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November 5, 2019 Agenda

  1. Call to order
  2. 46th Ward Update
  3. 44th Ward Update
  4. Cubs Update
  5. Treasurer’s Report
  6. Crime Update
    1. No Trespassing Signs
  7. New Business/Old Business
    1. Proposed Expansion of ELVN’s Borders
    2. Board Member Appointment to Marty Malone’s resigned position
    3. Oktoberfest Roundup
    4. The Legacy Project Gala
    5. Redefine the Drive
    6. Green Team Committee-Maggie Koehler/John Fitterer
    7. The Holiday Party
  8. Adjournment/Closed Session

October 1st, 2019 Meeting Minutes

Call to Order

The meeting was called to order by President Mike Zink at 7:00 p.m.

Directors Roll Call


  • Mike Zink, President
  • John Fitterer, Secretary
  • Tom Rothschild
  • Jim Spencer
  • Maggie Koehler
  • Brandon Cunningham
  • Terie Kata

Rep Mike Quigley – 5th District

  • 5th District has a population of 750k+ ad stretches from Hinsdale to Uptiown
  • Major initiative in district has been the McCook Reservoir which prevents sewage backing into Lake Michigan during big rains
  • Involved in Intelligence Panel investigating the Ukraine dealings and potential impeachment of President Trump
  • Most US citizens want an impeachment investigation
  • Never has a president been so at-odds with the Us Intelligence community
  • Election only one year away and votes matter; 2016 presidential election determined by 78k votes in 3 states
  • Timeline of US-Mexico-Canada agreement is ongoing but fluid
  • Never has there been a time that representatives need to be aspirational, but practical
  • And all elected officials should walk in the oppositions shoes and find middle ground

46th Ward Update – Alderman James Cappleman

  • Very inspired and supportive of Rep Quigley and his ability to negotiate to a win-win solution
  • 600 block of West Grace got speed bumps installed
  • Speed feedback signs going up in front of Greeley School & Grace-Pine Grove intersection
  • After discussion at last ELVN mtg the police record of Garfield Beverage was looked at and it is clean
  • Flu shots are available at Ward Office on October 7th
  • Through the end of October, City Stickers can be purchased with no late fee
  • If you have an up-to-date City Sticker as of November 15th, you will be eligible to have any outstanding City Sticker tickets forgiven
  • 19th Distr Policing Strategy looking for input from community at 10/8 Buena Park Library

44th Ward Update – Abigail

  • The threshold was raised from 75% to 85% for condo-to-rental deconversion deals in Chicago. The Illinois Condominium Property Act now requires 85 percent of a condo association to say yes to a deal to sell every unit in bulk.

Cubs Update – Heather Way-Kitzes

  • The Cubs and Wrigley are gearing up for winter activities – skating rink, Christkindlmarket
  • Only construction in offseason will be on the Audi Club
  • Another Wrigley Field concert announced for 2020 (Pearl Jam)

Green Team Update – Heather Way-Kitzes, Brandon Cunningham

  • The Neighborhood Grounds Crew had their last clean-up in September with very good community participation; the Grounds Keeper of the year award was given to the Franz family with an on-field recognition ceremony
  • Working to have mural implemented on side of Wrigleyville North Bar building at Sheffield and Byron

Treasurer’s Report – Mike Zinc

  • Over $41k in ELVN bank account
  • Initial indication is that 2019 Oktoberfest made more than 2018, but tally still under way

New/Old Business

  • Marty Malone is resigning his board position to pursue public office; the executive committee plus one will determine his replacement
  • The Belmont Harbor neighborhood group would like to join with ELVN
  • Positive feedback from ELVN Board; decision should be made within 2 months
  • Treasure Island location looking to be re-zoned for large footprint rental building

2019 Chicago Marathon

Sunday, October 13, some 40,00 runners will compete in the 42nd annual Chicago Marathon. As in years past, the marathon route does include a portion of the 46th Ward, and residents in that footprint will be impacted. Please see the information below about street closures and if you live on a street that will not have access in or out during the race:

Full Street Closures:

Inner Lake Shore Drive and Broadway will be closed between Belmont and W Sheridan Rd. W Sheridan will be close between the Inner Drive and Broadway.

Ingress & Egress Restricted:

The following blocks will have street closures on both sides, essentially locking them in for the duration of the event (7am-12pm):

  • 500-600 W Stratford
  • 500-600 W Cornelia
  • 500-600 W Addison
  • 600 W Peterson
  • 600-750 W Waveland
  • 600-750 W Grace
  • 600-750 W Sheridan
  • 3500-3900 N Pine Grove

Vehicle Removals:

If you live or park on one of the streets along the route, you must move your vehicle to another location off the course by Saturday, October 12. Towing of vehicles on closed thoroughfares will begin at 1am on Sunday. Vehicles that are not removed will be ticketed and towed to the nearest auto impound lot. For inquiries about towed vehicles, call 311 or use the city of Chicago website.

For more information or how you can participate and show your support, please visit the Chicago Marathon website.