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Minutes – March 13, 2018

March 13, 2018 ELVN Meeting Minutes
19th District Police Station

In attendance:
Michael Zink
Jim Spencer
Beth Murphy
Chester Kropidlowski
Heather Way-Kitzes
Kit Welch
Tom Rothschild
Jean O’Neill
Mark Lundgren
Terie Kata
Aileen Tien
Maggie Koehler
Patrick Carlson
Marty Wallace

Patrick Nagle

The meeting was called to order at 7:05 p.m.
Jim opened the meeting welcoming everyone to the Annual general community meeting.

Board Election
Jim announced the 13 candidates vying for 8 open seats on the ELVN Board. They are Patrick Nagle, John Fitterer, Jim Spencer, Marty Malone, Kit Welch, Chester Kropidlowski, Maggie Koehler, Tom Rothschild, Justin Kreindler, Heather Way-Kitzes, Joshua Ring, Terie Kata, and Brandon Cunningham. Each was present or had someone present to speak on his or her behalf and made a brief statement in support of his or her candidacy. Jim asked if there were any additional nominations from the floor, to which no response was given.

The vote was accordingly conducted among paid ELVN members present. Completed ballots were given to members of the election committee and were taken to be counted immediately. Results will be announced at the end of the meeting.

46th Ward
Alderman Cappleman was present to give the report.

A Gill Park meeting about the playground will take place on April 5. Bids have gone out and should be back by then, and the Alderman will provide more information as it becomes available.

The funds have been arranged for the Clarendon and Broadway sculpture. It should be completed soon.

In response to a question from Brandon Cunningham’s wife, the Alderman says that the Gill Park playground equipment is expected to be discarded. She suggests that it be used at Kelly Park, the organization of which Brandon is President. The Alderman agrees with that idea.

Terie asks about the Car2Go program. The Alderman says that the proposed pilot project ends in December 2018. He says that if there are ample complaints from the community then they can block it off during the pilot project entirely in the 46th Ward, so he really needs regular feedback. He describes the program. Cars would not be allowed to park in the LV-2 parking zones, and they are not allowed at all in the 43rd and 44th Wards. They would be allowed on game day in the 46th Ward currently. Chester says that the proposal has not yet gone to Committee so it is not yet an ordinance. The Alderman says that it is being reviewed in the Mayor’s office. He has the option to have the area blocked in the Car2Go program. In response to Marty asking about identifiers on those vehicles, the Alderman confirms that there will be identifiers.

44th Ward
Alderman Tunney and Chris Jessup were present to give the report.

The licensees at the Hotel Zachary have the same deals as the Dugout and other nearby restaurants. The Alderman has drafted language of a proposed ordinance that requires businesses open from 2:00 a.m.-5:00 a.m. to have cameras with 30-day available feeds and 24-hour emergency contact information.

The Alderman thanks neighbors who demanded more police, as the 19th District has been assigned 20 more officers thus far, 19 of whom are probationary police officers. He is seeking another 20, with a goal to reach 400 for the 19th District. Currently the 19th District has 378 officers.

Kim Soo Nagle thanks Alderman Tunney for his work on reducing helicopter noise.

Ald. Tunney thanks the Cubs for their establishment and operation of the Park at Wrigley during the winter. He had a meeting of neighbors in the block north of Wrigley Field and next week will be meeting with neighbors who live on Racine, Patterson, and Waveland. There will only be 75 parking spaces at the Hotel Zachary. He is trying to create a zone of 24-7 parking bordered by Southport, Grace, Halsted, and Roscoe.

The Cubs have a loading zone on Clark and there is a separate lane for drop-offs at the Hotel Zachary. The hotel will have valet parking and some underground parking, as well as some parking on Racine. There will be 173 rooms in the hotel. It will include some high-end restaurants per Heather, and the valet serves both the hotel and the restaurants. The parking is hosted by Standard Parking. There will be 450 parking spots in the Addison Park on Clark on the south side of Addison eventually. The Addison Park on Clark will start making apartments available in July or August 2018.

Project Updates
1) Aurelio’s presented its Plan of Operation for the space on Racine/Clark/Grace formerly occupied by Myron Mixon’s Smoke Show. Its franchisee Mike was present. It is the second-oldest franchise in the country next to Pizza Hut. This will be its first location north of I-290. The restaurant space will remain as it was previously. There will be an outdoor patio and cafe in the back with mandatory food service, and not just drinks. It will be family-friendly and is intended as a place for families to go. It will have 185 seats. The trash bins on Racine will be removed and will be placed instead inside the patio in a self-contained space, which he hopes will reduce the presence of rodents. The hours will be 11:00 a.m.-11:00 p.m. typically, and perhaps longer on Cubs game days/nights because their license allows them to stay open until 2:00 a.m. They do not expect to stay open that late on a frequent basis.

Terie asks if they plan to remain open from October to April, and they confirmed that it will stay open in the off-season. They expect 60 percent of their business to be delivery. They want to get involved in the community and will have outreach to the nearby schools and the Chamber of Commerce. A community member asks about the delivery cars and where they will be parked. They are going to ask Cubs about potentially using their adjacent lot and maybe will use Uber eats. They hope to use their own delivery people. In response to a question about exterior signed, they have submitted requests for permits and are waiting for the city’s approval. They will be standard Aurelio’s signs and will not resemble the garish sign on Roosevelt Road. They will be joining ELVN.

