Minutes – May 5, 2015

May 5, 2015 ELVN Meeting Minutes

In attendance:

Michael Zink
Jim Spencer
Beth Murphy
Tom Rothschild
Aileen Tien
Bruce Handler
Nora Handler
Patrick Carlson
Patrick Nagle
Mark Lundgren
Ariel Cheung (DNA Info)
Chester Kropidlowski
Terie Kata
Paul Bauch
Dafna Stempel


Jean O’Neill
Marty Wallace

Meeting called to order at 7:03 pm

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Commander Cesario spoke briefly regarding his new assignment in our district.  He relayed that he began his career in the early 90’s as officer in our district.

Chamber report

No report/not present


Heather Way Kitzes is now the liaison from the Cubs (officially the Cubs’ Manager of Government and Neighborhood Relations).  She replaced Kam Buckner.  This is her first meeting in this role.  She is working on various projects.  Pedestrian safety remains critical.  There are still walkers on the east side of Clark, and she is working with the distri ct on how to discourage that route for pedestrians.

She brought along an intern as well to the meeting.

There have been sound complaints west of Wrigley Field, as far as west of Ashland Avenue.  Per Beth, on Sunday morning May 3 at about 10:00 a.m. there was loud sound emanating from the video board.  Heather stated that the team is bringing the legacy sound system (used in prior years) back online for the national anthem and the 7th inning stretch, and the testing this week probably was on weekend and was likely what Beth heard.

The left field bleachers will be open on 5/11, and the right field bleachers will be open in the second week of June.  Concessions and other supplemental services will be fully operational by early July.  Fans will enter the bleachers by the blue lot gate in May.

Several ELVN board members asked when Waveland and Sheffield Avenues will be open.  Heather did not know but would ask and have an answer at our next meeting.

Cubs employees now wear orange coats (these are not OEMC employees) during games.  Per Terie the orange coated workers have done little to help with pedestrian crossing.

Terie also stated that OEMC traffic aides and construction workers have continued to illegally park on streets near Wrigley Field.  Jim stated that he saw a number of obvious non-residents (employees/Levy workers/construction workers) using the temporary Zone 383 passes and saw a multitude of them on the seat in one car, meaning that someone bought large quantities of these passes for them.

Residents on Clifton, Seminary, and Kenmore have continued to experience refusal by traffic workers to allow them to their residences.  Residents of the 3600 and 3700 blocks of Sheffield and the 1000 block of Waveland were not given parking passes by the Cubs, so Traffic Aides would not allow them to access their homes.  Heather stated that the Cubs will be improving traffic through those streets and others with such blockades, and will work on Uber and all of these blocks to have more access as well.  Heather was told to ensure that this was addressed.

Terie expects the Cubs to present a detailed plan to address the concert operations at the ELVN June general meeting.

Chester stated that parking for buses has shown a good trend on Irving Park, and that fans have been largely directed to walk down Clark instead of walking down Seminary and Sheffield.  He also noted that the Cubs staff on Irving Park have been courteous.

Waveland and Wilton near Wrigley Fi eld are now closed during games for an unknown reason.

CDOT did not put out signs at the remote lot that the Cubs rent.  Heather stated that she will inquire about this to ensure that the signs are posted.

Jim suggests that the city have someone centrally directing traffic/pedestrians, i.e. a Cubs czar.  There has been a lack of coordination from the city/alderman in the current system.

44th Report

Erin Duffy from Ald. Tunney’s office spoke.  The aldermen and community group leaders (including Jim Spencer) met before our meeting regarding Pride Parade improvements that are necessary to keep it in Lakeview.  Immediate reforms are required or the aldermen will not support having it in Lakeview any further.

Messaging zero tolerance during the parade is critical.

Terie mentions that the time duration of th e parade is extraordinary.  Paul mentioned the need for heavier police presence after the parade.  Jim cannot discuss details of the meeting but can confirm that many of these items will be discussed and there should be a plan for the community in the next few weeks.

Erin reported that the Park on Addison construction starts right after the season.

There will be a City sticker day at the Tunney office on June 1.

In response to Jim’s prior example of nonresidents obtaining temporary passes, Erin confirms that the city allows only 30 passes every 30 days to be sold (per residential unit).

46th Report

Fremont and Grace building has a fence connected with cords, creating a serious tripping hazard at night.

The Courtyard just west of Whole Foods is now a large paved parkway, so less grass there which is not attractive.

The Zoning Committee mee ting was held and had a vote on the Gassman project on Broadway/Starbucks.  It passed in light of ELVN approval of the project.

Tom stated that mornings at that intersection during school drop off is a nightmare and suggested a traffic signal there.  Chester says that it would cost $75,000.00.

Sue Enright from the Lakeview FOod Pantry was present.  She stated that the plans are done and the architect pictures are online.  The space is 25 feet wide X 125 feet deep and has 2 levels.  Construction starts in September construction and it is all interior work.  The Pantry will move in March 2016.

ELVN made a $2,000 donation last month on April 1, so it was matched.  The Pantry had strong funding due to neighborhood donations.

The Pantry bought the building on January 27, 205 (for cash).  Sue offered to give tours to anyone interested.

There was additional discussion about the Pride Parade reforms.  The area gets out of control around Sheffield beginning at about 6:00 p.m. due to fighting.  There were various suggestions that the parade be cut by an hour, a show of force by the city in those areas at those times, and maybe mimic the recent Draft Town plan which directed the safety of 200,000 people from all over the country.  There will certainly be more police required after the parade.

Officers Reports:

Bruce stated that there is no decision yet as to where the selected art will be located.

Michael stated that he wrote a letter of thanks to outgoing Commander Voulgaris and sent to Jim, who will send it to the Commander.

Ji m stated that meetings will generally be the first Tuesday of each month.  We have one general community meeting per quarter, so September 3 tentatively will be one.

Jim also stated that the process of making ELVN a 501(c)(3) organization is being handled pro bono by Katten Muchin attorney Aaron Newell.  He will fix the bylaws.  The IRS application will take 4-6 weeks, and the Illinois Attorney General approval takes 12 weeks.

Pride Fest will be the week before the parade.

New Business:

Chester asked about a bird sanctuary contribution.  This will be discussed at the June meeting, where another member Charlotte will speak to educate the community of what the sanctuary does.

June meeting will be a general meeting.  ComEd will attend.  We need agenda items.

Terie asks if the Cubs will have a plan for the upcoming concerts by then.

Octoberfest: Jim and Patrick are spearheading it, and Terie will help organize it as well.

Terie made a motion to adjourn, which was seconded by Tom, and the motion was approved by acclimation and carries at 8:18 p.m.