Minutes – September 6, 2016

ELVN Minutes 9-6-2016

3rd Quarter General Community Meeting

Board Members Present:

Patrick Nagle
Patrick Carlson
Kit Welch
Jim Spencer
Aileen Tien (taking minutes for Mike Zink)
Bruce Handler
Jean O’Neill
Heather Ways-Kitzes
Maggie Koehler
Tom Rothschild
Beth Murphy
Mark Lundgren

Sara Feigenholtz, State Representative Update

State budget, says it is awful. There has been no consensus. Budget passed and General Assembly proposed (Democrats) and Governor’s budget were both unbalanced. Gov consistently brought in his turn around agenda, which was a list of reforms that had nothing to do with the budget – Feigenholtz says she has never seen any Gov do this. There were things that had nothing to do with the budget, i.e. diminishing the cost of government. But Gov did not do that, he vaulted divisive issues but was not savvy about it, i.e., he did not follow proper protocols to get what he want. Thus we went 1 year without a budget, and then the 2nd year we had to pass a stop-gap budget to keep schools open. Feigenholtz will not cut services to poor/mentally ill portions of community. Gov did not consider giving a dime to Medicaid, so a few key individuals has to run to federal court to fund hospitals through a federal consent decree. Criminal justice reforms to get non-violent offenders education to become productive members of society.

What did we spend on budget – we spent less general revenue (billions and billions less). Actually went into Special Service funds to fund certain services instead of spending from revenue. Thus Gov got most of what he wanted in this aspect. Gov was very dug in and immovable with budget issues this year.

Feigenholtz brings up issue of crime and how people do not understand the delineation between crime on a federal and state level. But basically crime is a major concern with area residents. Feigenholtz reads out loud an email from concerned resident complaining about increase in crime around Belmont Red Line stop. Feigenholtz voices concerns about what’s going to happen with people teeming into Lakeview with October baseball. Feigenholtz quotes person who said, “You do more time for lifting a package of hot dogs than for carrying a firearm illegally.” Feigenholtz says it’s time we send real criminals who carry illegal guns to jail, and we need more police – we lost a lot of police due to budget cuts.

Feigenholtz ‘s staff person, Abigail, hands out flyers regarding condo and townhome summit, shredding date, and senior health and resource fair.

Q&A b/t meeting attendees and Feigenholtz

Q: Mandatory minimum question – 3 years in New York, 3 days in Illinois

A: We need to push forward and be more like New York

Q: Redistricting, where do you stand? Jean says that Feigenholtz has not come out on her stance on redistricting.

A: Feigenholtz is for redistricting, for the Fair Map. Only concern is minority representation.

Q: Budget – do we need a third airport?

A: Feigenholtz says she has no idea about the Peotone airport, but would be opposed to it.

Q: Anything on radar in Springfield in terms of getting National Guard as a short stop-gap solution to controlling Chicago crimes, murder rate, etc.?

A: Feigenholtz thinks that calling in National Guard is just short of imposing Martial Law. Feigenholtz does not want to do things like impose curfews. Feigenholtz thinks that we have a capable police force,

Q: We just do not have enough police. Feigenholtz seems to think that getting more police is the answer, not the National Guard.

Bruce response: It takes too long to get a new cadet on the street. And the attrition rate is in the hundreds. There’s no realistic way to make up for the shortfall.

A: Concedes that there may be a threshold that kicks in where we need to consider the National Guard.

Q: Wages at $9.00/hour. Direct Support professionals. Any chance that we will override veto?

A: Any vetos by Gov will probably be overridden. Gov has done his best to shrink the human services sector. Feigenholtz agrees that we have a responsibility to give those in our community healthcare at a reasonable cost. Gov is forcing people into institutions as a result of his cuts to human services sector. Feigenholtz says the end results of his policy stances will end up costing more $$ in the long run, and that all she can do is keep educating him on this.

Q: Many people are freaked out by TIF notice they just got regarding the Belmont flyover.

