October 1st, 2019 Meeting Minutes

Call to Order

The meeting was called to order by President Mike Zink at 7:00 p.m.

Directors Roll Call


  • Mike Zink, President
  • John Fitterer, Secretary
  • Tom Rothschild
  • Jim Spencer
  • Maggie Koehler
  • Brandon Cunningham
  • Terie Kata

Rep Mike Quigley – 5th District

  • 5th District has a population of 750k+ ad stretches from Hinsdale to Uptiown
  • Major initiative in district has been the McCook Reservoir which prevents sewage backing into Lake Michigan during big rains
  • Involved in Intelligence Panel investigating the Ukraine dealings and potential impeachment of President Trump
  • Most US citizens want an impeachment investigation
  • Never has a president been so at-odds with the Us Intelligence community
  • Election only one year away and votes matter; 2016 presidential election determined by 78k votes in 3 states
  • Timeline of US-Mexico-Canada agreement is ongoing but fluid
  • Never has there been a time that representatives need to be aspirational, but practical
  • And all elected officials should walk in the oppositions shoes and find middle ground

46th Ward Update – Alderman James Cappleman

  • Very inspired and supportive of Rep Quigley and his ability to negotiate to a win-win solution
  • 600 block of West Grace got speed bumps installed
  • Speed feedback signs going up in front of Greeley School & Grace-Pine Grove intersection
  • After discussion at last ELVN mtg the police record of Garfield Beverage was looked at and it is clean
  • Flu shots are available at Ward Office on October 7th
  • Through the end of October, City Stickers can be purchased with no late fee
  • If you have an up-to-date City Sticker as of November 15th, you will be eligible to have any outstanding City Sticker tickets forgiven
  • 19th Distr Policing Strategy looking for input from community at 10/8 Buena Park Library

44th Ward Update – Abigail

  • The threshold was raised from 75% to 85% for condo-to-rental deconversion deals in Chicago. The Illinois Condominium Property Act now requires 85 percent of a condo association to say yes to a deal to sell every unit in bulk.

Cubs Update – Heather Way-Kitzes

  • The Cubs and Wrigley are gearing up for winter activities – skating rink, Christkindlmarket
  • Only construction in offseason will be on the Audi Club
  • Another Wrigley Field concert announced for 2020 (Pearl Jam)

Green Team Update – Heather Way-Kitzes, Brandon Cunningham

  • The Neighborhood Grounds Crew had their last clean-up in September with very good community participation; the Grounds Keeper of the year award was given to the Franz family with an on-field recognition ceremony
  • Working to have mural implemented on side of Wrigleyville North Bar building at Sheffield and Byron

Treasurer’s Report – Mike Zinc

  • Over $41k in ELVN bank account
  • Initial indication is that 2019 Oktoberfest made more than 2018, but tally still under way

New/Old Business

  • Marty Malone is resigning his board position to pursue public office; the executive committee plus one will determine his replacement
  • The Belmont Harbor neighborhood group would like to join with ELVN
  • Positive feedback from ELVN Board; decision should be made within 2 months
  • Treasure Island location looking to be re-zoned for large footprint rental building