2) The Dugout presented at the request of Alderman Tunney. It is located at 950 W. Addison and is owned by Ed Cressy who also owns the building and is present, represented by a former city liquor commissioner. It expanded the restaurant to the first floor and added an outdoor patio. There was exterior construction and a new kitchen with a public place amusement license. It wants to expand now to the 4th floor that also has a patio and rooftop, and it is working with Alderman Tunney on that work. There is no zoning change request, but its representatives simply wanted to give an update on the work. In response to Terie’s question about the hours of the rooftop, the stated that it will close at 11:00 p.m. Sunday through Thursday and at 12:00 a.m. on weekends. Terie asks about whether charter buses will be involved there or at the Hotel, and Heather states that charter buses would drop people off and vacate and would not park on Irving Park.

3) The MCZ Company presented regarding its proposed project at the current JCYS site on Grace and Sheffield. The architect and a representative from MCZ are present. They propose to erect a 4-story residential building with parking underneath. It is a TOD but will include 20 total parking spaces for 40 rental units. It will include 2-bedroom and 3-bedroom units and studios. There will be 10 apartments per floor. The price ranges are likely to be approximately $1,000 per month for a studio, approximately $2,000 per month for a 2-bedroom unit, and approximately $2,200 per month for a 3-bedroom unit.
The building will be pulled back from the road with an entry courtyard. There will be a side entry on Grace. It will mimic the limestone buildings on Sheffield nearby and will mostly be made of limestone. It will be 48-feet high and will match the U-shaped buildings in the area. There will be a roof deck. The loading stall for trucks and for garbage pickup will be the first parking spot. The height of the building directly north is only 2.5 stories, and the 2-flat next door to the south is not owned by them. They do not anticipate that all 20 parking spaces will be used. There will be 14 indoor parking spots and 6 outdoor parking spots. They expect to begin demolition in Summer 2018. Tom says that families were told that the project could proceed until the end of 2019. JCYS may have an option to stay until the end of 2018 if vacating becomes harder than expected. It is currently zoned as B3-2 and they are requesting a zoning change to B2-3.

Heather was present to give the report.

Jim thanks the Cubs for their construction and operation of the Park at Wrigley. Heather mentions all of the various events at the Park that have been held in the last year and says that it has far exceeded expectations.

The Cubs home Opening Day will be April 9 at 1:20 p.m.

The Hotel Zachary will open on March 26. They expect to host events for local businesses, the Chamber of Commerce, and neighbors to celebrate the opening. There will be 6 restaurants in the hotel, and McDonald’s opens first.

The Park schedule will be published soon. In response to a question, Heather states that there will be no expanded seating in the bleachers. They are constructing the club behind home plate, dugouts have been moved down the baselines, and the protective netting has been extended. The alley on Clifton will be repaved. There will be landscaping in the east portion of the Blue Lot. They will also do work on Waveland and Kenmore work. Grace and Clifton need new sidewalks as well.

Chester says that there is a continuing problem with OEMC denying access to homes before, during, and after games. He is going to inquire as to whether they are willing to come to an upcoming ELVN meeting to talk.

New Business
Chester discusses the plans for Lake Shore Drive. The ideas are to have an interchange at Addison to go underneath Addison, eliminating parking on Recreation Drive, and to perhaps build a 90-car parking lot on the west side of Lake Shore Drive. They also are looking to reduce Lake Shore Drive to 2 lanes north of Montrose. Mark suggests making up for the loss of parking on Recreation Drive to the lot that accesses the golf course.

Maureen Martino from the Chamber of Commerce mentions that there will be a meeting with the community on March 14 regarding the empty lots adjacent to the new flyover project. They will discuss what to do with those empty lots.
Jim announced the Board election results after ballot counting was completed by the election committee. The elected Board members are Patrick Nagle, John Fitterer, Jim Spencer, Marty Malone, Kit Welch, Maggie Koehler, Justin Kreindler, and Heather Way-Kitzes.

Closed Session
After discussion and a vote of approval, Jim will draft a letter to MCZ indicating that ELVN supports its requested zoning change.

All Board members executed a Conflict of Interest agreement.

A vote was conducted for ELVN Executive Officers. Motions were advanced, seconded, and passed to name Michael Zink as President, Patrick Nagle as Vice-President, Heather Way-Kitzes as Secretary, and Aileen Tien as Treasurer.

Upon motion that was seconded and passed, the meeting was adjourned at 8:44 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

/s/ Michael Zink

Minutes – February 6, 2018

ELVN Minutes 2-6-2018

ELVN Board Members Present:

Patrick Carlson

Kit Welch

Beth Murphy

Tom Rothschild

Terie Kata

Mark Lundgren

Chester Kropidlowski

Jim Spencer

Aileen Tien

Heather Way-Kitzes

Jean O’Neill

Ballots handed out for votes on sculptures.

Cappleman Update

Main item discussed was the “Car to Go” program.

Cappleman is on the fence about a new parking program, called “Car to Go”. 43rd and 44th wards have opted out of this program. This is a program like Divvy bikes. With Zip Car you have to rent and return the car. This situation is different, you pay for the car by the minute or by the hour. You can pay $14/hour to rent a small, smart car. or $17/hour to rent a Mercedes. You can park at a metered zone, and you don’t pay for metered parking. The company pays for it. You put a sticker or some indicator in the window of the car that will prevent you from getting a ticket. There will be a “Car to Go” designation on every car so that it is apparent the car is part of the program.

You can also park in residential zones as well without a permit – this is where residents have an issue. No more than 10 parked cars throughout the entire 46th ward that will be part of the Car to Go program. You will not be able to park during Cubs night games from Ashland / Clark all the way through Lakeview. It’s a pilot project. The belief is that when program was tried in 25 other cities, car ownership dropped. It is believed if this program takes off, that people will get rid of their cars and so we will have less problems with parking in the area. At least, that is the desired effect.

