Minutes – April 4, 2017

April 4, 2017 ELVN Meeting Minutes

In attendance:

Michael Zink
Jim Spencer
Beth Murphy
Kit Welch
Tom Rothschild
Aileen Tien
Marty Wallace
Maggie Koehler
Chester Kropidlowski
Terie Kata
Heather Way-Kitzes
Jean O’Neill
Mark Lundgren
Patrick Carlson


Patrick Nagle
Bruce Handler

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m.

Jim opened the meeting welcoming everyone to the second quarter general community meeting.

Board Election

Jim announced the 10 candidates vying for 7 open seats on the ELVN Board. They are Mark Lundgren, Marty Wallace, Aileen Tien, Justin Kreindler, Jean O’Neill, Michael Zink, Brandon Cunningham, Patrick Carlson, Beth Murphy, and Joshua Ring. Each was present and made a brief statement in support of his or her candidacy. Jim asked if there were any additional nominations from the floor, to which no response was given.

The vote was accordingly conducted among paid ELVN members present. Completed ballots were given to members of the election committee and were taken to be counted immediately. Results will be announced at the end of the meeting.

General Community Announcements

Matt Nickerson spoke briefly about his recently published book entitled, “East Lakeview,” which is the latest in the long-running national series of books about the history of individual cities and neighborhoods.

Sarah Roman from the Lakeview Pantry spoke briefly to thank the community for its support. The Pantry has expanded its services into Uptown and just won an architecture award. Tours are available upon request.

46th Ward

Alderman Cappleman was present to give the report.

The block of 3700 North Broadway is closed for water main replacement. It re-opens April 10, at which time the same work will be done on the opposite side of the street.

The 3901 N. Broadway former Mobil gas station site will have construction beginning soon. Work is expected to be completed in 2018. There is unprecedented construction of new buildings, the likes of which has not occurred in Chicago in 100 years. Marty asks if the 3901 owner also owns the parking lot just north of the site, to which the Alderman indicates in the negative.

Kit says that the northwest corner of Sheridan and Fremont formerly had a garbage can that was perpetually overloaded. Now that receptacle is gone and there is a great deal of garbage on the street recently. She asks if a replacement can be delivered there and a new one be delivered at Grace and Fremont also. The Alderman says that Ward 46 has the highest number of receptacles in the city so it will be difficult to obtain a new one. However, he may be able to procure a replacement for the missing one at Sheridan and Fremont.

In response to a question from a community member, the Alderman says that the owner of the Dakin & Sheridan property adjacent to the Sheridan ‘el’ tracks wants a one-story building. The Alderman strongly suggested that the owner open a breakfast restaurant there, which is likely to occur by 2018.

The Alderman introduces Alan Bell from Gill Park. Alan says that the redevelopment of the playground is underway. The project fell behind due to budget issues for several years. However, the Alderman procured the funds earlier this week and the project is thus advancing rapidly. The project will likely be in the ground this summer.

44th Ward

Ald. Tunney’s staffer Chris Jessup was present to give the report.

Alds. Tunney and Cappleman have been monitoring the 19th District officer staffing numbers closely. The District has 391 officers as of mid-March 2017. In November 2015 the number was 333. You can see past numbers in prior newsletters in which they are routinely reported.

Maureen Martino and the Central Lakeview Chamber of Commerce took over SSA 17, with boundaries from Sheridan to Racine and from Belmont to Irving Park. SSA 17 executed a 6-figure private security contract and partners with Cubs security. Other developments have security, as well as the Center on Halsted and most bars that collectively share a security firm. Ald. Tunney regularly meets with those groups, and the next meeting is at the end of April. There is now a foot patrol from midnight to 6:00 a.m. on Clark, and there will soon be a similar patrol on Halsted.

A community member asks if any tangible decreases in crime numbers due to increased officer numbers have been observed yet. Chris says that he does not have particulars but that there are regularly kept statistics showing short-term and long-term effects.

Maureen says that SSA 17 is looking at comparison dates to see if it can determine beneficial effects. However, the SSA 17 hired security only began on March 17, so effects may not yet be apparent. The SSA 17 security funds cover weekends only, which is peak crime period.

