Landmarks Commission schedules special meeting

jumbotron“Under pressure from the Cubs, the Commission on Chicago Landmarks on Thursday called a special meeting for next week to consider the massive influx of stadium signage needed to renovate Wrigley Field without a public subsidy.”

East Lake View Resident,

East Lake View Neighbors (ELVN) wants to bring to your attention a special meeting of the Commission on Chicago Landmarks.

The Commission on Chicago Landmarks will hold a special meeting on THURSDAY, JUNE 27, 2013, at 10:00 a.m. in City Hall, 121 N. LaSalle St., 2nd Floor, in City Council Chambers.

DRAFT Agenda items include:

Proposed renovations to include 4 new exterior additions, relocation of the perimeter wall at Sheffield and Waveland to accommodate bleacher expansion, the installation of new outfield signs, and a new roof deck.

Discussion will include:

  • The expansion of Wrigley Field into the public right of way of both Sheffield and Waveland Avenues
  • The installation of a 6000 square foot jumbotron in left field
  • The installation of a 1000 square foot sign in right field

These changes could change the ambiance and residential character of residential streets adjacent to Wrigley Field as well as negatively impact the operation of our rooftop neighbors.

It is important that our community be fully represented at this meeting and the Commission members hear the concerns of the East Lake View community. Plan to attend if you can.


We would also like to bring to your attention the opportunity to participate in an online survey being conducted to document the concerns of the Lake View Community regarding the redevelopment of Wrigley Field and the adjacent area, (, the results of which will be shared with the City of Chicago.