January 7th, 2020 Meeting Minutes

The meeting was called to order by President Mike Zink at 7:00 p.m.

Directors Roll Call

Board Present:

  • Mike Zink, President
  • Aileen Tien, Treasurer
  • John Fitterer, Secretary
  • Patrick Carlson
  • Megan Cullen-Grochowiak
  • Brandon Cunningham
  • Terie Kata
  • Maggie Koehler
  • Brian Murphy
  • Jim Spencer
  • Marty Wallace
  • Kit Welch

46th Ward Update – Mike Zink for Alderman James Cappleman

  • CAPS Mtg on Jan 8 th at Police Station – transit crime as main topic
  • New Yorker residents meeting with developer of proposed neighbor building to east

44th Ward Update – Bennet Lawson for Alderman Tom Tunney

  • Meeting on Treasure Island development at Temple Shalom on Jan 14, 6:30pm
  • Christmas tree recycling – leave in alley and fill out pick-up form on Ald Tunney’s website
  • Sign up for Alderman Tunney’s newsletter by signing up on Ald. Tunney’s website
  • Newly renovated Merlo Library (644 W Belmont) set to re-open in Feb 2020
  • Q&A at meeting
    • Marijuana legal but not in public, and NOT while driving
    • Pedestrian bump-out at Clark and Grace will be tweaked

Cubs Update – Heather Way-Kitzes

  • Winterland has been closed for the season, but ice rink open thru mid-Feb
  • March 30 th is the Cubs Opener
  • To sign up for Cubs Neighbors emails come to Cubs office or email Neighbors@Cubs.com
  • Cubs scheduled concerts: Maroon5 (Jun), Green Day (Aug), Def Leppard/Motley Crue (Aug)
  • Q&A at meeting:
    • A thank-you for paving stones on north side of Waveland across from Wrigley
    • Cubs parking permits for Camry Lot available mid-March

Cubs/Tunney Item – Heather Way-Kitzes, Bennett Lawson

  • The City ordinance governing Gallagher Way expired at the end of 2019
  • A new version will be put into effect to start 2020:
    • Creates a new sunset date of November 2024.
    • The hours are simplified for everyone’s benefit:
    • Closing – 10:00 p.m., Sunday-Thursday; 11:00 p.m. Friday-Saturday
    • Alcohol ends – 9:00 p.m., Sunday-Thursday; 10:00 p.m. Friday-Saturday
    • It allows the service of spirits along with beer and wine.
    • It maintains the same hours and restrictions for baseball games and stadium events.
    • Restricts the plaza to ticket holders only during games and stadium events.
    • Clarifies the event formula – limiting High Impact Events to 12 per year, with no more than five being concerts. High Impact Events are defined as any concert, watch party or festival with more than 1000 people in attendance.
    • Adds language clarifying that only High Impact Special Events, with permits, are exempt from the City noise ordinance.
    • Adds language requiring sound level monitoring and reporting for plaza concerts, similar to concerts inside Wrigley.

Treasurers Report – Aileen Tien

  • Checking/Savings totals $39.8k, an decrease of $6.5k since November meeting
    • Main Credit items:
      • Earnings from Oktoberfest $2.4k
    • Main Debit items:
      • Oktoberfest expense for Murphy’s Bleachers $4.9k
      • Donations to 19 th Distr Police $1.0k, LakeView Pantry $3.0k
    • Ideas for deserving groups in need of donations can be sent to Friends@EastLakeView.org

Crime Update – Mike Zink

  • Armed robberies have occurred in the area. Take special awareness of surroundings, especially when walking alone.

New/Old Business

  • Under consideration to double size of ELVN boundaries with south boundary moving from Addison to Belmont – to be reviewed at the Feb 4 ELVN meeting
  • Marty Malone resigned from his board position to pursue public office; the executive committee plus one has appointed Megan Cullen Grochowiak to replace him
  • The ELVN Board election will be held at Feb 4 ELVN meeting
    • Eight seats are up for re-election
    • Currently there is a slate of 9 candidates running for board seats
    • ELVN members wanting to vote need have dues paid as of Jan 20, and must show up to vote in person on Feb 4
  • Redefine the Drive – Task force reviewing community input and will give status in June
  • Green Team
    • Terie Kata is leading the effort to have ELVN sponsor 2 City sculptures to display
      • One would be located in ELV area and the other in the Belmont Harbor area
    • The North Halsted organization is looking to beautify the Halsted Broadway corner
  • Future ELVN Meeting dates are as follows: Feb 4, Mar 3, Apr 7, May 5, Jun 9 Aug 11, Sep 8, Oct 6, Nov 10

Adjournment at 7:55pm