November 5th, 2019 Meeting Minutes

Call to Order

The meeting was called to order by President Mike Zink at 7:00 p.m.

Directors Roll Call


  • Mike Zink, President
  • Aileen Tien, Treasurer
  • John Fitterer, Secretary
  • Jim Spencer
  • Patrick Carlson
  • Maggie Koehler
  • Brian Murphy
  • Terie Kata
  • Marty Wallace

44th Ward Update – Bennet Lawson for Alderman Tom Tunney

  • Wrapping up infrastructure projects:
    • Paving 3600 block of Wilton
    • Clark street paving will complete in December
    • Smart lighting installations will be complete by end of November City of Chicago budget meetings are in progress with all areas looking for reductions
  • Charitable items:
    • 19 th District Chicago Police Dept Coat Drive under way
    • Canned Goods Drive at Lakeview Pantry through Nov 22 nd
    • Night Ministry Supply Drive for Adult size gloves, underwear, hats
      • Bring donations to 44 th Ward Office
  • Reminder to call 311 or use 311 app for street or alley lights out
  • Question from audience on concerns for parking, police and fire services with additional high-rises going up in ELV
    • Answer that the infrastructure plans takes into account increased population

Cubs Update – Heather Way-Kitzes

  • Christmas Tree lighting will take place on Gallagher Way near Banks statue on December 2
  • Gallagher Way will also conduct a Menorah lighting
  • Gallagher Way Kristkindlmarket will kick off on November 22
  • The ice rink will be up and running prior to Kristkindlmarket
  • Only construction in offseason will be on the Audi Club

Cubs/Tunney Item – Heather Way-Kitzes, Bennett Lawson

  • The City ordinance governing Gallagher Way expires at the end of 2019
  • A new version will be put into effect to start 2020
    • Will give better clarification on public events
    • Liquor sales end: 10pm Fr–Sa, 9pm Su–Th (previous was 11pm)
    • Day game closure: 3 hrs after game Fr-Su, 1 hr after game Mo-Th (previous 1 hr after)
    • Liquor available in Gallagher Way, in addition to beer, wine (previous only beer, wine)
    • Negotiating for non-ticketed fans to be able to enter, but not approved at this point
    • Large crowd events limited to 5 concerts and 7 other (previous 5 concerts and 12 other)

Treasurers Report – Aileen Tien

  • Checking/Savings totals $46.3k, an increase of $12k since early September
    • Main Revenue items: $20.6k increase from Oktoberfest
    • Main Debit items: $2.5k Kelly Park, $2.5k Chgo Park Distr, $3k Legacy Project
  • Ideas for deserving groups in need of donations can be sent to Friends@EastLakeView.Org

Crime Update – Mike Zink

  • No Trespassing Signs need to be posted in common areas of apartments or large condo complexes if loitering is an issue. This allows police to remediate the issue.
  • A Prescription Take Back Event will allow residents to dispose of expired drugs on Nov 9th with drop-off at Office of State Rep Sara Feigenholtz

New/Old Business

  • Under consideration to double size of ELVN boundaries with south boundary moving from Addison to Belmont – will be voted on by ELVN Board
  • Marty Malone is resigning his board position to pursue public office; the executive committee plus one will determine his replacement after regular meeting ends
  • Oktoberfest increased its Net Revenues to $20.4k, which is over a $1k increase from last year. Some sponsor donations are still pending which could bring in another $1k.
  • The Legacy Project Gala was a success. ELVN Board had reps in attendance.
  • Redefine the Drive – The City is addressing 50+ formal comments from community mtgs
  • Green Team is in a holding pattern until the spring season
  • The ELVN Holiday Party will take place on 12/3 at Murphy’s Bleachers at 7pm. The $15 entry fee covers ELVN dues for 2020 and food & drink at the event.

Adjournment at 7:50pm