September 28th, 2021 Meeting Minutes

Directors Roll Call

  • Mike Zink, President
  • Patrick Nagle, Vice President
  • Brian Murphy, Secretary
  • Tom Rothschild
  • Heather Way Kitzes
  • Terie Kata
  • Kit Welch
  • Jean O’Neill
  • Maureen Martino
  • Patrick Carlson
  • Tim Lindsey
  • Mark Usiak

Reports-Elected Officials

46th Ward Update James Cappleman

  • Menu funds will be used to install license plate readers on main through streets in the 46th
  • Budget talks are ongoing
  • Daily parking passes may be able to be purchased in similar to the way parking is paid for through the park Chicago app. This may be a few years down the line.
  • Smiley Brother Brew Pub opened this week
  • Dakin and Sheridan intersection bump outs will be installed at some point in the near future. Once the CDOT study has been done they have to take action. If an Alderperson tries to go against the findings of a study like this it is a big problem for the city legal department.

44th Ward Update

  • Security cameras and license plate readers have been added to inner lake shore drive to help curb and track car jackers.
  • Redefine the drive project is still in planning process and there is still a lot of work to be done with the community. Nothing is moving forward without a lot more community input.
  • Engine 78 is closed and is supposed to be reopened in October. Floor foundation needs to be replaced.

12th District State Rep Croke

  • New map has moved the 12th district south so that it just touches the south end of East Lakeview.
  • Ethics reforms around ComEd are coming.
  • Bill to allow civil law suits to be brought against gun dealers, manufacturers and straw buyers.
  • Lake Shore drive has been exempted from speed cameras in the original speed camera legislation. This was done to prevent cars suddenly slowing down at the camera and causing accidents.

Congressman Quigley – Yoni Pizer

  • Debt ceiling crisis is looming
  • House democrats pass the equal act that eliminates sentencing disparity for crack and powder cocaine offenses
  • Preventing future pandemics act is included in the national defense authorization act sponsored by Rep Quigley
  • FDA is updating blood donation rules

Cubs Update – Heather Way Kitzes

  • Race to Wrigley is this Saturday. $5 off for people who live in the neighborhood.
  • There will also be a STEM fair at Wrigley Field this Saturday.
  • November Northwestern Football game.
  • Contact Heather at