It’s going to City Council for approval 2/26. Cappleman notes this is a very short time frame. But Tunney notes that the idea of this program has been kicked around for at least 6 months.

Lundgren asked what is the duration of the pilot program? Pilot will run through December 2019, then there will be a review in May 2019. Apparently in Boston, the program worked in that car ownership dropped. People might be more wanting to park in metered zones for free as opposed to hunting for residential zone spots.

Terie asks – how can you really measure success of the program? Also, how would you be able to determine which zone you can park in?

Patrick asks – what other cities? Boston, San Francisco, Seattle, and Austin.

More feedback: Sounds very similar to Zip Car. But Zip Cars you have to locate back to a Zip Car location, and you can’t park in residential zones. Again, the belief is that people will not be motivated to park in residential zones b/c it’s too difficult to find parking there.

Tunney: 50% Supportive, 50% Against. There are enough metered parking spaces for Car to Go people to park there.  But he has issues with Car to Go being able to park in residential zones. Then again, users of Car to Go would most likely be residents of the wards in question. And we’re somewhat allowing a commercial enterprise on a residential street. Feels that there are very few spots left in Tunney ward already as it is after 7:00pm every day. Tunney is leaning more towards being against the program. But on Wrigley Field event days, this program probably won’t be in effect, because Car to Go cars might be stranded in the event areas.

The registration fee to enroll could be as low as $5.00. 41 cents a minute to use the car. There’s also a day to day rate. Wherever a car ends up being parked, it stays there until the next person picks it up. According to Car to Go studies, the car usually only stays in a spot for a few hours.

Quick Straw Poll of folks at the meeting as to whether they would support Car to Go:

  • Strongly Supportive: 4-5
  • Kind of Supportive: 6-8
  • Neutral: 6-8
  • Negative: 4-6

Cappleman side note: Howard Brown is doing very well.

Tunney Update – Chris Jessup and Tunney

  • Finalizing liquor licenses in S&A boundaries. Addison Y Clark development start occupying spaces in June.
  • Annual Wrigley Field Meeting will be Wed, Mar 7, 6:30 at Addison Police Station.
  • 363 officers, 2 net decrease. November Community round table with community leaders where it was promised that number of officers will increase by early Summer.

Concerts at Wrigley Field and the issue of people camping along in front of residential buildings – will this be allowed? Heather says that Cubs will do what they can to mitigate this type of situation. She indicates they have some plans in place that will hopefully prevent people from camping out. Cubs are aware and are working on this. The specific concert in question is Pearl Jam on August 18 & 20.

Infrastructure work will be done along Grace, Clark, Sheffield involving new lighting. Then Kenmore, Seminary, Clifton, Wilton.

Mark asks – Street condition of Sheffield due to pot holes. Tunney replies – Water project will go on Belmont on Sheffield all the way to Clark. Also doing some improvements on 3500 Sheffield. Very attuned to what’s going on on Sheffield.

Want K-12 students to stay in the Lakeview area, so lots of investment in Lakeview High School.

Anshe Emet School – Expansion Plan

Allan Shockman – developer in cities for 25 years, mainly large scale residential, not new to zoning process. Volunteering on Anshe Emet school board. Introduces folks involved who are volunteering for school’s expansion effort. Bulley & Andrews will be the general contractor.

Anshe Emet synagogue

Bernard Zell school

The school is out of space – 530 enrolled students. Not increasing student or teacher numbers, just a crunched space problem. Want to expand the school portion, 35,000 square foot in total. City wanted them to go with a planned development. So that’s what they’re doing. Have met with Cappleman and staff. Have this introduced to Planned Commission. Hope to start work when students are out of school for Summer 2018, then finish work Summer 2019.

No changes to traffic patterns around the school from where kids are dropped off / picked up.

Architectural presentation: Site plan introduced via some board drawings. Emphasizing that they are just looking to alleviate the space crunch. They are not expanding beyond the current boundaries of the school. Next up, aerial view of the current synagogue and the school were shown.

  • The addition is located within a proposed 4-story building. 1st floor is a “hangout” area. 2nd and 3rd floors are classrooms. 4th floor is a gym.
  • All of the mechanical will be covered and out of sight.
  • The building will have sprinklers.
  • There will be an improvement to the driveway going up to the drop-off area. There is a setback from the street so as not to cause traffic issues.
  • Will use a light brick shade for the outside.

Want to have the school be able to tell a story. Don’t want heavy brick masonry building. Lighter brick is meant to evoke a prayer shawl motif.

Funded by donations through fund raisers via alumni, etc.

Lots of feedback about the long brick wall along the school that makes it feel like you’re walking next to a prison. Expansion group took feedback about lightening the wall.

Cubs Update – Heather

  • Wrigley Field is under construction Hotel Zachary is moving right along. Tenants are taking their spaces and starting their buildouts. 5 general contractors working there now. Hotel will be open in time for Opening Day. Once that is complete, we are 75% through the 1060 project.
  • Park at Wrigley ice rink is still open and will be until end of the month. Curling going on this week.
  • 10 night concerts planned this year, including Billy Joel.
  • Thanksgiving to January 1st, about 200,000 people passed through Wrigley Field/Park (not sure I got this number right).
  • School All-Star grants to schools in Lakeview, Cubs invested $500K total. Schools collectively raised $1.2 million. Cubs will keep All-Star grants going in 2018.
  • Overnight security patrol, will keep this going in 2018 too.

