton.

Mark asks – Street condition of Sheffield due to pot holes. Tunney replies – Water project will go on Belmont on Sheffield all the way to Clark. Also doing some improvements on 3500 Sheffield. Very attuned to what’s going on on Sheffield.

Want K-12 students to stay in the Lakeview area, so lots of investment in Lakeview High School.

Anshe Emet School – Expansion Plan

Allan Shockman – developer in cities for 25 years, mainly large scale residential, not new to zoning process. Volunteering on Anshe Emet school board. Introduces folks involved who are volunteering for school’s expansion effort. Bulley & Andrews will be the general contractor.

Anshe Emet synagogue

Bernard Zell school

The school is out of space – 530 enrolled students. Not increasing student or teacher numbers, just a crunched space problem. Want to expand the school portion, 35,000 square foot in total. City wanted them to go with a planned development. So that’s what they’re doing. Have met with Cappleman and staff. Have this introduced to Planned Commission. Hope to start work when students are out of school for Summer 2018, then finish work Summer 2019.

No changes to traffic patterns around the school from where kids are dropped off / picked up.

Architectural presentation: Site plan introduced via some board drawings. Emphasizing that they are just looking to alleviate the space crunch. They are not expanding beyond the current boundaries of the school. Next up, aerial view of the current synagogue and the school were shown.

  • The addition is located within a proposed 4-story building. 1st floor is a “hangout” area. 2nd and 3rd floors are classrooms. 4th floor is a gym.
  • All of the mechanical will be covered and out of sight.
  • The building will have sprinklers.
  • There will be an improvement to the driveway going up to the drop-off area. There is a setback from the street so as not to cause traffic issues.
  • Will use a light brick shade for the outside.

Want to have the school be able to tell a story. Don’t want heavy brick masonry building. Lighter brick is meant to evoke a prayer shawl motif.

Funded by donations through fund raisers via alumni, etc.

Lots of feedback about the long brick wall along the school that makes it feel like you’re walking next to a prison. Expansion group took feedback about lightening the wall.

Cubs Update – Heather

  • Wrigley Field is under construction Hotel Zachary is moving right along. Tenants are taking their spaces and starting their buildouts. 5 general contractors working there now. Hotel will be open in time for Opening Day. Once that is complete, we are 75% through the 1060 project.
  • Park at Wrigley ice rink is still open and will be until end of the month. Curling going on this week.
  • 10 night concerts planned this year, including Billy Joel.
  • Thanksgiving to January 1st, about 200,000 people passed through Wrigley Field/Park (not sure I got this number right).
  • School All-Star grants to schools in Lakeview, Cubs invested $500K total. Schools collectively raised $1.2 million. Cubs will keep All-Star grants going in 2018.
  • Overnight security patrol, will keep this going in 2018 too.

Lake Shore Drive Update – Chester

LSD configurations on the table:

  • Southbound LSD entrance and a Northbound LSD exit ramp at Addison Street. This would involve LSD traffic going under an Addison Street.
  • Elimination of the LSD Wilson ramps.
  • Reduction of LS from 4 lanes in each direction to 3 lanes in each direction north of Montrose.
  • Recreation Drive will be eliminated.
  • There will be an LSD overpass at Addison, that is, LSD will go underneath Addison.
  • Belmont and Irving will remain pretty much the same.
  • New underpass at Briar will be vehicular/bike/pedestrian. Eliminates Barry pedestrian underpass.

Tunney: This is a huge deal to redesign the north portion of LSD. Still in the planning phases, so really need neighbors’ input. Will take pressure off of Irving and Belmont, but will put pressure on other points.

Treasurer’s Report – Terie

  • Can only pay for membership on the ELVN website, not LVCC.
  • Need to pay well in advance before the elections.
  • $552 gained for membership fees at Holiday Party.
  • Expenses $134 for January. Netted: $418 for January.
  • $3700 expenses for Holiday Party.

Board Seat Nominations

We are a 15 member board, have 7 members up for re-election.

Need to be a resident or a designated member of a residential business, and an ELVN member in good standing.

March meeting will be the 2nd Tuesday in March. Elections will be held at that time. Have to be paid by 14th of February. 30 days to publish slate of candidates.

Nominations Accepted:

  1. John Fitterer
  2. Heather Way-Kitzes
  3. Chester Kropidlowski
  4. Kit Welch
  5. Marty Malone (not paid)
  6. Tom Rothschild
  7. Jim Spencer
  8. Brandon Cunningham (not paid)
  9. Terie Katie
  10. Patrick Nagle (not paid)

Election Board Volunteers:

  • Mike Zink
  • Patrick Carlson
  • Aileen Tien

Proxies: Jim thinks there is a proxy vote for board decisions, but not board elections. Jim will look into this.

Move March meeting from 3/6 to 3/13.

Move April meeting from 4/3 to 4/10.

