Minutes – November 7, 2017

November 7, 2017 ELVN Meeting Minutes

19th District Police Station

In attendance:

Michael Zink
Jim Spencer
Beth Murphy
Chester Kropidlowski
Heather Way-Kitzes
Kit Welch
Tom Rothschild
Jean O’Neill
Mark Lundgren
Terie Kata


Patrick Nagle
Aileen Tien
Maggie Koehler
Patrick Carlson
Marty Wallace

The meeting was called to order at 7:06 p.m.

46th Ward

Alderman Cappleman’s aide Lexi Silvers was present to give the report.

The Sheridan-Broadway road work is still on schedule.

The Howard Brown Center bought the building at 1023 W. Irving Park next to Byron’s.  This was intended to be a condominium building, the zoning change for which ELVN approved previously, but the developers experienced foundation issues.  No other information is available at this time, as Lexi was just told about it tonight.  Terie suggests that Lexi ask Howard Brown to e-mail some information, as well as to tell Howard Brown that the building appears not to be secured and may be inhabited by vagrants.

Jim asks about the Gasman building on Broadway.  A community member says that construction geothermal pipes are being installed 150 feet deep, which is slowing the project.  Lexi says that the project may be stalled until that work is complete.

Teri asks about the Loukas project on Dakin and Sheridan, the zoning change for which ELVN approved previously, as nothing seems to be happening.  Lexi does not know the status.  Terie says that word in the community is that Loukas is reconsidering the design.

The Lomanto development of the Ace Hardware building probably will not start until spring 2018 at the earliest.

44th Ward

No report.  Alderman Tunney and his staff are attending his fundraiser this evening.


Heather was present to give the report.

Ballpark constriction is back underway.  The new clubs inside Wrigley Field are being built.  This year and next year will be the last years for construction.

The Foo Fighters will have a concert on July 29.

The Park will become Winterland with an ice rink, Chriskindlemart, and a tree lighting this winter.  It will take about 2 weeks to set up the ice rink.  Santa’s workshop will be set up in the trophy room.  The World Series trophy will be gone for the winter.

This Thursday will be a food truck social at the Park.  This Saturday will have college football viewing at the Park.  Exercise classes will continue, weather permitting.

There will be a neighbor night probably some time before Thanksgiving.

The hotel is progressing and will open at the end of March.


Brian could not attend tonight but Jim and Terie gave a report.

There is approximately $2,000 in outstanding funds to collect.  The revenues totaled $30,490, expenses totaled $5,470, rendering a net collection of $25,020.  After a few additional miscellaneous funds are collected, the end net collection will probably total approximately $26,500.  Brian did a spreadsheet showing prior years’ numbers, and this was the best year yet.

Chester says that a monthly Treasurer’s report is needed.  Terie has it and reports that before Oktoberfest, the account contained approximately $13,000.  At the end of September, the account contained approximately $34,000.  Terie attended the city sculpture exhibit event and met an artist who is willing to sell a sculpture.  She looked into the cost of purchasing the arch leaf currently up in Kelly Park, and it would cost approximately $20,000.  Most sculptures cost approximately the same.


Michael reported that we need a copy of our Articles of Incorporation and the 3 past years’ filed financial statements.  Chester and Michael will talk about getting a copy of the Articles.

Holiday Party

After discussion during the meeting, the party will take place on December 5 from 7:00-9:00 p.m in the Murphy’s east bar due to many being unavailable on December 12.

Chester says that it is inappropriate to let people outside of the organization come without paying.  Heather says that other organizations have charged as a fundraiser to organization at a holiday party, but because we only are 4 weeks away, we should forego a charge this year.  Heather says it is also another reason why we need regular financial reports so that we can compare numbers from prior years.

Mark suggests a nominal charge of $10 with a wristband.  Terie asks for people to volunteer and she will work with Freddie on the menu.  We need a few people to stand at the door to collect money and to distribute tickets and wristbands.  Kit and Mark volunteer.  Jim says that we will charge $10 which equals membership plus party entry.  Heather will help with the invitations.

New Business

A community member mentions the termination of DNA Info and asks if there are other such sources of information.  Kit suggests reading the ELVN Facebook page and the Southeast Lakeview Facebook page.  Jim says that Patch is a web site with such information, and Lexi says that many of the DNA Info writers moved to Patch.

Tom asks about the huge crane that he saw at the co-op at Grace and Broadway.  Lexi says the Alderman’s office was not alerted to it before it arrived.

Old Business

Mark moves to approve the prior minutes except to correct the spelling of his wife’s name being Kenda.  Terie seconded the motion and it passed by acclamation.

Closed Session

Mark moved to adjourn the meeting at 8:08, and his motion passed by acclamation.

Respectfully submitted,

/s/ Michael Zink