Lake Shore Drive Update – Chester

LSD configurations on the table:

  • Southbound LSD entrance and a Northbound LSD exit ramp at Addison Street. This would involve LSD traffic going under an Addison Street.
  • Elimination of the LSD Wilson ramps.
  • Reduction of LS from 4 lanes in each direction to 3 lanes in each direction north of Montrose.
  • Recreation Drive will be eliminated.
  • There will be an LSD overpass at Addison, that is, LSD will go underneath Addison.
  • Belmont and Irving will remain pretty much the same.
  • New underpass at Briar will be vehicular/bike/pedestrian. Eliminates Barry pedestrian underpass.

Tunney: This is a huge deal to redesign the north portion of LSD. Still in the planning phases, so really need neighbors’ input. Will take pressure off of Irving and Belmont, but will put pressure on other points.

Treasurer’s Report – Terie

  • Can only pay for membership on the ELVN website, not LVCC.
  • Need to pay well in advance before the elections.
  • $552 gained for membership fees at Holiday Party.
  • Expenses $134 for January. Netted: $418 for January.
  • $3700 expenses for Holiday Party.

Board Seat Nominations

We are a 15 member board, have 7 members up for re-election.

Need to be a resident or a designated member of a residential business, and an ELVN member in good standing.

March meeting will be the 2nd Tuesday in March. Elections will be held at that time. Have to be paid by 14th of February. 30 days to publish slate of candidates.

Nominations Accepted:

  1. John Fitterer
  2. Heather Way-Kitzes
  3. Chester Kropidlowski
  4. Kit Welch
  5. Marty Malone (not paid)
  6. Tom Rothschild
  7. Jim Spencer
  8. Brandon Cunningham (not paid)
  9. Terie Katie
  10. Patrick Nagle (not paid)

Election Board Volunteers:

  • Mike Zink
  • Patrick Carlson
  • Aileen Tien

Proxies: Jim thinks there is a proxy vote for board decisions, but not board elections. Jim will look into this.

Move March meeting from 3/6 to 3/13.

Move April meeting from 4/3 to 4/10.