Minutes – February 2, 2016

ELVN Minutes

February 2, 2016

  1.  46th Ward Update – Cappleman
    • Meeting with CDOT tomorrow
    • Revisit speed bumps on Pine Grove
    • Broadway / Halsted slip lane – CDOT says this is unsafe. Removed this slip lane because of safety concerns.
    • Belmont Harbor Neighbors is being resurrected, their next meeting is next Tuesday
    • Vermilion Development because it’s over $10 million will have to go before 46th Zoning Committee
    • Cappleman needs feedback regarding CDOT concerns
  2. Wrigley Barbeque 3500 N. Broadway – inside defunct Belmont Harbor Neighbors area, but presenting here b/c BHN is still defunct
    • Currently BYOB they want liquor license
    • Open 3 ½ year, everyone goes to Jewel to for BYOB. Angelina’s has liquor, Joe’s has liquor. Lakeview Presbyterian Church is okay with them getting liquor. Pastor Joy will give Mike letter of recommendation.
    • Not looking to open bar, not looking to have a bar area, no bartender. Counter service, you order your BBQ and beer/wine/liquor, then they take it to you when you sit down.
    • Teri: Something to consider, is liquor license tied to sale of property?
    • Requesting Incidental License: must be some % of food, some % of liquor.
    • We took a vote / show of hands to see who would support /oppose liquor license. All supported, no oppositions.
  3. Vermilion Development
    • Kerry Dixon
    • Ed Kuss / Zoning attorney
    • Howard Hirsch – architect, Hirsch Associates
    • Chicago-based developer, River North offices.
    • Mixed use development. Harper Court in Hyde Park, partnership with UC, biggest urban development. Touting contribution to community.
    • Affordable senior living project in Peoria. Going to put one up in Indiana as well.  Student housing in southern portion of US at various colleges.
    • Trying to say that they’re focused on Chicago developments.
    • Saying they’re not bottom line and want to work with community.
    • Talked about his understanding of Sedgwick’s proposal. Thinks his proposal will be appropriate for the site and the community.
    • Environment clean up needed – 3 storage tanks (gas) underground that need to be removed.
    • 8 story, 100 dwelling units, 65 parking spots.  Commercial space on ground floor?
    • Going on and on about how economic development would be good for community, removing eye sore of empty gas station.
    • Howard Hirsch speaking now.
    • Talking about TOD – 1400 feet. This is how he’s going to squeeze more dwelling units, less parking spots.  1400 falls long of this being a TOD.
    • Unique mix of buildings – what is he talking about. Corner development strategy, 6 stories up to 52 stories.  Talking about tall buildings on street corners.
    • How to move forward on zoning standpoint. B3-2 district.  Upzone to B3-5 but put it into a planned development, which is supposed to give us a voice in how building will be built.  Slightly taller at 75 feet.
    • Retail on ground floor. Set back 35 feet from my building.
    • As it goes to east, the building is a bit shorter. Has basement, mezzanine area.  2nd floor, building pulls back from our property, except for one jutting out square that goes right up to our property.
    • Rotating height down from West to East.
    • Building height at highest height is 94 feet.
    • Only on 6th floor at the one jutting out point does it extend all the way to my building.
    • The rest of the part that extends to my building is 1 floor.
    • The parking lot north of gas station is NOT included in development.
    • 100 apartments 40% 1, 25% 2, 35% rest convertible studios. Average around 800 sq feet.  Proposing 65% parking.  Cary believes most developers are going to try for 50%.
    • Indoor trash room.
    • Loading plaza – faces Sheridan Road, next to my building.
    • Small amenity space, fitness center.
    • Parking lot will face North Broadway.
    • Wanted to push the building to Broadway.
    • Tom brings up traffic nightmare with Gasman building and Vermilion building going up at the same time. Cary promises that when they get to that point, they will work with neighborhood to lessen construction / traffic headaches.
    • Construction time estimate = 14 months of construction.
    • Pedestrian entrance is on Sheridan.
    • Their yard will be next to your front yard, so our front yard won’t be blocked off by brick & mortar.
    • Retail is 2200 square feet, very small – coffee shop size.
    • They will be sending electronic version of building plans to Alderman Cappleman’s office.
  4. 44th ward update
    • Better look up info on the rooftop shooting?? Someone shooting into the air.
    • Patterson shooter has been moved to Southern Illinois
    • Only one shooter of 3 bad guys charged. Those involved have moved out of the neighborhood.
    • 3600 Magnolia – investigation of home invasion continues.
    • Next CAPS meeting tomorrow in this room.
    • 3/15 elections – early voting starts 2/17, pushed back.
    • Lots of voting mumbo jumbo
    • Spring Cleaning 4/16, city groups provide cleaning supplies. Call 311 or Tunney office to register.
    • Spring 4/19 shred-a-thon at Tunney’s office. Doing another one for October.
  5. Heather from Cubs
    • Construction activities ongoing
    • About to demolish MCD’s in 1st week of March, hotel construction will begin around then
    • Working through ordinance for plaza property