A: Feigenholtz did not vote for the TIF, and shares the community concerns. TIFs are unproductive and an awful way of financing transportation and infrastructure – should go through a traditional method like a capital plan. Proponents of the bill say they are not taking $$ away from education, but Feigenholtz says they will be taking $$ away from parks, libraries, and other important services to the community. Feigenholtz is clearly against the TIF. There is a meeting about the TIF on 9/13, but Feigenholtz believes the ordinance will fly through City Council and area residents will end up footing the bill. Feigenholtz punts the TIF issue to Cappleman.

Alderman James Cappleman 46th Ward Update

TIF Meeting

Tuesday, September 06, 2016
Sullivan Athletic Center
2323 N. Sheffield (DePaul campus)

TIFs used to borrow against projected revenue, but we can’t do that anymore. The difference is the Clarendon-Montrose TIF – no $$ gets put into that TIF until it turns a profit. The risk is on the developer there. TIFs do well in areas that show economic promise, and not areas of high poverty. But City of Chicago is a Tale of 2 cities. 55% of residents in Clarendon Park have annual income of under $20K. Cappleman is happy to have meetings about TIF in addition to 9/13 meeting.

Wilson L stops – one of outcomes is we have a lot of economic development along Wilson avenue that we’ve never seen before. We’re seeing growing reliance on mass transit. Most people in 46th ward do not have cars. Millennials are foregoing cars because of heavy educational debt.

Budget Meeting

Wednesday 9/13
Pride Arts Center
3149 N. Broadway

This will be in Cappleman’s newsletter

City with highest # of police per capita is Washington DC, followed by Baltimore, then Chicago. Even at #3, we need more police. This will be addressed at the 9/13 budget meeting, as well as the pension crisis and why it exists.

Motorcycle Noise Meeting

Thursday 9/29, 6:30

This will be in Cappleman’s newsletter

Broadway is getting water main replaced – 2 pipes have to be done at different times. Grace to Irving pipe will have to be done this year. Other pipe will have to be done Spring 2017, Belmont up to Irving Park. Project will take 8-9 months.

After pipes, 3600 N. Broadway by Lakeview Presbyterian Church, vaulted sidewalks will be replaced.

Gassman buildings along N. Broadway are under demolition.

Q&A b/t meeting attendees and Cappleman

Q: What number do you use as numerator as # of police per resident?

A: Cappleman does not know. Just emphasizes they needed a property tax increase to get more police. We have increase in robberies in Lakeview. Although Cappleman and Tunney asked for more police, it doesn’t mean we will. The final call is not from the aldermen, but from Bureau Patrol. Google “Chicago Crime Trends Tribune” to see 3 different types of crimes broken down throughout the different neighborhoods.

Q: Is there anything going to be done about the blighted, non-ADA compliant Sheridan red line stop? Will the CTA TIFs be contributing at all to updating Sheridan stop?

A: Cappleman asked CTA about Sheridan, can we fund what’s earmarked to Lawrence to go to Sheridan? CTA said no. Cappleman disagrees with CTA about doing nothing with Sheridan, and thinks it’s an awful stop. CTA said they’re addressing the flooding and repainting it, but no plans to overhaul station. Cappleman emphasizes he will continue to push for the stop to become ADA compliant.

Q: Do you think TIF is a good idea?

A: What TIF has done for Wilson stop has been remarkable. Focus on mass transit positively impacts economic development and Wilson is a good example of this.

Q: Feigenholtz asks – we’re getting a billion dollars once, but this TIF is for 35 years. Is it going to take 35 years to pay off a billion dollars downstroke? Is this a long term method of funding transit project?

A: Cappleman confirms yes. Cappleman goes off about making funding decisions based on best practices, fairness, and understanding that positives outweigh the negatives.

Feigenholtz Reply: What about transparency? 35-year rubber stamp for projects, and our constituents don’t even have a straight answer about why Sheridan stop isn’t being addressed. What impact is this going to have our parks and libraries?

