January 19, 2021 Meeting Minutes

The meeting was called to order by President Mike Zink at 6:00 p.m, and held over Zoom.

Directors Roll Call

Board Present:

  • Mike Zink, President
  • Patrick Nagle, Vice President
  • Aileen Tien, Treasurer
  • Brian Murphy, Secretary
  • Terie Kata
  • Gregory Ratcliff
  • Heather Way Kitzes
  • Tom Rothschild
  • Gene O’Neil
  • Patrick Carlson
  • Kit Welch
  • Maureen Martino
  • Tim Lindsey
  • Brandon Cunningham

6th District State Senators Sara Feigenholtz Office Update – Trenton Crawford

  • Contact henry@senatorsara.com 773-296-4141
  • State Senate is meeting in virtual work groups.
  • Vaccine rollout has been extremely bumpy so far.
  • Getting kids back in school is number one priority.
  • Senator Feigenholtz is now the chair of the tourism committee.

12th District Representative Margaret Croke

  • Contact (773) 348-8974 www.repyonipizer.com
  • New Speaker
  • Economic Equity, Criminal Justice Reform & Health Care
  • Anti predatory lending act
  • Criminal Justice reform – choke holds are banned and all officers must have body cameras
  • PPP 2nd round can now be applied for.
  • Working HIV exposure drugs to be over the counter
  • Crypto Currency

10th District Cook County Commissioner Bridget Gainer

  • Commissioner Bridget Gainer’s office contact: district10@cookcountyil.gov and (312) 603-4210
  • If you are eligible and having trouble getting vaccinated please contact office.
  • Property tax exemption applications are open. Previous exemptions will be auto renewed.

5th Congressional District Update – Community Liaison Yoni PIzer

  • Offices are open for phone and Email
  • American Rescue Plan is 1st priority is to pass legislation to get the pandemic under control
  • February 12 will be the beginning of accepting tax returns
  • Congressman Quigley will focus on infrastructure plans
  • International agenda includes rebuilding relationships with foreign partners
  • Introducing the Gyms Act. Gyms have been hard hit by the pandemic


Why are we sending money to foreign nations when we do not have a balanced budget at home? We do need to cut waste from these programs. This money builds relationships and saves us in the long term.

Is the $15 minimum wage a one step process, or will it be phased in over time? Also what effect does this have on taxed tip credit? All of this is still up in the air and everyones imput would be appreciated.

46th Ward Update –Alderman James Cappleman

  • City Hall will be closed tomorrow for the inauguration and for security concerns
  • Moving into 1B for COVID vaccine distribution on January 25. This includes popel over the age of 65
  • Health Care employees will inform you when you can get the vaccine
  • Moving to Tier 2 mitigations for COVID. Restaurants still cannot open inside
  • Carjacking is on the rise, please take as many percussions as possible. Never leave car running, and do not sit in car.

Q&A at meeting

44th Ward Update – Neighborhood Liaison Calvin Cottrell

  • Contact Info – calvin.cottrell@cityofchicago.org or at (773) 525-6034
  • Look for information on ward website and get on the ward email list: https://www.44thward.org/
  • Car Jackings are a big concern, 19th district is assigning a special unit. License plate readers are being installed on Lake Shore Drive.

Cubs Update – Heather Way Kitzes

  • Excited to welcome back fans this spring
  • neighbors@cubs.com

Treasurer Report: Aileen Tien

  • 16,000 currently in bank

Crime Update – Mike Zink

  • Be vigilant when getting in and out of your car, carjacking’s are on the rise in the neighborhood

3636 Lakeshore Drive Development- Jack George

  • 2 building development 19 story building and 6 story building
  • 328 Units
  • 145 indoor parking spots, 25 tandem parking spaces. 170 total spaces. All Underground.
  • Green space in very important to the development. Green spaces will not be open to the public
  • Main entrance will be on west side of building, sharing the roundabout entrance with the New York Private Residences
  • Results of shade study are back and impact is limited in the summer. Winter impact is more severe.
  • View project info here http://james46.wpengine.com/infrastructure/development/

New/Old Business

  • Chester – Lakeshore Drive update, the on and off ramp at Aldine is of great concern to the neighbors adding congestion to the neighborhood.
  • Elections are coming up, please send bios to Patrick Nagle prnchi@gmail.com if you are interested in running. March 2nd is last day to become a voting member of ELVN.
  • Board member and treasurer Aileen Tien will not seek reelection.