    • Still talking to city about ongoing security initiatives around perimeter of ball park, and Clark & Addison
    • Opening date is 4/11, 7:05 game
    • Chester checked with old friends to check about security measures, he’s talking a lot and I’m not following. Something about traffic patterns needing to be reviewed.  Jim’s cutting him off.
    • Plaza ordinance regarding amplified music? Teri asked.  Jim says, My sense is that b/c of new people that joined committee the entire thing bloew up.  Beth says she knows less about the plaza now than when it first started.  So we are nowhere on the amplified sound issue.  Jim:  We need to reorganize our group to think about how to approach this.
    • James Taylor, Jackson Brown, Pearl Jam 8/20-22, Billy Joel 8/26, and then ??. Geezus just look this up on Wrigley site.
    • Jim Rafferty: Sausage Fest.  This has moved around a lot.  Would like to bring back to 3600 Sheffield on a game weekend.  2011-13, then moved due to construction.  Talked to cubs, claim a lot of people to bring it back in this area.  Idea behind cubs weekend is to have ELVN make some money off this.  Any money we get is dependent on how much we volunteer.  July 15-17, all one o clock games, up until 10 o clock.  Claims that a lot of vendors all over the country are expressing interest in this Fest.  Start at first pitch on Friday.  It’s now 3 day even as opposed to 2 days.  End time is negotiable.  Green Curtain is the outfit.  Setup would be Friday morning around 4:00am.  Who’s the 501-C3 charity groups that are the beneficiaries?  Teri: In order to close down the streets, there always need to be a non-profit group.  Talking about shutting down our streets for 3-4 days, this is a major concern.
    • Jim: Green Curtain has done 7 different fests across neighborhoods.  Will only have 8 vendors, no wrap around Waveland.  Trying to go with least amount of impact.  Only food vendors, no tag along arts & crafts vendors.  One stage.
    • Flow would be the same as leaving the game, east side of the street will be where food vendors are. How are you going to control people from walking into your Fest, do you have some kind of gate entry point, etc.?  Jim basically says they’re still trying to figure that out, and claims they will have some kind of system to identify who should be going into Fest area.
    • Maureen: Annoyed with festivals coming in and closing streets, which takes away from businesses that live along those streets.  Event producers who are not even from our area, they’re taking business away from the Lakeview/Wrigleyville businesses on the streets being shut down for the festivals.
    • Any public street is a “suggested donation”, not a mandatory entrance fee.
    • Teri: I can’t even follow at this point.
    • Jim should talk to Julie from 44th and Heather from Cubs.
  6. North on Halsted, can’t make hard right turn onto Broadway. Right by flat-iron building.  Next turn available is Irving Park.
    • Cappleman: Traffic study.  “If CDOT tells me that it’s unsafe to pedestrians, then city is liable for law suit, I don’t want to go against CDOT.”  What is the peril for pedestrians there?  CDOT is eliminating all those types hard right turns across the cities.
    • Mark L. wonders about how we can’t get advance notice of this before it happens. Cappleman insists that CDOT is the expert here.  According to traffic study, there were not many people turning right there.
    • Jim: Have Cappleman put traffic study up on website?
    • Mark wants to table motion and will follow up with Cappleman to discuss the issue further. All agreed.
    • Mark: Illegal trucks on Lake Shore drive.  Trucks going down Lake Shore Drive, followed up by other trucks, all moving at 50+ miles.  I call 911 and I get pushed back, but Alderman tells him to call 911.  Need for contractors to tell their drivers not to go down LSD, because LSD is not built for big trucks traveling at high speeds.
    • Mark’s motion for resolution to petition city to get city to enforce proper laws of who can drive on LSD and who can’t. Jim will write a letter to CPD about this, and provide copies to CDOT.
    • Mark: Concerns about crime in Lakeview.  Petition the police for more presence and control.  Teri:  We were supposed to get 45 more police officers.  25 by 3/31 for our area.  35 in 2016 total.  Julie promises they’re checking on this total.  Cappleman:  This is supposed to be a net increase.
  7. Chester: Submitting 6 persons for nominations.  All 5 existing + Heather, + 1 more person Kit Wells.
    • Jean: Kit Wells was nominated for board by Jean.
    • Jim: Nominates Terie.
    • Jim: Patrick Nagle.
    • Jim: Chester.
    • Jim: Tom.
    • Jim: Heather (Cubs)
    • Mark: Jim
  8. 13 board members, 7 nominated folks
    • Should we open it up to 15 people?
  9. Teri: Set deadline of when we publish a slate?

ELVN Meeting Agenda for February 6, 2018


TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 6, 2018 AT 7:00 P.M.


  1. Call to Order
  2. 46th Ward Update
  3. 44th Ward Update
  4. Anshe Emet Expansion Presentation
  5. North Lake Shore Drive Redesign Task Force Update – Chester
  6. Treasurer’s Report
  7. Board Seat Nominations
  8. New Business/Old Business
  9. ELVN Meeting Schedule – All meetings are scheduled to be held in the Community Room at the 19th District Police Station at 7:00 p.m. February 6, March 13, April 10, May 1, June 5, August 7, September 4, October 2, November 6, December 4
  10. Adjournment