East Lake View Neighbors Meeting – August 7, 2018

Call to Order

The meeting was called to order by President Michael Zink at 7:00 p.m.

Directors Roll Call

  • Present
    • Michael Zink, President
    • Aileen Tien, Treasurer
    • John Fitterer
    • Maggie Koehler
    • Mark Lundgren, Acting Secretary
    • Marty Malone
    • Jean O’Neil
    • Jim Spencer
    • Marty Wallace
  • Absent
    • Patrick Carlson
    • Beth Murphy
    • Patrick Nagle, Vice President
    • Kit Welch

46th Ward Update – Alderman James Cappleman

  • Recommended interested residents see his newsletter and subscribe to it online.
  • Lake Front Trail – Construction of the separation has commenced
  • Chicago’s 911 System – The system is changing to be tailored to its users who may opt for a specific language and other preferences. Go to the website for more details: www.smart911.com
  • Lakeview Pantry Pet Food Donations – A drive to collect and fund pet food for families in need will commence on September 15th at Camp Wiggles, 3647 N. Halsted.
  • 3660 N. Lake Shore Drive Proposed Development – Owners are proposing an estimated $100 million development to the east of the New York building which would conform to existing zoning in form of a planned development. Since no zoning change is required, the proposal will go before the plan commission prior to review by ELVN and the 46th Ward Zoning & Development Committee, and then reviewed by surrounding residents. The residents at 3660 Lake Shore Drive will be first to receive a presentation on August 14th, after which Alderman Cappleman will place the plans on his website.
  • The building at 1052 West Byron is in Housing Court.

44th Ward Update – Chris Jessup of Alderman Tunney’s Office

  • Streetscape and lighting projects are commencing on 3700 blocks of North Wilton, Sheffield, and Kenmore.
  • The 3800 block of Wilton will commence next year.
  • Regarding 19th District Police staffing, continue to send letters to the Mayor and Police Superintendent, copying Alderman Tunney, insisting that staffing levels meet their commitments.
  • A recent encampment of homeless people was disbanded. Recommend contacting Alderman Tunney if it appears again or elsewhere.
  • The County Courts at Belmont and Western is now officially closed. The Alderman never received a response from either Judge Evans or President Pretwinkle on his pleas to retain the operations.

Chicago Cubs Update – Heather Way-Kitzes

  • Heather announced that she has resigned from the ELVN Board, as she has registered to run for the 47th Ward Aldermanic seat.
  • The first set of Wrigley concerts has now completed.
  • Cubs organization is preparing for post-season games.

Treasurer’s Report – Aileen Tien

  • Aileen reported that ELVN has had no income or expenses since the previous report.
  • She has submitted the required report to the State of Illinois Attorney General’s office for retention of ELVN’s status as a 501(c)(3) organization.

Community Concerns – President Michael Zink

  • Crime
    • There has been a sizeable uptick in door-to-door solicitors claiming to represent electric suppliers, and neighbors are encouraged to be cautious.
    • Thieves are preying upon unaware motorists in the area by reaching into open car windows to steal phones, purses and other valuables, sometimes there is an accomplice distracting the driver to enable the theft. Motorists are encouraged to be alert, keeping doors locked and windows up in congested areas.
    • Beware of ATM skimmers being deployed by thieves in the area.
    • Continue to press City leaders for the increase of staffing levels in the 19th District
  • New Business/Old Business
    • Mike announced the resignations of Justin Krienlander and Heather Way-Kitzes, both of whom are running for Alderman.
    • Oktoberfest, September 23rd, at Murphy’ – Tickets are now available. Pricing for individual tickets is at $30 in advance and $35 at the door.
    • Pride Parade – Event carried out with few issues, mostly occurring after hours.
    • “Blue Lot” update – The discussions are still ongoing.
    • Gill Park – Chester Kropidlowski reported that there is no actual formal “Gill Park Advisory Council.” He is working with Alderman Cappleman’s office on this matter. Such organization would be important regarding grants that ELVN and other organizations may make in the future.
    • ELVN Family Day – Mike announced the need for a committee to work on planning this proposed event to be held next spring or summer.
    • Zone 383 Parking Passes – Members passionately discussed concerns that many neighbors are seeing parkers with these placards who are definitely not residents and are likely vendors working Cubs games displaying these permits. Mike Lefrano (Cubs) spoke up to state that the Cubs organization does not provide these to their employees. A lively discussion ensued, and concerns were raised as to the monthly purchases of up to 45 such passes by a business being possible each 30-day period.
    • Green Team – John Fitterer reported on the team’s activities cleaning East Lake View. John proposed, and the membership accepted, the Green Team as a standing committee within ELVN, which John will serve as Chair. Their leadership and scope of activities include neighborhood cleanliness, liaison to parks, sculpture & artwork, and community gardens.
    • Med Mar Medical Cannabis Dispensary – John Sullivan of the organization provided members with an update on the two-year-old operation located at 3812 N. Clark Street. It serves 700 patients, 80% of whom walk to the dispensary. There are 8 employees on staff, and the vast majority walk to work. The hours of operation are M-S 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. and Sunday Noon to 5 p.m. He mentioned that their exterior security cameras have helped solve a couple of street crimes (unrelated to the dispensary).
    • November Meeting – Mike stated the meeting previously scheduled for November 6th will have to be rescheduled, likely to the following week, because that is the date of the mid-term Congressional elections.
    • East Lakeview Chamber of Commerce – Maureen Martino reported there were a total of 247 calls to 911 in the area during June, mostly near the Belmont Red Line Station. The Chamber is preparing for the Art Show, September 8-9, 2018. There will be a preparation gathering on August 30th at Casey Moran’s. More information is available at WrigleyvilleChicago.org.
    • Cars2Go – The car sharing services experiment has launched.
    • Illegal Clothing Collection Boxes – Another one recently popped up at Irving Park Road and Seminary. These should be reported to the appropriate Alderman for removal.


The meeting was adjourned at 8:05 p.m. and the Board went into closed session.

Minutes respectfully submitted by Mark N. Lundgren, Acting Secretary.