CPD Police Beat 1925 April 18 Meeting

Gill Park Fieldhouse
825 W. Sheridan Rd. (Sheridan and Broadway)
Tuesday, April 18st


1. Beat 25 Crime Update

  • CAPS officers will report on the number of armed robberies, robberies (including carjackings), burglaries, thefts, and carjackings committed in our neighborhood since our last meeting two months ago. The officers will also provide comparison statistics for the same period last year.

2. Police actions to address local crime

  • What strategies have been employed to address recent crime in Beat 1925 and in the 19th Police District as a whole.
  • Update on the effect of the multi-jurisdictional Carjacking Task Force, which has been operating for the last two years, on carjackings in and near Beat 1925.
  • Update on CARE, which is operating as a pilot program in District 19. CARE sends mental health workers to accompany police officers on some calls involving homelessness, the mentally ill, or domestic issues.
  • Suggestions by community members on how District 19 officers can reduce the fear of crime in Beat 1925.

3. The challenges in getting more officers out of their cars and into the neighborhood

  • Both candidates for mayor endorsed more community-oriented policing. What kind of policy and priority changes would it take to have a dedicated beat cop for Beat 1925 and for you to know his/her name? How much discretion does our 19th District commander have to carve out crime-fighting strategies unique to our East Lakeview neighborhood?
  • Discussion; Q&A

Our next Beat 1925 meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, June 20th at the Gill Park Fieldhouse

John McCarthy
Facilitator, CPD Beat 1925