Minutes – February 2, 2016

ELVN Minutes

February 2, 2016

  1.  46th Ward Update – Cappleman
    • Meeting with CDOT tomorrow
    • Revisit speed bumps on Pine Grove
    • Broadway / Halsted slip lane – CDOT says this is unsafe. Removed this slip lane because of safety concerns.
    • Belmont Harbor Neighbors is being resurrected, their next meeting is next Tuesday
    • Vermilion Development because it’s over $10 million will have to go before 46th Zoning Committee
    • Cappleman needs feedback regarding CDOT concerns
  2. Wrigley Barbeque 3500 N. Broadway – inside defunct Belmont Harbor Neighbors area, but presenting here b/c BHN is still defunct
    • Currently BYOB they want liquor license
    • Open 3 ½ year, everyone goes to Jewel to for BYOB. Angelina’s has liquor, Joe’s has liquor. Lakeview Presbyterian Church is okay with them getting liquor. Pastor Joy will give Mike letter of recommendation.
    • Not looking to open bar, not looking to have a bar area, no bartender. Counter service, you order your BBQ and beer/wine/liquor, then they take it to you when you sit down.
    • Teri: Something to consider, is liquor license tied to sale of property?
    • Requesting Incidental License: must be some % of food, some % of liquor.
    • We took a vote / show of hands to see who would support /oppose liquor license. All supported, no oppositions.
  3. Vermilion Development
    • Kerry Dixon
    • Ed Kuss / Zoning attorney
    • Howard Hirsch – architect, Hirsch Associates
    • Chicago-based developer, River North offices.
    • Mixed use development. Harper Court in Hyde Park, partnership with UC, biggest urban development. Touting contribution to community.
    • Affordable senior living project in Peoria. Going to put one up in Indiana as well.  Student housing in southern portion of US at various colleges.
    • Trying to say that they’re focused on Chicago developments.
    • Saying they’re not bottom line and want to work with community.
    • Talked about his understanding of Sedgwick’s proposal. Thinks his proposal will be appropriate for the site and the community.
    • Environment clean up needed – 3 storage tanks (gas) underground that need to be removed.
    • 8 story, 100 dwelling units, 65 parking spots.  Commercial space on ground floor?
    • Going on and on about how economic development would be good for community, removing eye sore of empty gas station.
    • Howard Hirsch speaking now.
    • Talking about TOD – 1400 feet. This is how he’s going to squeeze more dwelling units, less parking spots.  1400 falls long of this being a TOD.
    • Unique mix of buildings – what is he talking about. Corner development strategy, 6 stories up to 52 stories.  Talking about tall buildings on street corners.
    • How to move forward on zoning standpoint. B3-2 district.  Upzone to B3-5 but put it into a planned development, which is supposed to give us a voice in how building will be built.  Slightly taller at 75 feet.
    • Retail on ground floor. Set back 35 feet from my building.
    • As it goes to east, the building is a bit shorter. Has basement, mezzanine area.  2nd floor, building pulls back from our property, except for one jutting out square that goes right up to our property.
    • Rotating height down from West to East.
    • Building height at highest height is 94 feet.
    • Only on 6th floor at the one jutting out point does it extend all the way to my building.
    • The rest of the part that extends to my building is 1 floor.
    • The parking lot north of gas station is NOT included in development.
    • 100 apartments 40% 1, 25% 2, 35% rest convertible studios. Average around 800 sq feet.  Proposing 65% parking.  Cary believes most developers are going to try for 50%.
    • Indoor trash room.
    • Loading plaza – faces Sheridan Road, next to my building.
    • Small amenity space, fitness center.
    • Parking lot will face North Broadway.
    • Wanted to push the building to Broadway.
    • Tom brings up traffic nightmare with Gasman building and Vermilion building going up at the same time. Cary promises that when they get to that point, they will work with neighborhood to lessen construction / traffic headaches.
    • Construction time estimate = 14 months of construction.
    • Pedestrian entrance is on Sheridan.
    • Their yard will be next to your front yard, so our front yard won’t be blocked off by brick & mortar.
    • Retail is 2200 square feet, very small – coffee shop size.
    • They will be sending electronic version of building plans to Alderman Cappleman’s office.
  4. 44th ward update
    • Better look up info on the rooftop shooting?? Someone shooting into the air.
    • Patterson shooter has been moved to Southern Illinois
    • Only one shooter of 3 bad guys charged. Those involved have moved out of the neighborhood.
    • 3600 Magnolia – investigation of home invasion continues.
    • Next CAPS meeting tomorrow in this room.
    • 3/15 elections – early voting starts 2/17, pushed back.
    • Lots of voting mumbo jumbo
    • Spring Cleaning 4/16, city groups provide cleaning supplies. Call 311 or Tunney office to register.
    • Spring 4/19 shred-a-thon at Tunney’s office. Doing another one for October.
  5. Heather from Cubs
    • Construction activities ongoing
    • About to demolish MCD’s in 1st week of March, hotel construction will begin around then
    • Working through ordinance for plaza property
    • Still talking to city about ongoing security initiatives around perimeter of ball park, and Clark & Addison
    • Opening date is 4/11, 7:05 game
    • Chester checked with old friends to check about security measures, he’s talking a lot and I’m not following. Something about traffic patterns needing to be reviewed.  Jim’s cutting him off.
    • Plaza ordinance regarding amplified music? Teri asked.  Jim says, My sense is that b/c of new people that joined committee the entire thing bloew up.  Beth says she knows less about the plaza now than when it first started.  So we are nowhere on the amplified sound issue.  Jim:  We need to reorganize our group to think about how to approach this.
    • James Taylor, Jackson Brown, Pearl Jam 8/20-22, Billy Joel 8/26, and then ??. Geezus just look this up on Wrigley site.
    • Jim Rafferty: Sausage Fest.  This has moved around a lot.  Would like to bring back to 3600 Sheffield on a game weekend.  2011-13, then moved due to construction.  Talked to cubs, claim a lot of people to bring it back in this area.  Idea behind cubs weekend is to have ELVN make some money off this.  Any money we get is dependent on how much we volunteer.  July 15-17, all one o clock games, up until 10 o clock.  Claims that a lot of vendors all over the country are expressing interest in this Fest.  Start at first pitch on Friday.  It’s now 3 day even as opposed to 2 days.  End time is negotiable.  Green Curtain is the outfit.  Setup would be Friday morning around 4:00am.  Who’s the 501-C3 charity groups that are the beneficiaries?  Teri: In order to close down the streets, there always need to be a non-profit group.  Talking about shutting down our streets for 3-4 days, this is a major concern.
    • Jim: Green Curtain has done 7 different fests across neighborhoods.  Will only have 8 vendors, no wrap around Waveland.  Trying to go with least amount of impact.  Only food vendors, no tag along arts & crafts vendors.  One stage.
    • Flow would be the same as leaving the game, east side of the street will be where food vendors are. How are you going to control people from walking into your Fest, do you have some kind of gate entry point, etc.?  Jim basically says they’re still trying to figure that out, and claims they will have some kind of system to identify who should be going into Fest area.
    • Maureen: Annoyed with festivals coming in and closing streets, which takes away from businesses that live along those streets.  Event producers who are not even from our area, they’re taking business away from the Lakeview/Wrigleyville businesses on the streets being shut down for the festivals.
    • Any public street is a “suggested donation”, not a mandatory entrance fee.
    • Teri: I can’t even follow at this point.
    • Jim should talk to Julie from 44th and Heather from Cubs.
  6. North on Halsted, can’t make hard right turn onto Broadway. Right by flat-iron building.  Next turn available is Irving Park.
    • Cappleman: Traffic study.  “If CDOT tells me that it’s unsafe to pedestrians, then city is liable for law suit, I don’t want to go against CDOT.”  What is the peril for pedestrians there?  CDOT is eliminating all those types hard right turns across the cities.
    • Mark L. wonders about how we can’t get advance notice of this before it happens. Cappleman insists that CDOT is the expert here.  According to traffic study, there were not many people turning right there.
    • Jim: Have Cappleman put traffic study up on website?
    • Mark wants to table motion and will follow up with Cappleman to discuss the issue further. All agreed.
    • Mark: Illegal trucks on Lake Shore drive.  Trucks going down Lake Shore Drive, followed up by other trucks, all moving at 50+ miles.  I call 911 and I get pushed back, but Alderman tells him to call 911.  Need for contractors to tell their drivers not to go down LSD, because LSD is not built for big trucks traveling at high speeds.
    • Mark’s motion for resolution to petition city to get city to enforce proper laws of who can drive on LSD and who can’t. Jim will write a letter to CPD about this, and provide copies to CDOT.
    • Mark: Concerns about crime in Lakeview.  Petition the police for more presence and control.  Teri:  We were supposed to get 45 more police officers.  25 by 3/31 for our area.  35 in 2016 total.  Julie promises they’re checking on this total.  Cappleman:  This is supposed to be a net increase.
  7. Chester: Submitting 6 persons for nominations.  All 5 existing + Heather, + 1 more person Kit Wells.
    • Jean: Kit Wells was nominated for board by Jean.
    • Jim: Nominates Terie.
    • Jim: Patrick Nagle.
    • Jim: Chester.
    • Jim: Tom.
    • Jim: Heather (Cubs)
    • Mark: Jim
  8. 13 board members, 7 nominated folks
    • Should we open it up to 15 people?
  9. Teri: Set deadline of when we publish a slate?

