North DuSable Lake Shore Drive Phase I Study

Wards 44/46 Public Update

July 26, 2022

The North DuSable Lake Shore Drive (NDLSD) Project Team has been busy this spring and summer! Recent activities include distributing the Spring 2022 online survey (Access and Experience at the Lakefront along the NDLSD Corridor), conducting the Public Life Study, meeting with Task Force members, and progressing the Level 3 Screening of the five remaining alternatives.

  • Thank you to those who participated in the online survey between March and May 2022! The survey asked community members what they love about the lakefront, how they would prefer to access the lakefront, and what they desire for future open spaces. The project team wants to ensure that future amenities and access features along NDLSD serve the needs and desires of the people who will use them. We received over 5,000 responses and are currently reviewing results in coordination with data gathered from the Public Life Study.
  • The project team, in collaboration with 100+ community researchers, conducted the Public Life Study in June 2022. The Public Life Study is an eye-level analysis of the relationship between human activity and the built environment. It uses pedestrian counts and stationary activity observations to understand the everyday life of a place.  Keep an eye out for results and recommendations based on the observations and survey results later this year.
  • The project team held Small Group Workshops with Task Force members in July to hear more feedback on materials presented in Task Force Meeting #13. No new Level 3 Screening results were presented during this meeting.
  • The project team has been progressing Level 3 Screening of the five remaining corridor-wide alternatives (fall 2020 handout linked). We will provide results from this screening at the next public meeting, anticipated to take place in Winter 2022/2023.

No further design developments have been made to the Lakeview area. It is recommended to review the 2021 community meeting materials and the Lakeview proposed improvements handout (March 2022) for the latest information. Comments can be provided at any time to The project team will provide an e-update later this summer and will hold the next public meeting in tentatively Winter 2022/2023.