Beat 1925 meeting

Gill Park Fieldhouse
825 W. Sheridan Rd. (Sheridan and Broadway)
Tuesday, December 19th


I. Robbery in Lakeview

  • WBEZ reports that citywide robberies have increased more in the last five months than in
    any other five-month period since 2001. Armed robberies citywide increased 75% in the last
    five months compared to the previous five months, according to ‘BEZ. It also says nearly
    5,000 people filed robbery reports with the CPD during the last five months.
  • Our 19th Police District has seen an 18% jump in robberies over the last year.
  • Our CAPS officers will explain where, when and how these terrifying crimes happen here in
  • They will also describe exactly what to do if you are victimized by an armed robber.
  • Q&A

II. Beat 25 Crime Update

  • CAPS officers will report on the number of reported shootings, burglaries, thefts, and car
    jackings committed in our neighborhood since our last meeting two months ago. They will
    identify trends in the location, times and “M.O” of these crimes so you can better avoid
    being a victim.
  • Q& A.

III. Update on public safety and the AIC migrant shelter

  • The migrant shelter at the former American-Islamic College at Marine Dr. and Irving Park
    Rd. has been a major source of concern in the northeast corner of Beat 1925. We’ll get an
    update on what the CPD is doing to make both the migrants and nearby residents safer.
    V. City ordinances, policies affecting CPD
  • Proposed ordinance requiring CPD Workforce Allocation Study
    Location, Date and Time of the next Beat 1925 meeting will be announced on Dec. 19th
    John McCarthy
    Beat 1925 Facilitator