Minutes – January 5, 2016

January 5, 2016 ELVN Minutes

In attendance:

Jim Spencer
Michael Zink
Patrick Nagle
Beth Murphy
Aileen Tien
Marty Wallace
Chester Kropidlowski
Tom Rothschild
Mark Lundgren
Jean O’Neill


Patrick Carlson
Bruce Handler
Terie Kata

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m.


Jim thanked Murphy’s Bleachers for a great holiday party.  He notes that the ELVN 501(c)(3) status is progressing well.  The handling attorney has been communicating with him about mission statement alterations, especially in its erroneous reference to influencing elected officials’ decisions.  Jim clarifies that ELVN does not influence decisions, but rather that it makes recommendations to elected officials, typically about zoning issues.


Michael asked if everyone received the November meeting minutes.  Tom moved to approve the November meeting minutes.  Marty seconded the motion, which passed by acclamation.

44th Ward

Julie Levar with Ald. Tunney’s office was present to provide the report.  Sugada (spelling?) has moved out of state.  Dan Minoli (spelling?) has been in training for several months as the replacement.

Julie stated that the shared cost program is in place again.  It is cheaper than a private contractor.  The due date to submit requests is January 12 (for work such as cracked sidewalks).

The tenants who hosted the party resulting in a major shootout on Racine are moving out.  There were about 3-4 people living there.

The Chicago Urban League will be hosting another meeting for input on a new Police Superintendent.

No more bags will be permitted in recycling.  The recycling will not be picked up if it includes any bags.

Julie gave a few winter reminders to shovel sidewalks (which can result in fines up to $500 for residences and up to $1,000 for businesses).  Call 311 to get someone ticketed if the sidewalk is not shoveled.

Ald. Tunney is doing the Christmas tree recycling program on January 9.  Jim asks if he needs volunteers because Ald. Tunney typically does it by himself.  Julie said that so far there is no need for volunteers.

The next CAPS meeting for Districts 19, 24, and 25 will be at this station on February 3.

A TBOX survey will be coming out in the next few weeks regarding the December event.

Chester says that ELVN wants to provide input in the annual menu program of projects to undertake (such as street resurfacing).  Julie emphasizes that it results in a prioritized list.

Jim says that he received an e-mail from the TBOX organizer asking if ELVN would accept a $300.00 donation. Jim wanted to find out if anyone objected to accepting this donation, as Southport Neighbors rejected such an offer.  The Board communicated unanimous support for accepting the donation.


Heather Way Kitzes is back.  This is only her second day back after maternity leave.

Construction is ongoing.  The Cubs will be in ground for the hotel in early March, so McDonald’s and the Cubs store will be razed in the coming months.  The hotel should be ready by the All-Star break in 2018 and will be 6-7 stories.

There will be another Plaza meeting tomorrow.  The office building will not be finished next year so there will probably be no Plaza use next year.  Security details for next year will be discussed at tomorrow’s Plaza meeting as well.

Chester reminds Heather of the annual Wrigley Field meeting which should be coming in late January or early February.  He wants to highlight the existing ordinance that has some provisions being ignored by the City, and concerns about traffic control during games.  Chester notes that we need to revisit some antiquated restrictions in the ordinance.

Heather says that the Green Lot permits are good through Opening Day, even though they indicate a 2015 expiration date.  In response to an inquiry by Jim, Heather says that about 150-175 park in the Green Lot daily, so it is nearly full every day.

Heather mentions that the remote lot was very successful this year.

Marty asks why many buses are allowed to be left running during games.  Heather says by law and by the posted signs no idling should be allowed, and that sometimes the police ticket those buses.

Tom mentions that the CTA turnaround next to the 7-11 store often has multiple CTA buses idling for long periods as well.


Ald. Cappleman was present to provide the report.

In 2016 there will be the most development in the ward in decades.  TOD’s spurred much development throughout the city and the 46th Ward will now be developing more TOD’s.

Chester asked Ald. Cappleman to do an overview of the proposed menu of projects and how ELVN can have input going forward.  Ald. Cappleman says that each ward gets $1.32 million to spend on projects.  Formerly he had residents vote on projects, but found that there was low involvement and many people were left out as a result.  He goes through every area proposed to look at it and uses the information he learns to put together a plan.

There were a few prior glitches, such as the Pine Grove speed bumps being far too high for example, so he requested CDOT to lower them.   They were placed there due to residents complaining about speeding cars, but certainly residents did not foresee the improper speed bumps that were placed.

Another such project may be re-striping part of Lake Shore Drive and on Addison.

Clarendon and Broadway will have a development with good retail, so CDOT suggested making Clarendon travel one way north.  The City will be replacing a water main on Broadway in 2016, so Broadway will be very torn up.

On Irving Park from Sheridan to Lake Shore Drive the City forgot to repaint light poles despite the 46th Ward paying for it in their project selection from the menu.

There has been an increase in shootings in Uptown so 5 more camera pods will be placed in high crime activity areas.

The Alderman encouraged people to sign up for the newsletter on his web page.

Jim asks if there is a deadline for input on the menu.  Ald. Cappleman says that the City Council is now putting a plan together, and we will be asked to have a list done by June 30, but ELVN will try to get one done by March or April.

