East Lake View Neighbors (ELVN) CAPS Meeting Reminder

East Lake View Neighbors (ELVN) is in BEATS 1925 and 1923 of the 19th District of the Chicago Police Department.

19th Police District CAPS meetings for the ELVN BEATS are normally held in the 19th Police District Community Room located at 850 W. Addison at 7 PM on the first Wednesday of every even number month. (2017 CAPS meetings are presently scheduled for February 1, April 5, June 7, August 2, October 4, and December 6, 2017.)

The next CAPS meeting for the ELVN area is at 7 PM on Wednesday, February 1, 2017.

ELVN is normally represented at 19th District CAPS/Beat meetings. You are invited to attend these meetings. You can also advise ELVN of any concerns or issues you want to be included as discussion items with our Alderman or the Police.