Minutes – June 6, 2017

June 6, 2017 ELVN Meeting Minutes

19th District Police Station

In attendance:

Michael Zink
Jim Spencer
Beth Murphy
Kit Welch
Tom Rothschild
Patrick Nagle
Aileen Tien
Maggie Koehler
Chester Kropidlowski
Terie Kata
Heather Way-Kitzes
Patrick Carlson
Mark Lundgren


Jean O’Neill

Marty Wallace

The meeting was called to order at 7:01 p.m.

46th Ward

Alderman Cappleman was present to give the report.

He has continued frustration about the Broadway water main replacement. CDOT says that this project, which is the second and final phase, will be done by the end of June. However, CDOT projections are often unrealistic and thus it may not be done until mid-July. After the project is done, the street will be repaved.

The Ward is trying to make the most of the enormous economic boom on the north side, as no such growth lasts forever.

In response to a community member’s question about streetscaping, Ald. Cappleman says that the 3600 and 3700 blocks of Broadway will have acorn lighting and the playground will finally be built in Gill Park.

Regarding the Lake Shore Drive project, the goal is to re-do all of Lake Shore Drive. Although there is no federal funding available for it yet, community meetings have begun with projections over the next 30 years. Lake Shore Drive near Soldier Field will serve as an example of a potential conclusion to the project. Ald. Cappleman will post the web site for public information on the project, and community meetings will continue. Chester says that the preliminary plans for the north side of the project will be ready by 2020. He also reminded everyone that the community meeting about the future of Lake Shore Drive will be July 12 from 3:00-7:00 at DePaul.

Ald. Cappleman says that the Lawrence and Wilson viaducts will be entirely renovated. They currently host the largest encampment of homeless people in Chicago. The shelters in Uptown, which has the most shelters and affordable housing in Chicago, are full. He wants to house these displaced individuals. He is in discussions with the City and the Chicago Coalition for the Homeless. In 30-60 days the people have to be relocated, and some will be housed. There will be many pedestrian and bike paths there, as 50% of area residents do not own cars. However, this will leave no room for the homeless to return.

At the Wilson el station, there will be art installation in September, with a ribbon cutting on September 11.

The Gerber building is being redone. There may be a co-op grocery store there.

Mark asks about if and when the City will repave streets with deep potholes. Ald. Cappleman did not know the answer, but indicated that such work comes out of state and federal funds.

A new art sculpture will likely be placed at Clarendon and Broadway.

44th Ward

Chris Jessup from Ald. Tunney’s office was present to give the report.

The Broadway water main project in the 44th Ward has proceeded slower. It will likely be done in mid-September and continues to move south.

He was just informed this afternoon that Addison will be repaved from Halsted to Ashland. Jim and Patrick Nagle, among several others, strongly objected and warned that there will be no foot traffic on Addison with all of the other work proceeding. Chris will pass along these strong reactions to see if the project can be postponed.

The Green Way project created bike lanes from east to west on Roscoe from Lake Shore Drive. In response to Jim’s question, Chris confirmed that this project takes away parking spaces.

There have been 3 Chicago sculptural exhibits installed in East Lakeview. The Oak Leaf Arch is in Kelly Park, and others are at Ann Sather park on Irving Park and at 3757 Clark.

Since October 2015 Ald. Tunney has been working for additional police resources. From October 2016 to May 2017, there has been a net increase of 50 officers. The CAPS meeting is June 7 at the 19th District station.

The Pride Parade is June 25. It will be similar to last year with respect to security. There is a new robust cleanup plan, with multiple cleanup times including 3:00 am Monday morning. Patrick asks about the impact of the Broadway work on the parade. Chris says that the work is not on the route and that construction areas will have security too during the parade. He believes that the 46th Ward part will be done by the Parade. Maggie says that the very tip of the Broadway work is next to the parade route and expresses worry about drunk people being near the easily accessible huge machinery. Ald. Cappleman says that this will be addressed at upcoming parade meetings.

Commenting on the construction work, Mark says that the City had specifications that allowed ongoing piecemeal and pervasive destruction of blocks in the heart of Lakeview simultaneously. Maureen Martino says that NPL Construction Company stated at the outset of work that projects would be done in sections at different times. Businesses are closing due to the pervasive construction. Chris says that other alderman have raised similar problems with NPL regarding other projects throughout the city and there may be a formal meeting with NPL at City Hall.

Zoning Change Request

Tom Moore of Anderson & Moore was present regarding a zoning change request for 3754 N Kenmore. He brought Anne Berger, owner of the property. It is a house built in the 1800’s house on a small lot. She would like to build an office on top of a rebuilt garage. It is a non-conforming lot, so to go up 400 square feet it needs to be re-zoned. Anne bought it 18 months ago, and the current garage is entirely rotted and needs to be razed. Patrick moves to approve the requested zoning change, Michael seconds the motion, and it passes by acclamation.


Heather was present to give the report.

The community programs at the Park at Wrigley begin next week, which include fitness program multiple days of the week, Wiggleworms, farmer’s markets, a music series geared toward older kids, and movies. For the movies, gates open at 7, food will be for sale, but you cannot bring your own alcohol. Alcohol and food will be sold at the movies. Before each movie, there will also be some entertainment related to the movie also. The Park at Wrigley web site has all of the information.

Concerts start at the end of June. Mark thanked Heather for inviting the ELVN board to the ceremony for the Park’s opening.

Beth asked about Chicago police confronting possible problems for the Grateful Dead concert similar to problems seen at last year’s Phish concert, such as camping out and the presence of nitrous tanks. Chris Jessup says that he will look into details.

A member of the community asks about closing Clark and Addison. Chris says Ald. Tunney still opposes such a closing. He says that mail trucks are allowed to go closer than others, which people say causes huge gridlock.

Another community member mentions that the traffic control aides are doing a terrible job of letting her go in and out of her residence near the Clifton alley. She says that one Cubs traffic supervisor even told her that she has no reasonable expectation to enter or exit her home while the Cubs are playing. Chris says that Ald. Tunney made clear that there must be aides at all times at local areas to let local residents in and out of their homes. Chris says that he needs problems to be reported to him directly. Heather says that people should be allowed in and out of their homes during games and agrees that the area near the Clifton alley is a huge problem for everyone around it.

New Business

Terie reports that ELVN donated $250 to the police dog statue memorial. ELVN also donated to the 19th district steering committee. A Go Fund Me page has been set up to help ELVN purchase the oak leaf arch in Kelly Park.

Oktoberfest is September 24. Patrick says that we are gathering donations.

There is no ELVN meeting in July.

The meeting adjourned at 8:03 p.m.

Closed Session

The Board voted to pay Jamie Murphy and Erin Murphy of Murphy’s Bleachers $1,000.00 plus 30% of any amounts exceeding $25,000 (the Oktoberfest 2016 total) to manage Oktoberfest in 2017. Erin ran a fundraiser at Murphy’s Bleachers in the spring that raised over $30,000. Jamie and Erin will likely expand auction items to include broader categories in addition to the items customarily for sale.

There have been past problems selling tickets and some follow-up thank-you notes were not sent. We have a tracking auction book that Terie will locate. The Board renewed the annual commitment of each Board member to buy/sell at least 10 tickets. The new pricing for an Oktoberfest ticket is $25 if sold/purchased by a Board member, $30 if purchased in advance, and $35 if purchased at the door.

The Board voted to make a $500 donation to the Kelly Park Advisory Board.