East Lake View Neighbors Meeting – October 9, 2018

Call to Order

The meeting was called to order by President Michael Zink at 7:00 p.m.

Directors Roll Call

  • Present
    • Michael Zink, President
    • Patrick Nagle, Vice President
    • Mark Lundgren, Secretary
    • Aileen Tien, Treasurer
    • Patrick Carlson
    • Brandon Cunningham
    • Maggie Koehler
    • Marty Malone
    • John Fitterer
    • Beth Murphy
    • Jean O’Neil
    • Tom Rothschild
    • Jim Spencer
    • Marty Wallace
    • Kit Welch
  • Absent – None

46th Ward Update – Alderman James Cappleman

  • Gill Park construction completed and will be reopened last week.
  • Recycling at 46th Ward Office: Electronics on 10/27; Paper on 11/16.
  • 3660 N. Lake Shore Drive Proposed Development – Owners are proposing an estimated $100 million development to the east of the New York building which would conform to existing zoning in form of a planned development. He believes the two buildings will be 25 stories each and will provide 10% set aside for low income housing. Since no zoning change is required, the proposal will go before the plan commission and then to the New York Condominium Association owners and then by surrounding residents prior to review by ELVN and the 46th Ward Zoning & Development Committee.
  • Waveland Park improvements – Recreation Drive is being repaved from Addison Street to Irving Park Road.
  • The lakefront trail separation and paving project is nearing completion.
  • Refine the Drive, Planning project – A meeting with CDOT planners and engineers has been arranged by the Alderman’s office to focus attention on the interchanges at Wilson and Montrose. The meeting will be held at Truman College on October 17th from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m.

44th Ward Update – Alderman Tunney & Chris Jessup of his office.

  • There will be a partnering program with Lake View Pantry in October seeking donations of pet foods for needy residents who need food for their pets.
  • The 383 program parking permits were reviewed for 3700 block of Clifton.
  • Streetscape and lighting projects are commencing on 3700 blocks of North Wilton and North Sheffield. The 3800 block of Wilton will commence next year.
  • Regarding 19th District Police staffing, as of 10/4, is at 379 officers on duty. A level of 400 is the goal. Continue to send letters to the Mayor and Police Superintendent, copying Alderman Tunney, insisting that staffing levels meet their commitments.
  • The 19th District will be one of a few select Districts getting a new modular camera and phone technologies.
  • Street lighting improvements are being installed: 3600 block of Wilton; 3700 block of Sheffield, Waveland to Grace; 3700 block of Kenmore, Waveland to Grace.
  • A senior health fair will be held at Advocate Hospital, 836 Wellington, Rm. 19-179, on November 1st.

Chicago Cubs Update – Heather Way-Kitzes

  • Wrigley Field construction renovations are in their final phase this off-season. Work zones along Sheffield and Waveland are already mobilized.
  • Gallagher Way will be hosting a Pumpkin Party on 10/27. Due to exterior construction, there will be no Kris Kringle Market this year, but there will be a reduced size Winter Wonderland from November 25th to January 27th.
  • Discussion ensued about the problems of volume from concerts, littering, congestion and ways to continue to reduce the rat population around Wrigley Field.

Treasurer’s Report – Aileen Tien

  • Aileen reported that ELVN has a balance on hand of $44,313.
  • A final tally of donations and expenditures for Oktoberfest is not yet completed.

President Michael Zink

  • Area neighbors are asked to be cautious of characters going door-to-door posing as employees of a utility company.
  • Neighbors also should be on lookout for thieves stripping vehicles of catalytic converters.

New/Old Business

  • Blue Lot on Waveland – Discussions are reportedly getting close to completion and hope to get a resolution by early in 2019.
  • Chicago Marathon – Chester Kropidlowski and Mark Lundgren reported on the planning and execution for the new routing that ran north of Addison on Lake Shore Drive to west on West Sheridan to south on Broadway. Even with much advance notice there still were vehicles that had to be towed on West Sheridan. The set up and clean up all proceeded very smoothly and the neighbors seemed to really enjoy the opportunity to cheer the runners along the new routing.
  • Proposed Zoning Change, 3839 North Clark Street – Mangin Builders, Inc. is seeking a zoning change for new construction that would produce a 15,159 sq. ft., 4-story 9-unit residential apartment building with 11 parking spots on a 5,053sq. ft. lot. The current zoning is B3-2 and developer is seeking B2-3. Developer already has acquired rights to an adjacent alley way and the north face of the building will replace a crumbling wall of the cemetery.
  • The Lake View Citizens Council (LVCC) is having its next meeting at the 19th District Police Station on October 11th.


The meeting was adjourned at 8:10 p.m. and the Board went into closed session.

Minutes respectfully submitted by Mark N. Lundgren, Secretary.