Minutes – May 2, 2017

May 2, 2017 ELVN Meeting Minutes

In attendance:

Michael Zink
Jim Spencer
Beth Murphy
Kit Welch
Tom Rothschild
Patrick Nagle
Aileen Tien
Maggie Koehler
Chester Kropidlowski
Terie Kata
Heather Way-Kitzes
Jean O’Neill
Patrick Carlson


Marty Wallace
Mark Lundgren
Bruce Handler

The meeting was called to order at 7:02 p.m.

46th Ward

Alderman Cappleman was unable to attend to give the report. However, he sent a brief report to Jim indicating that he is attempting to obtain a firm construction date on the Gill Park playground which Alan Bell mentioned at our last meeting.

44th Ward

Ald. Tunney was present to give the report. He acknowledged the extreme amount of construction in the Ward and thanked residents for being extremely patient during the work.

The Broadway water main work is a major project that continues. The stretch north of Addison will be done by the Pride Parade, but the south part will see work done all summer.

The JCYS property at Grace & Sheffield is on the market and is being marketed as a potential Transit Oriented Development site. Ald. Tunney has met with 2 development teams about it. He says that he told them that the building needs parking due to its proximity to Wrigley Field and that he wants at least a 50% parking ratio with however many residential units are constructed. It will need a zoning change to B3-3 for TOD status.

Jim asks about a recent Sports Corner application. Ald. Tunney says that it applied for a Public Place of Amusement (PPA) license for live music.

Jim asks about the Center on Halsted in light of several recent articles about police officers being turned away in pursuit of criminal suspects. Ald. Tunney met with the Center on Halsted to increase its commitment for perimeter security, which is up to 100 feet around the building. Its public security plan is online. He understands that misinformed volunteers caused one incident of police being rebuffed. He assured Jim that it is on his radar and that of Ald. Cappleman.

A community member suggested that Center on Halsted send its security to Inter-American school in light of its residents lingering there.

Another community member asked about the carjacking last night on the 800 block of Newport. Ald. Tunney said that it was a 15-year-old who was arrested.

Ald. Tunney stated that Juniper Park is being redone soon.

The medical marijuana location on Clark recently opened and has on-site security in accordance with law.


Heather was present to give the report.

The regular season has begun and the Park at Wrigley and Starbucks are open. The Hotel Zachary top floor is almost complete and the hotel will be completed in April 2018. The first Park event will be Craft & Cuisine on May 13.

On Thursday the Cubs will plant 15 trees in the community. Seven of them were to be planted on Clark adjacent to the Park and office building. However, because the trees could interfere with the utilities underground at the location, Ald. Tunney waived the requirement of trees at the Park site on the condition that the trees be relocated into the neighborhood with another eight that were already planned to be planted by the Cubs.

The Cubs employees now occupy the office. Jim and Chester stated that they find the new Park to be a great addition to the community.

A community member asked how to purchase for ticketed events at the Park, to which Heather directed her online and though e-mail. Heather reminded the group that the summer will see movies, Wiggleworms, and a farmer’s market at the Park among other events.

A community member asked about the serpentine traffic barrier now being used during the times before Cubs games. Ald. Tunney said that these are intended to let traffic through and to encourage pedestrians to move to the side. It is a middle ground to shutting down Clark and Addison as the Cubs have requested several times. The community member indicated that the serpentine barrier at Sheffield and Byron is unsafe and was not being monitored by anyone, which Ald. Tunney indicated he would investigate. Ald. Tunney says his main goal is to keep the arterial streets flowing around Cubs games.

New Business

Chester spoke about the LVCC committees on which he serves, including as Chair of the Transportation committee. Tomorrow there will be a meeting about the bypass project at Center on Halsted. Ald. Tunney said that the meeting will also cover areas of potential redevelopment of properties, particularly on Clark, Wilton, School, and Newport.

Chester says that there is a May 30 safety security meeting with the FBI at Navy Pier. There is also a North Lake Shore Drive improvement meeting on May 18 in the Sears Tower. Ald. Tunney says that condominiums at Belmont and Lake Shore Drive are fighting any such improvement project because of safety and congestion problems that would result and exacerbate already-difficult problems.

Maggie mentioned that our selected sculpture project is the Oak Leaf Arch which is 9’X11’. We need to decide the location at which it will be placed.

Maureen Martino from the Chamber spoke briefly about the serpentine barriers being piloted, and also said that the SSA security is on a regular schedule.

The meeting adjourned at 8:01 p.m.

Closed Session

A vote was conducted for ELVN Executive Officers. A motion was made and seconded to create an Executive Office of a Second Vice-President of Transportation and Security. Nominations included Jim Spencer for President, Patrick Nagle for Vice-President, Chester Kropidlowski for Second Vice-President of Transportation and Security, Michael Zink for Secretary, and Terie Kata for Treasurer.

Oktoberfest is spearheaded by ELVN. It will be September 24. The committee will work with Brian Murphy, distribute tickets among the community, and collect proceeds. The committee will include Jim, Michael, Patrick Nagle, and Maggie. We will reach out to community members who ran unsuccessfully for the ELVN Board to get them involved. Letters to large retailers should go out soon. We should have 501(c)(3) status by Oktoberfest, as the documents will be processed with Regina Rathnau, an attorney and CPA.

Chester suggested that ELVN donate $250 to the local police dog monument. Heather seconded the motion and it carried.

The Sheridan Triangle Garden asked for a donation. Chester moves for a $250 donation, Maggie seconded the motion, and it carried.

Terie asked about placing our Arch art in Kelly Park over the sidewalk. As we ere considering spending some $16,000 to buy a different sculpture, we will explore using that money to purchase the Arch that would otherwise be up for only one year.

Tom tallied the votes and the Executive Officers for the next 2 years are Jim Spencer-President, Patrick Nagle-Vice-President, Chester Kropidlowski-Second Vice-President of Transportation and Security, Michael Zink-Secretary, and Terie Kata-Treasurer.