Redefine the Drive Lakeview Public Meeting on April 20th

Join us at Temple Sholom, 3480 N Lake Shore Drive, for the upcoming Redefine the Drive community meeting focused on the Lakeview portion of the project.

Register for the 2:00 PM afternoon session here or the 6:00 PM evening session here. Please note, if you are in need of special accommodation to attend the meeting please call 773-389-3084, or 711 for sign language requests.

There will be two sessions covering the same material, each meeting will :

  • Provide a refresher on existing issues on the corridor between Belmont & Addison.
  • Display new graphical renderings that will give residents a visual representation of proposed changes to bus staging, exit/entrances to NDLSD, land reclamation, and new green space.
  • Review existing issues and proposed improvements to the corridor. It will be primarily centered around CTA access, traffic safety, and access to lakefront green space for pedestrians and bicyclists.
  • Focus on the Lakeview area only and will not cover corridor-wide topics. This meeting is specific to the stretch of NDLSD from Belmont to Addison. These sessions will not cover anything north of Addison or south of Belmont.
  • Hold time for a question and answer period.

Please send questions and comments in advance via the registration page or by emailing Your feedback will be integrated into the presentations on April 20th. Any material presented at the meetings will be available on the project website.