Join East Lake View Neighbors (ELVN)/Time to Renew Your Membership

(If you intend to vote in our March 3rd ELVN Board election, your dues must be paid by Friday, February 27, 2015).

East Lake View Neighbors (ELVN) is one of the twelve neighborhood organizations affiliated with the Lake View Citizens Council. We are a non-profit organization serving the residents, businesses and social organizations within the area bounded by Addison Street, Clark Street, Irving Park Road, and Lake Michigan.

The September 2013 issue of Money Magazine listed Lake View Chicago as being one of the “Best Big-City Neighborhoods” in the nation in which to live. East Lake View Neighbors’ objective is to help confirm the statement made by Money Magazine by being a mechanism both to maintain and improve the quality of life in our neighborhood through active involvement in community “betterment” related programs and activities that work towards improving East Lake View.

We accomplish this objective, in part, by providing a forum, through monthly Board meetings, for neighbors to discuss quality of life issues, to provide our neighbors with information that impacts their lives as residents, and to offer our voice to the Aldermanic Offices on licensing, zoning and other issues in our area. (ELVN includes both the 44th and 46th Wards.)

Your dues will help ELVN achieve our objectives.

Normally our Board meets the first Tuesday of each month at 7 PM at the 19th District Police Station Community Room. (Meeting updates or changes are noted on our website –

ELVN Activities Include

A major role of ELVN has become to be community advocates for maintaining and improving the system of Neighborhood Protections associated with baseball games and other major events at Wrigley Field. We have become the community voice to monitor and express input and concerns to the Cubs management, our Aldermen, and our Mayor regarding the ongoing renovation of Wrigley Field and any proposed changes to the Neighborhood Protection Program.

In 2013, ELVN supported the efforts of the 46th Ward to close the Chateau Hotel by providing testimony at Housing Court. The resulting closure of the Chateau Hotel has resulted in new interest in redeveloping nearby properties including nearly the entire east side of the 3800 block of Broadway and the nearby properties. We are also now working to improve and make Gill Park more of a community asset.

Working through the 44th and 46th Ward Aldermanic Offices, ELVN serves an advisory function for proposed zoning changes or new developments that affect the East Lake View Community including:

  • Addison Park Development
  • 3800 block of Broadway (eastside)
  • 3901 N. Broadway
  • 3936 Sheridan/Dakin

Some examples of other ELVN activities are:

  • Hosted an Annual Oktoberfest Fundraiser resulting in an annual donation of approximately $10,000 to community non-profit organizations
  • Sponsored Community Sculpture
  • Supported 19th Police District Office Appreciation Day
  • Conducted Annual Thanksgiving Food Drive for Lake View Pantry
  • Hosted several Rooftop or Food collection fundraisers benefiting Lake View Food Pantry
  • Maintain ELVN Website ( and use email “blasts” to keep our community informed of Important Issues and activities
  • Active Board Members of Lake View Citizens Council
  • Attend CAPS meetings and advise Police of community policing concerns

How to join ELVN

Our dues for an individual are $10. (A complete list of categories of dues is shown on our website.) You can join East Lake View Neighbors by using the Membership Application or Pay Pal available on our ELVN website –

You can contact ELVN by sending an email to