March 16, 2021 Meeting Minutes

The meeting was called to order by President Mike Zink at 6:00 p.m, over Zoom.

Directors Roll Call

  • Mike Zink, President
  • Patrick Nagle, Vice President
  • Brian Murphy, Secretary
  • Terie Kata
  • Gregory Ratcliff
  • Heather Way Kitzes
  • Jean O’Neill
  • Patrick Carlson
  • Kit Welch
  • Tim Lindsey
  • Brandon Cunningham

12th District Representative Margaret Croke

  • Contact (773) 348-8974
  • AIDS Garden grant money is coming through.
  • COVID vaccines for CPS teachers will be administered at Wiess Hospital March 24th
  • BIG Grants may be coming back for businesses in need.
  • May be a good idea to get an IRS pin number if you have been the victim of identity theft with unemployment benefits.


What is the state holdup in cannabis laws? Cannabis expansion is getting stalled by the black caucus because of equity issues and this is also causing problems with zoning.

Bridget Gainer

Commissioner Bridget Gainer’s office contact: and (312) 603-4210

5th Congressional District Update – Yoni Pizer

  • Offices are open for phone and Email
  • American Rescue Plan will send $1,400 to people making less than 75k per year
  • ACA has reopened
  • HR1 For the People Act is strengthening voting rights
  • Restoring the post office is a top priority.


Where will the 2 trillion dollars to pay for the American Rescue Plan? Hoping to reestablish past tax rates to pay for bill. Spending in time of need will more than pay for itself in the future.

46th Ward Update –Alderman James Cappleman

  • Sewer collapse repairs continue should be completed by March 22
  • North Sheridan & Dakin Traffic Study – No stop sign, but bump out curbs would be appropriate.


Is it possible to use a federal arts grant for 10k to be used on an art project under the Irving underpass? Yes, will look into it further, and am all for it.

44th Ward Update – Neighborhood Liaison Calvin Cottrell

  • Contact Info – or at (773) 525-6034
  • Look for information on ward website and get on the ward email list:
  • 3440 N Broadway passed zoning, but still needs to pass final step for a use variance.
  • Former Treasure Island grocery store site is pushing traffic down Cornelia. Aldermans office will monitor.


Will Broadway pedestrian space on street be available again this year? Yes, on the weekends. Would also like to expand to close more streets for pedestrians.

Cubs Update – Heather Way Kitzes

  • April 1st 1:20 Opening Day.
  • Cubs schedule is currently unchanged and is expected to go forward as scheduled
  • Fans back at 20% for start of season
  • Safety measures in place: timed entries, touchless entry, no cash, Gallagher Way will not be open, designated bathrooms,
  • Cubs neighborhood advisory meeting is Thursday at 6pm on zoom.
  • Hoping to open mass vaccination site in Cubs building, may open as early as March 25th
  • No Remote parking will be available at the beginning of the season.

New/Old Business:

Brandon Cunningham:

  • Green team is looking for recruits.
  • Seminary shared street is moving forward.
  • Kelly Park Earth Day event April 24th
  • It’s Your Park Day at Kelly Park will be in May.
  • Construction plans are next step in Kelly Park renovation.

Sculpture requests are in, top 5 choices have been selected. Please send in location suggestions.

Lakeshore Drive Task force meets on Thursday.

Oktoberfest Update: Patrick Nagle

  • Oktoberfest 2021 is 369 days away

Crime Update – Mike Zink

  • Be vigilant when getting in and out of your car, carjacking’s are on the rise in the neighborhood

36636 Lakeshore Drive Development- Jack George

  • New York building issues have been resolved
  • Still some sticking points with the building to the north but a compromise appears to be eminent.
  • ELVN Board will vote on approval when issues are resolved with all neighboring buildings.
  • For info on this project go to:

ELVN Board Election

  • Motion to seat slate of candidates by Mike Zink
  • Seconded by Gregory Ratcliff
  • Slate of Candidates was approved by acclimation