CPD Beat 1925 June 20th Meeting

The next Beat 1925 meeting will be June 20 at 6:30 pm in person at the Gill Park Fieldhouse, 825 W. Sheridan Rd. (Sheridan and Broadway).

Among other topics, this meeting will include discussion of the shootings that occurred over Memorial Day weekend on Barry, Surf, and Melrose. Thank you for your continued engagement with our community!


I. Beat 25 Crime Update

  • CAPS officers will report on the number of armed robberies, burglaries, thefts, and car jackings committed in our neighborhood since our last meeting two months ago. The officers will also provide comparison statistics to give historical perspective on current crime trends.

II. Police actions to address local crime

  • Representatives of the 19th District CPD will discuss how the Department responded to the fatal shooting on May 27th at 2:15am on the 500 block of Surf Street, and the non-fatal shootings of three men at 12:50am on May 28th on the 600 block of Barry Ave. Does the community believe that enough was done? Can local residents play a role in helping to prevent these horrifying violent crimes? If so, what might work?
  • Overtime funds have been found to pay some officers who finish their shift to walk the beat from 3p-7p in business districts along Southport, Halsted, and Broadway. Could this program be expanded?
  • Q & A.

III. What is the Neighborhood Policing Initiative (NPI) pilot program? Is it effective? Should it come to the 19th?

  • On May 24th, three alderpersons, including the influential chair of the city council’s new Committee on Police and Fire, called on Mayor Johnson to expand this community policing program from its current 10 police districts to the entire city. NPI director Mercole JordanMcBride will speak to us by phone about the initiative and its relationship to the current CAPS program.
  • Discussion

Our next Beat 1925 meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, August 15th at the Gill Park

John McCarthy
Facilitator, CPD Beat 1925