Soup Walk

soupwalkJoin us for the Soup Walk on Sunday, February 28th from 1- 5pm, featuring handmade soups from nine Lakeview East/Northalsted restaurants. Soups can be sampled at nine retail locations along Broadway & Halsted! Take a FREE trolley around the neighborhoods and taste and see everything we have to offer.

Locations and Restaurant Partners:

  1. CRAM Fashion- 3331 N. Broadway with soup from Cafe L’Appetito

2. Unabridged Bookstore- 3251 N. Broadway with soup from The Bagel

3. GAP- 3216 N.Broadway with soup from Esencia Urban Kitchen

4. wineHouse- 3164 N. Broadway with soup from Soupbox

5. NoteworthyNotes- 3629 N. Halsted with soup from Kit Kat Lounge & Supper Club

6. Egoist- 3526 N. Halsted with soup from Dive Bar

7. Boystown Collectibles- 3453 N. Halsted with soup from Taverna 750

8. Universal Wellness Source- 3324 N. Halsted with soup from The Chicago Diner

9. The Leigh Gallery- 3306 N. Halsted with soup from D.S. Tequila Co.