September 15, 2020 Meeting Minutes

The meeting was called to order by President Mike Zink at 6:00 p.m.

Meeting was held over Zoom Conference Call.

Directors Roll Call

Board Present:

  • Mike Zink, President
  • Patrick Nagle, Vice President
  • Aileen Tien, Treasurer
  • Brian Murphy, Secretary
  • Megan Cullen-Grochowiak
  • Brandon Cunningham
  • Jean O’Neill
  • Kit Welch
  • Heather Way Kitzes
  • Tom Rothschild
  • Marty Wallace
  • Maureen Martino

6th District State Senators Sara Feigenholtz Office Update – Henry Maltezos

  • Don’t forget to fill out Census
  • Unemployment benefits is currently the most common issue.
    • People can’t get through to IDES with issues
    • People have had their identities stolen and applied for unemployment
  • Contact 773-296-4141

Q&A at meeting

Q: Any updates about fraudulent credit cards being sent out to people who didn’t file for unemployment? IDES uses these cards to get unemployment benefits to people. : A: No, please contact our office and we will facilitate getting you help. This is an ongoing issue. You can also reach out IDES directly. 12th District Representative Yoni Pizer – Rep. Pizer & Cameron Rich

  • Contact (773) 348-8974
  • Please contact office if you need additional help with IDES benefits or fraud.
  • Census Deadline is coming, please fill out before September 30th deadline.
  • Make a plan for voting. Get your mail in ballot as early as possible and returned to make sure your vote is counted.
  • Howard Brown has broken ground on the Howard Brown Youth Center 1023 W Irving Park Road with a June 2021 completion projection. This project was completed with state funding.
  • Kelly Park cleanup day was a big success.
  • Working on Clean Energy Jobs Act

5th Congressional District Update – Ellie Song

  • Offices are open for phone and Email
    • 773-267-5926
  • Please reach out to office with Immigration issues.
  • Office is available to help with seniors issues including Life line phone service
  • Office can help facilitate IRS issues

46th Ward Update –Alderman James Cappleman

  • Business interruption grants now available, $220 million in new funding
  • Seminary shared street, CDOT placing signs is underway
  • 2020 City of Chicago budget shortfall stands at $800 million. City needs input on budget.
  • Accessory dwelling units ordinance coming to help with affordable housing by allowing things such as coach houses and dwellings above garages.

–  Q&A at meeting

How can we give feedback on the city budget? : Follow link

What is the Seminary shared street? : A way to slow traffic and make street more pedestrian friendly.

Where will elevated train be getting cleaned from? : Seminary and Waveland

Can under elevated train lights be turned back on for safety? : Office will continue to pester CTA about this issue, they are being slow to respond.

44th Ward Update –Alderman Bennet Lawson

  • Look for information on ward website and get on the ward email list:
  • Calvin Catrell is the new community liaison.
  • Fill out your census.

Cubs Update – Heather Way Kitzes

  • NL playoffs will take place in Texas
  • AL will be in California
  • World Series will be held in Arlington Texas
  • Gallagher Way will remain closed for the foreseeable future
  • Zachary Hotel is open with extra seating on Paterson to help with social distancing

Special Thank You to Heather and Brandon for cleanup in Kelly Park

Treasurer Report: Aileen Tien

  • 32,000 plus currently in bank account

Q&A at meeting

What is the plan for donations to neighborhood organizations this year with no funds coming in from Oktoberfest? : Please send ideas in to Michael Zink to be discussed at future meetings. Generally donations are distributed around the holiday season.

Oktoberfest Update: Patrick Nagle

  • Oktoberfest 2021 is 369 days away Crime Update – Mike Zink
  • Armed Robbery during daylight hours.
  • Virtual CAPS meeting is coming up, please attend.

Howard Brown Youth Center: Noah Luken

  • 1023 W Irving Park Road
  • Masonry building
  • Patch work quilt façade
  • June 2021 projected completion
  • Moving and expanding existing operation from nearby Broadway Avenue location

Q&A at meeting

Have you had youths hanging out after hours? : No, safety coordinator is on site till close and is last one to leave property.

What if a client causes a problem in the neighborhood and runs into the youth center? : Howard Brown will follow the law.

Do youths have somewhere to go after the shelter closes? : Youth shelters, but there is limited supply of available beds.

Why isn’t housing more of a service provided by Howard Brown? : Housing has not been a part of Howard Browns offerings in the past, and there are no plans to offer it.

New/Old Business

  • Lake Shore Drive meeting about the entirety of project will be around the End of September
  • Next meeting will be held over Zoom on October 13th at 6:00pm. Please note new start time.