A: Cappleman says “come to the 9/13 TIF meeting.” He doesn’t have enough information to know when the TIF will be a “fait accompli.” Contends he is in no rush to vote Y or N to the TIF.

Feigenholtz Reply: Rumor in Springfield is that “they” are trying to fast track the TIF before Obama leaves office.

A: Cappleman goes off on Jefferson vs. Hamilton types of decision making. (How many times have we heard this.) Stresses the TIF decision must be an informed decision.

Q: If a state representative can’t get info on TIFs, how can we lowly residents?

A: Google “Chicago TIFs” and there will be a website that shows information about each TIF.

Q: Feigenholtz asks why can’t we have an elevator at least at Sheridan?

A: Cappleman says platform is around a curve, and CTA wants to straighten that curve. Platform is too narrow to put in an elevator. Cappleman would prefer these changes to be made rather than flyover.

Feigenholtz Reply: The Belmont flyover is ridiculous. We need to know if Sheridan is in the TIF pipeline.

A: Cappleman says no, Sheridan is not.

Chris Jessup from Alderman Tunney’s office 44th Ward (replacement for Judy Navarez)

Communication with Office of Emergency Notification regarding upcoming Cubs playoff season. We’ve been monitoring increase officers in district, count uptick of 20 officers in 19th district.

Q: Beth says it’s the clinching games that need extra security attention.

A: All agree.

Heather Way-Kitzes – Cubs Update

Email registration – they are redoing Wrigley Field neighbors email list. Heather hands out cards for those in the room. 9/15 is when they will start new list. They’re doing this in-person and on paper to prevent non-Lakeview people from joining the list. That’s why they’re scrapping the existing list and remaking it. All agree this is a good idea.

Starting to sod the field, so expect more traffic on Sheffield. Giving away 18×18 pieces of sod by Waveland and Clifton. Sand-based Kentucky bluegrass sod.

9/24 game picked up by fox. 9/25 game is regular season home field game, will be picked up by ESPN. Regular season ends on 10/2, same day as ELVN Oktoberfest. Final round of playoffs starts in final week of October (no jinxing!).

Cubs donated pencils to area schools for 1st day of school. (Pencils?! How about some Chrome books?) Will be helping certain schools rebuild their recreational areas. Will also do some matching for fund raising for schools.

Plaza will not be ready until opening day of 2017.

Q&A b/t meeting attendees and Heather

Q: Clifton resident – For concerts and games, because of the alley along Clifton with people exiting events along Waveland, we had people going both ways on Clifton and it’s a one way street.

A: HWK says we fund 50 TMAs, but we only get 35 if we’re lucky. And then the TMAs are supposed to let bona fide residents through, instead harass them. And then cars get allowed to go down avenues they’re not supposed to. Special tags and regular identification is not helping ID residents – TMAs are terrible. Cubs fund the TMAs but they don’t control the people. HWK concedes this is an issue.

Neighbors@Cubs.com à HWK says if there’s anything traffic related that residents have concerns about, that they should email her at this address.

Q: What do you do with people selling 383 permits on the street?

A: Take a photo of the address of the permit.

Q: Jim asks – What about encampments along Sheffield – people camping overnight to get tickets? We understand it is for the City to address, but would like to know if Cubs will do anything about this.

A: HWK says Cubs did meet with Aldermen about this issue as well as others resulting from concerts, including Billy Joel being too loud, etc.

Brittany Robeke – interested in organizing dog park

Trying to garner support for creating a dog park in Kelly Park.

Oktoberfest Update

$25 for tickets, $30 at the door. Free stuff given at door. Hosted at Murphy’s Bleachers on 10/2 and all proceeds will go to local charities.

Need Silent Auction donations. Doesn’t necessarily have to be right in our neighborhood, and doesn’t have to be a huge value. But need everything hopefully in the next 2 weeks.

We need bags.

Meeting concluded around 9:00pm.