CPD Police Beat 1925 Meeting, 4/12/2022

Next virtual beat meeting: Tuesday, April 12th; 6:30pm-7:30pm (Zoom address below)


  1. Beat 25 Crime Update
    • CAPS officers will report on the number of armed robberies, burglaries, retail thefts, and carjackings committed in our neighborhood since our last meeting two months ago.

      Note: As reported at our last meeting, from 12.21.2022 to 2.8.2022 Beat 1925 had four armed robberies, two burglaries, 19 retail thefts, and zero carjackings
    • Q&A
  2. Arrests/Investigations (Detective Bureau, Area 3
    • Significant arrests and ongoing investigations in Beat 1925 over last two months
  3. Police actions to address local crime
    • Effect of dedicated 19th District robbery/burglary mission team established in February 2022
    • Update on efforts to purchase up to 15 additional license plate-reading cameras for District 19.
  4. State’s attorneys report (Community Justice Center, North
    • Progress of court actions related to major crimes committed within Beat 1925
    • Review elements of victim/witness assistance program
    • Review court advocacy program opportunities for Beat 1925 resident
  5. Current police issue
    • Effect of mental health/police CARE Team on manpower
    • Effect of Cub games on policing in Beat 25
    • Efforts to increase police/resident interaction
    • Decide: Should Beat 1925 meetings be both virtual and face-to-face?
    • Q&A

You can join the Tuesday, April 12th Zoom meeting for Beat 1925 by simply clicking on the link below or pasting it into the search window on your browser.

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