Jim asks about the 3900 Broadway gas station property.  Ald. Cappleman says that he has been given many proposals and that all fell through.  The latest would require an upzone about the height of the proposed development.  In response to a question from Aileen, the Alderman says that one prior Penny Pritzker proposed 10-story development was turned away by Department of Planning and Development due to its excessive height.  The general guideline used by the Department is that any development cannot exceed the height of the Chateau Hotel.  Some developers argue that they need a certain height in order to make any project profitable.

Chester asks about a blue bag update.  The Alderman states that rebates will end for larger buildings.  Chester stressed the importance that aldermen blast information about blue bag changes.

Ald. Cappleman says that he is pushing to have people only pay for garbage they use, as opposed to forcing everyone to pay a regressive one-size-fits-all sum.  Tom says that a few multi-unit buildings nearby have told him that they are grandfathered from the upcoming changes.  Ald. Cappleman says that he will look into it but that it is possible that they are correct.

Patrick asks if Gill Park will be finished soon.  The Alderman and several board members state that the project is still waiting for funding.

New Business

Vicky Smith from the Charbella Hair Salon spoke.  Charbella was at the Chateau site and Vicky has had businesses in the neighborhood since 1983.  She has had to move several times in recent years due to re-developments in the buildings in which her business was located, and now wants to do business in the Windy City Gyros mall.  She recently applied to renew her license and was denied by the Department of Zoning because of Terrell’s barber shop nearby.  She asked ELVN to support having a license granted under zoning.  Ald. Cappleman says that the City ordinance provides that personal care businesses cannot be built within certain feet away from each other.  However, Vicky’s business is weaving, braiding, and haircuts, which is about the only overlap with the nearby barber shop.  Ald. Cappleman’s office has not spoken to the barber shop but has had no complaints about her business ever.  Mark asks what business was there before her requested occupancy.  Vicky states that it was a laundromat with 1450 square feet.

Dave Gassman spoke about the 927-929 Irving Park lot.  He is asking for a zoning change.  It is currently B-2-2 and he wants it re-zoned to B-2-3.  He wants to build rentals with 14 parking spots as required by the TOD, because it is within 1,320 feet of the el.  The height would be up to 59 feet and the overall lot is 8500 square feet, but with the TOD and B-2-3 designations it would become 30,000 square feet.  There would be 28 units and he would try to keep it at 5 stories.  The first floor would have no commercial space.  Some of the parking would be below ground, with half facing the front and half facing the back.  Next door residents present at the meeting ask about the lot line.  David responds that the lot line will be set back 8 feet from Irving Park.  He also says that, if approved for zoning, it will cost less than $10 million to develop, so the proposal would only have to go before ELVN for approval.  It would be a 70×122 lot with a rear yard setback of 21 feet.

Jim sent out the tentative 2016 ELVN meeting schedule.  He has made the formal request for these dates from the Police Station, which are all the first Tuesday of every month.  They have all been approved by the station.  Invariably some meetings are relocated, so continue to watch your e-mails for location changes.

Jim also says that the administrators at Greeley were very appreciative of our donation at the holiday party.  The school will purchase band instruments with the money and would like to perform for ELVN perhaps at the March meeting at which elections will occur.

Closed Session:

Board seat nominations need to be made at the February meeting.  The election in March will be for members whose terms are expiring.  There will be 13 total board members, as we need an odd number.

A vote was taken on Vicky’s request and the board supported the request unanimously.

For the Gassman request, a number of board members commented that the proposed development would be a vast improvement of the current property at that location.  A vote was taken on David’s zoning request and the board supported the request unanimously.

The meeting adjourned at 8:22 p.m.

Minutes – November 3, 2015

November 3, 2015 ELVN Meeting Minutes

In attendance:

Jim Spencer
Michael Zink
Patrick Nagle
Beth Murphy
Aileen Tien
Marty Wallace
Bruce Handler
Chester Kropidlowski
Terie Kata


Tom Rothschild
Patrick Carlson
Mark Lundgren
Jean O’Neill

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m.


The present Board members introduced themselves to all in attendance.

46th Ward

Alderman Cappleman was present to provide the report.

The budget negotiations are finally over. He wanted more police along with Ald. Tunney, and received a commitment for 25 new police officers out of the 300 who will be leaving desk jobs. The Council on Fiscal Analysis (COFA) conducted an independent analysis of the budget and indicated that ratification of the proposed budget was appropriate. The Aldermen generally relied upon the COFA analysis and understood also that, if the budget were not ratified, then there would still be an obligation to pay into pensions which would result in major police layoffs and biweekly garbage pickup, for instance.

He is still looking at home exemptions to the property tax, because the property tax increase will be very difficult for homeowners.

For the 3800 Broadway project, David Gassman was present. He indicated that the project is proceeding through the City Council and that demolition will start in June 2016. It will be a 7-story building with commercial space on the bottom and 125 apartment units/129 parking spots. Bruce asked about the fate of the commercial businesses there presently. Mr. Gassman says that they will have to move by June 2016 but that he has been talking to each of them about coming back after the project is complete. Some have decided to open elsewhere and only Starbucks has committed to returning when the project is complete.

Bruce asked about 646-48 W. Grace, which he said looked like an abandoned eyesore. Alderman Cappleman said that he would look into it.

Marty asked the Alderman about any proposals for the former Mobil gas station. The Alderman stated that the Department of Planning rejected a proposed 9-story building, as it will not allow any structure taller than the former Chateau Hotel across the street. The Alderman stated that another proposal would have kept the zoning as it currently stands and created a bank drive-through, but that proposal was withdrawn. The Alderman also stated that there may be a buyer interested in purchasing 2 adjacent parcels involving that property, but no such deals have been proposed yet.