Chris says that a number of new police recruits come to the 19th District, which is a significant change from the past in which many officers were transferred to the 19th District right before retirement.

Chris reminds the community that on Opening Night surge pricing will take place on meters from Belmont to Irving Park and from Southport to Broadway. Tom asks why there is a surge if LAZ has ownership of the meters. Chris did not know why, but knows that neither the City nor the Cubs were involved in that decision. The surge pricing is a pilot program which doubles meter prices for 2 hours before an event and up to 7 hours after an event. Chris says that there should be additional signage on the affected meters in the next few days.

He also reminds the community not to sell Parking District 383 temporary parking passes. The City monitors sales of passes online and there are many violators each year who are banned from purchasing any more passes as a result.

There will be no parking on the north side of Addison from Clark to Ashland during night games.

Chester says that new parking restrictions will be announced soon, and Chris says that they will be in the upcoming newsletter.


Heather was present to give the report.

Opening Night is Monday April 10. The surrounding fencing is coming down. The Cubs will be raising the championship banner Monday, with rings distributed on Wednesday night. On April 10 at 10:00 a.m. the Park at Wrigley (formerly known as the Plaza) ribbon cutting will take place. Some new business partners will be there, the Ricketts family, and first and second graders from Inter-American will help with the ribbon cutting.

Craft and Cuisine will be the first event at the Park in May. There will be a number of summer events including the Green City farmer’s market, Wiggleworms with the Old Town School of Folk Music, live music on non-event Tuesdays, and 6 movies.

Safe at Home is now sending a car around the neighborhood 3 days a week, which will be expanded to 7 days per week during the baseball season. The program has already been assisting the police department regularly.

The Cubs will give All-Star grants to 15 local schools, matching up to $25,000 that each school raises. Thus far each school that has held a fundraiser has reached at least $25,000, meaning that with the Cubs’ match the school will raise at least $50,000.

The Cubs are donating 15 trees in the area on Clifton, Kenmore, Grace, and Wilton.

The Camry lot permits again are being offered. There will also be special permits for the blocks monitored by TMA.

Mark asks if Clark will be repaved. Heather confirms but it will be after all construction is completed. Terie asks if during games only ticket holders will be allowed in the Park, which Heather confirmed. The entry to the Park is at the marquee or at a few places on Clark.

A community member asks how to encourage pedestrians who park in the Green Lot from walking in the parkways and resultantly destroy the parkway grass. Heather says that this has been a long ongoing problem and that the Cubs do their best. The inquiring community member suggested small fences be placed around the parkway to discourage people from walking on it. Mike Lufrano is present and says that the City may be able to put in a crosswalk. Chester will talk to CDOT about it. Chester also mentions that a similar problem occurs with people walking from Challenger Park to Kelly Park across Irving Park.

New Business

Kelly Park will have a neighborhood sale on May 13, similar to a community garage sale. You may donate items to be sold, or you can rent a table and sell your items. An e-mail blast will be forthcoming.

Jim says that ELVN received a thank you letter from Charlotte Neufeld for the donation made to the migratory bird sanctuary from Oktoberfest funds.

Brandon Cunningham from Friends of Kelly Park says that he received a Park District grant to plant flowers and to plant 10 trees, which are in addition to the trees that the Park District will re-plant to replace the cut ones. He will need volunteers to help in planting and will send an e-mail blast when dates are set.

Maureen says that SSA is looking at the emergency call boxes in the area because even when activated nobody comes. There are solar panels on them, so local artists will look at the boxes to see how they could be aesthetically used.

Dennis Gonzalez from Gill Park introduced himself. In addition to Gill Park, he is in charge of Kelly Park, Challenger Park, and others in Uptown.

Jim encourages attendees to review the photos at the meeting of potential art that ELVN will sponsor and place in its boundaries. These photos are the finalists. Please provide input on which art you prefer and a proposed location of where they should be installed.

Jim announced the Board election results after ballot counting was completed by the election committee. The elected Board members are Mark Lundgren, Marty Wallace, Aileen Tien, Jean O’Neill, Michael Zink, Patrick Carlson, and Beth Murphy.

The meeting adjourned at 7:48 p.m.

Closed Session

No Closed Session was held.