Minutes – September 1, 2015

September 1, 2016 Minutes

In attendance:

Marty Wallace
Michael Zink
Jim Spencer
Beth Murphy
Tom Rothschild
Aileen Tien
Patrick Carlson
Patrick Nagle
Mark Lundgren
Chester Kropidlowski
Terie Kata


Jean O’Neill
Bruce Handler

Jim called the meeting to order at 7:03 p.m.

Board member Introduction

All ELVN Board members introduced themselves.


No report/no representative present.

44th Ward

Ald. Tunney was present to provide the report.  His former liaison Erin Duffy is no longer with his office and is now working in commercial real estate.

Wrigley Field: Many issues have been communicated to his office, especially with respect to construction, development, and traffic.  He is working with the Cubs and with the City to minimize street closures and maximize rodent control.  He stated that it will be a few years of stress and will continue to communicate regularly about it.  He believes that more requests will be forthcoming from the Cubs in upcoming years, so he would like to see the expansion committee from LVCC be in regular discussions with the Cubs about all ideas going forward.  Ald. Tunney said that he seems to get a new request from the Cubs almost every day.  While he anticipated that the past 4 years would be difficult, it seems to be more of a “one-way street” than when the project began, so he wants more community input going forward.  He has received the reports of the construction workers beginning too early in the mornings prior to agreed start times, working late past agreed end times, and complaints about street closures.

Other Ward 44 issues: There will be a new Mariano’s at Wellington and Broadway.  The Whole Foods on Ashland was approved.  Park on Clark development is still on course.  In October or November some of those properties may be demolished.

We need increased security in east and central Lakeview.  Part of the Cubs plan was additional security at every game, but he received some pushback on that.  Lakeview saw spikes in burglaries and robberies in the summer.  More police are not likely on the way, so we have to use the forces that we have in a smarter manner.

46th Ward

Tressa Feher, Ald. Cappleman’s Chief of Staff, was present.  The 3800 Broadway development is still working with the City’s Department of Planning.  There were concerns about the eagle statues.  The developer wants to remove them, but the City’s Landmark committee wants them to remain.

The Sheridan-Dakin Loukas development project is active again.  This was previously approved by ELVN, but the project is now reducing the number of units and increasing parking.

The 3901 Broadway gas station continues to receive attention for developments. One group proposed an 8-floor project, which was rejected because it was taller than the neighbors wished.  The owner is also looking at building another gas station there because it has been difficult to find an interested developer.  Barbara Cozzi, an area resident, says that there have been many weeds at the property, which Tressa says will be regularly removed.

Ald. Cappleman continued working with ELVN on renovating Gill Park.  Funds are available and the Park District has approved.  There will be another meeting on 9/3, and our own Chester has been actively involved.  Barbara Cozzi asked why a proposed rendering showed no slides or swings in the playground.  Chester stated that that was an old rendering and that there will be a play area which includes slides and swings.

Tressa says that the construction at the self-storage building on Byron and Sheffield was approved by ELVN approximately 6-7 years ago, and it is merely an addition on the building for more storage units.


Heather Way Kitzes and Mike Lufrano, Executive Vice-President of Community and Government Afairs/Chief Legal Officer, were present.  Heather stated that Waveland and Sheffield Avenues have been reopened.  She sent a communication last week regarding a crane coming next week to build the last 4 floors of the office building on Clark. Waveland Avenue will be closed from Seminary to Clifton through mid-November due to that work.

The first 2 concerts (Billy Joel and Foo Fighters) saw problems mostly involving traffic.  Security was in the area for 2 hours after concerts patrolling the neighborhood.  Heather will send another communication about the Zac Brown Band and AC/DC concerts in the coming days.  There will be some pyrotechnics and helicopters at the AC/DC concert because it will be filmed for a DVD.  Mike says that they are asking for an earlier start time to the show because it is a school night.

Sharon Magnus, a community resident, stated that she saw some very fast drivers during the concerts.  When she asked one of the security guards about it, the response she received was that their job is only to make sure that cars are not vandalized.  Chester stated that ELVN put together a traffic plan with Ald. Tunney’s office, and that it was a good plan and that the system let us down.  He stated that we lost control of some part of Addison because of cabs.  The group will amend the plan to address that problem, as well as limousines which have nowhere to drop off or pick up people.  Ald. Tunney says that a lack of TMA personnel was the main problem.  Beth stated that TMA personnel cannot issue tickets so it is not their fault, but rather a police problem.

A resident named David could hear the national anthem at the Clark-Sheffield-Newport intersection.  Ald. Tunney stated that the Department of Environment cut its staff and has only 1 person, but confirmed that there are sound rules in place.

Beth expressed delight at the first concerts because there was no construction and no jumbotron playing.  She thinks that we need a schedule of when the jumbotron will be used.  Beth states that it was on every day in August even when the Cubs were out of town, and that during batting practice the music is blaring.  Mike says that the Cubs are aware of this issue on non-event days, and that they will not be using the jumbotron speakers on non-event days.  There will be a new sound system but not in place this year.

Several in attendance noted that there seem to be many cars without Zone 383 permits that are not being ticketed.  Mike says that the Cubs had a record 785 cars in the remote lot last week, which is an excellent trend.

Mark says that virtually every trash can from Sheffield to Lake Shore Drive on Waveland was overflowing last week after the games.

Ald. Tunney says that the 22 Clark bus moved down the street near Clark and Roscoe, so it is flexible to make transportation changes as necessary.

Mark asks Ald. Tunney about any new requests that he received from the Cubs.  Mike answered, providing an example of the Cubs asking when they can use the Plaza and what events would be allowed on the Plaza.

Officer’s Reports

Jim says so far there have been about 8 responses about concerts, mostly positive.  The negatives included concerns about traffic and the limousines.

Ald. Tunney says we need to create public-private deals about security, and that central Lakeview is a hot spot  He says that we need to augment services and work with community groups/CAPS.  The City cannot afford to do it all, as these are tenuous budget times.

Patrick N. asks about Clark-Addison project delay.  Ald. Tunney says that most of it is in place, but they are private transactions.  He did not know if the project would begin by the end of the year.

A resident asked Ald. Tunney about the Brown Line flyover.  Ald. Tunney stated that the new CTA head wants it but that a redevelopment plan is necessary.  It will probably be built in about 2018.

New Business/Old Business

Sue from Lakeview Pantry spoke.  They are waiting for final permits to start interior demolition.  No exterior work will be done.  They hope to open in the spring and will vacate their current space by June 30, 2016.

Patrick moves to approve prior minutes, Mark seconded, and the motion passed.

Oktoberfest 2015

It will take place October 4.  Tickets are now available.  There will be e-mail blasts.  As always, there will be prizes, silent auction items, and food at Murphy’s.


No motion, but declared by Jim at 7:57 p.m.

Board Member Only Meeting

Jim gave details about Oktoberfest.  If there is a Cubs clinch game that day, the event will be rescheduled.

We need items for donation.

Motion to send $100 to group at Sheridan Triangle Park passes unanimously.

The Board Member Only Meeting adjourned at 8:11 p.m.