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Updates on Redefine The Drive

From Alderman Tunney:

A proposal to rename Lake Shore Drive after the first permanent resident of Chicago, Jean Baptist Point DuSable, has been moving through City Council. Last week, the Council’s Committee on Transportation and the Public Way unanimously voted for this proposal to come before the entire City Council. I am not a member of that committee and have yet to have an official vote on this matter; however, I have been working with the Mayor’s Office and the co-sponsors of the renaming proposal to attempt to find a compromise. If you would like to either share your thoughts on a potential renaming or other ideas on how we could honor DuSable, the Founder of Chicago, please fill out my office’s survey by clicking here.

Over the past year, my office and the North Lake Shore Drive (NLSD) project have gathered a large amount of input from our residents on the preliminary design at Belmont Avenue, Aldine Avenue, and other key locations within the Lakeview community. My office continues to work closely with the NLSD project team to ensure that your feedback is heard, that the final designs reflect community input, and address existing issues for people walking, bicycling, driving, riding transit, and using the parks.

A follow-up community meeting for the Lakeview area is anticipated for this June, during which the project team will provide an update on comments provided, discuss the preliminary design concepts and present additional alternative designs for key areas within our neighborhood. The meeting will also allow for direct discussions with the project team so that comments and questions can be addressed.

The project recently distributed a newsletter that gives details on feedback heard during the Fall 2020 Public Input Opportunity and anticipated community outreach for 2021 and 2022. Please visit here to read the newsletter. If you would like to submit feedback as a part of the official project record, please email comments to the NLSD project team at, and cc the Infrastructure Director in my office,

My office values your input as we work with the project team to develop a final design that benefits our community, enhances the North Lake Shore Drive experience, and improves surrounding amenities.

Retirement Reception for Captain Paul Kane

You are cordially invited to the Retirement Reception for Captain Paul Kane of the 19th District. Captain Kane attended many community meetings and worked tirelessly to promote safety in the District. Join us at the station, 850 W. Addison, on Friday June 4, 2021 from 4-6 p.m. for refreshments, food and cake as we recognize his efforts and service.

May 11, 2021 Agenda

ELVN will hold its next Monthly Meeting on Zoom on May 11, 2021 at 6:00 p.m. (Please note the time). If you wish to attend, please send an e-mail to Michael Zink at for details. The Agenda is below. I hope to see you then. 


  • Call to order
  • Reports-Elected Officials
  • 46th Ward Update
  • 44th Ward Update
  • Cubs Update 
    • Neighborhood Grounds Crew Event
  • Treasurer’s Report
  • Crime Update
    • Carjackings-Be aware entering and exiting your car
  • New Business/Old Business
    • Lincoln Park Zoo Rat/Public Health Study-Jacqueline Buckley 
    • Next meeting is June 22, 2021 via Zoom
  • Adjournment