Meet the Candidates for ELVN Board – Tuesday, March 3

ELVN Board Election will be held at 7:00 p.m., Tuesday, March 3, 2015, in the Community Room at the Chicago Police Station, 850 W Addison Street.

Meet the candidates:

Beth Murphy (incumbent, board member)

Beth has lived, worked, and owned property in East Lake View for over 30 years where she has demonstrated a strong commitment to enhancing the community’s quality of life. Her businesses, Murphy’s Bleachers and Murphy’s Rooftop Co., have actively supported ELVN for over 20 years. Beth has served on the ELVN Board since 2003, including a two-year stint as vice-president. She is also an active member of LVCC and CDDC.  Her support of the ELVN annual Oktoberfest has allowed us to raise more than $100,000 for local charities and schools.

Jean O’Neill (incumbent, board member)

Jean is a founding member of ELVN, has served on the Board since its inception and remembers struggles with slumlords, gangs, and graffiti. Jean spearheaded efforts to bring a new Greeley School to the neighborhood and supported beautification of Gill Park. Jean has been a resident and property owner in East Lake View since 1971, when the Chicago Bears were playing football at Wrigley Field.

Bruce Handler (incumbent, current board vice-president)

Bruce’s family moved to Lakeview in 1978. He served on the ELVN board for 2 years and his condo board for 9, 7 as board president. Nora, his wife, served on the ELVN board as well. Currently, his endeavors include training law enforcement and correctional officers and teaching medical students at the University of Illinois. Bruce enjoys supporting the local festivals, restaurants, businesses and theaters in Lakeview and attends CAP’s meetings. We have one adult son living in the city.

Marty Wallace (incumbent, board member)

Marty has lived in East Lake View since 1976, where he has successfully worked as a broker with Koenig Rubloff Realty Group. Marty works hard securing donations and selling tickets for ELVN’s annual Oktoberfest. Born and raised in Chicago, Marty also enjoy attending Cub games and walking our beautiful lakefront with his wife, Diane.

Michael Zink (board nominee)

My wife, daughter, and I have lived in East Lake View for just over three years.  I am an attorney with a practice that includes many areas of law that particularly affect our community, including condominium, real estate, and landlord-tenant law.

I have served on the boards of multiple organizations, which would guide me as a member of the ELVN Board. I have likewise taken part in event planning and fundraising activities that would serve me in this role as well. I look forward to serving our community with the ELVN.

Patrick Carlson (board nominee)

I have lived in the Lakeview area for 20 years.  I have been a homeowner at 850 West Grace for 11 years.  In that time, I have seen significant changes to the neighborhood, and I have participated in community discussions concerning various proposed developments.  I am an attorney, and I have been involved with issues concerning zoning and development, including litigation, in the past (although not concerning any properties in the East Lakeview neighborhood).

I appreciate the important role neighborhood associations play in the discussions concerning community development.  The people who take the time and effort to participate regularly in neighborhood associations are the people who guarantee that thoughtful, well-informed decisions are made. I also appreciate that neighborhood associations are the way that the concerns of the neighborhood residents are voiced to the people who make the decisions that affect them.  If elected to the Board, I will participate in all meetings and events, and make sure that I am informed on all the issues before all votes.  I will act as voice for the residents in my neighborhood, so that their concerns are always considered.  I will work to make sure that the neighborhood that I have enjoyed for decades remains a great place to live and work.

R. Findlay (board nominee)

T.R. Findlay moved to Lakeview in the early 1990’s, and has lived in East Lakeview since 2011 with his wife, Crystal. He works in the financial services industry. T.R. has a strong interest in promoting East Lakeview as a vibrant, diverse neighborhood, filled with unique urban attractions. His avocations include: performing live music, attending concerts and festivals, and mingling with neighbors at the dog park.

Susan Coursey (board nominee)

Susan is a resident and home owner in the Wrigleyville neighborhood and current board member of the East Lakeview Neighbors. She fell in love with the city while on a family visit back in 2011 and has lived in a few different neighborhoods prior to buying a home in Wrigleyville to raise her children.

For the past 15 years Susan has worked in marketing for such companies as Robert Mondavi Winery, Six Flags Theme Parks and currently with The Coca-Cola Company, where for the past six and a half years she has handled the company’s local field and experiential marketing programs representing their North American portfolio of brands. In her spare time Susan enjoys spending time with her family, working on their new home, and sailing along the Chicago lakefront. She resides with her husband Brandon, daughters Evelyn and Vivienne and their cat Grease.

Aileen Tien (board nominee)

I first resided in Lakeview during the summer of 2005. Upon graduation in 2007, I secured a lease in a building on the corner of Pine Grove & Waveland and lived there renting until 2013.  I purchased a condo unit at Sheridan Courtyard Condos, at the corner of W. Sheridan and Broadway.

I did not become aware of ELVN until Sedgwick Developers submitted a proposal to build an 18-story building on the former Mobil Gas station plot next to Sheridan Courtyard Condos.  I was involved in mobilizing Lakeview East neighbors to oppose Sedgwick’s attempt to rezone the parcel in question.  I appreciate the support from ELVN in our efforts to defeat Sedgwick’s rezoning request.

After that experience, I wanted to become more involved in the community and to expand my efforts beyond the corner of W. Sheridan & Broadway. I am applying to become a member of the ELVN Board and being a former web developer, I would be able to help with any changes needed on the ELVN website.

Susan Homeier (board nominee)

Mark Lundgren (board nominee)

Mark and his wife, Kenda, have lived in Lakeview since 2001 and are active members of ELVN. They formed Land Pointer, Ltd., a consultancy striving to provide assistance in planning, real estate, and management. Mark facilitated the Economic Development Transition Team for the 46th Ward used by Alderman Cappleman and part of the master plan for the ward. He was a member of the 2013 Participatory Budgeting Committee and continues to be an active member of the Zoning & Development Committee for the 46th Ward. From 2002 to present, Lundgren has been elected as a board member and president of his 240-unit high-rise condominium association. He is also active in other civic affairs.

Mark earned advanced management/executive certificates from The University of Chicago, NAVFAC Executive Development Program, and Texas A&M University.