44th Ward

Bennett Lawson, Ald. Tunney’s Chief of Staff, was present to give the report.   The Alderman has hired a new director of communications.  Her name is Julie and she has a media and communication background in the not-for-profit sector.

The Budget was a tough vote for Ald. Tunney.  He obtained a multi-million dollar project for Lakeview High School in the budget.

Chester asks when the Wrigley Field annual meeting will take place.  Bennett says that it will likely occur near the beginning of the season.


Mike Lufrano was present to give the report.  Heather had her baby, a girl named Lily.  Heather will be back after the 1st of the year.

Beth stated that the Cubs’ sod giveaway was causing traffic jams on Sheffield Avenue for its 3-day duration.  Mike stated that it was a goodwill gesture and that the Cubs will improve its execution next year if there is another such giveaway.

Phase 2 Construction is underway.  On Addison, until approximately Opening Day part of the westbound lane will be closed where the sidewalk narrows, so that workers can access that side of Wrigley Field.  Waveland Avenue will be closed from Seminary to Sheffield until approximately Opening Day.  From Clifton to Clark, there is about 6 weeks of work to do at Clark & Waveland, which will also require the closure of southbound traffic on Clark from Grace to Waveland Avenue for those 6 weeks.  During those weeks, residents especially on Clifton are being notified on their doors to use the Green Lot for those 6 weeks.  There will be emergency access for fire and police on Waveland Avenue.  These traffic disruptions were the best that the Cubs could do after exploring many options.  All sidewalks will be open during these times except for the one along the southern part of Wrigley Field.

A resident named Mike asks about the triangle property.  Mike Lufrano states that the steel for the office building will be done by the second week of November.  Mike L. states that he has seen the area in which the clubhouse will be.  The first floor will be retail and restaurants.  It will be a 6-story building and the eventually built hotel will have the parking for the employees.  The Cubs will break ground on the hotel in mid-2016, but they want to complete the Plaza work first.  There will not be much work done on the center field bleachers this offseason.

Chester says that the traffic plan for the playoffs was poorly designed and executed.  Chester will provide a detailed report with recommendations shortly.  He also notes that some parking restrictions were overboard.  Beth says that during the clinching game in the NLDS there were not enough police/workers.  Bennett says that Ald. Tunney’s office has received comments about parking excesses as well.  Bennett says that some internal parts of the Park on Clark are being redesigned and that those will be completed by the second week of November.  He says that underground utility problems caused prior delays.  In response to a question from Michael Z., Bennett says that there is no set date for any work to commence on the Park on Clark.

Proposal to Upzone 1023 W Irving Park Rd.

A Developer named Bogdan wishes to build a 5-unit condominium building with 5 parking spaces.  The change in zoning  is required because the project needs higher ceilings, which are currently only 8.5 feet.  He wants to change the zoning to B-2-3 to accomplish this.  His attorney Mark Kupiec was present as well.  The size of the lot is 33’x143′ currently and it is next door to Byron’s.  A B-1-3 zoning requires commercial space, whereas a B-2-3 zoning allows for noncommercial space.

Terie asks why it needs to be rezoned as opposed to requesting an exception.  Bogdan responded that there was no better or faster way to do it.  it is currently zoned as R-5 and is a 2-flat.  It would become a 4-story building with a duplex down and a simplex, so there would be 2 units on the 1st floor.  The units will be listed at approximately $650,000.00 and in response to a question from Michael Z. stated that each unit will have approximately 2,000 square feet, although there may be flexibility to that number.  They will be 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom units.  Ald. Cappleman says that the 46th Ward is unique in having many one-bedroom units, so he welcomes larger units such as these.

Annual Charitable Donations from Oktoberfest Funds

Jim says that we would like them distributed before the Christmas party on December 10.  Terie asks for ideas which will be discussed in closed session.  In the past the funds have supported 2 elementary schools, House of Good Shepherd, Lakeview Food Pantry, Officer Appreciation Day, the migratory bird sanctuary, the firehouse, the neighborhood sculpture program, Kelly Park, and others.  Jim asks the Alderman’s offices if they have ideas.  Bruce also mentions the Oracle Theater, which is a not-for-profit run by donations.  Ald. Cappleman says that Greeley is raising $35,000 for net fencing.

New Business

Sue Enright from Lakeview Food Pantry was present.  On December 4 at 7:00 at Murphy’s there will be a toy drive, with a Kelly’s Angels super raffle to sell 200 tickets at $100 each, and the winner to split the winnings with Kelly’s Angels.  Bring a can of food to donate to get in the door.  There will be a band and homemade pasta, and the donated toys will be distributed to clients of the Pantry.  Construction has progressed well, and the Pantry will officially move in to the new location in April 2016.

Chester says that the parks committee is interested in working with us.

Dave Gassman says that he owns the 927 Irving Park building and it will be demolished in a few days.  He asks what we want to see there.  His instinct is to make it residential.  People can contact him with ideas.  It will probably be rezoned as a B-2-3 rezone from B-2-2 and will have parking.  It can possibly be commercial, but certainly with apartments above, and would probably be 5 stories at 50-60 feet in height.

Chester said that at the last CAPS meeting he mentioned the trucks on Lake Shore Drive.  He suggested that we promote CAPS meetings regularly based on increased crime in the area.

Closed Session

A vote was taken and expressed unanimous approval for the requested rezone next to Byron’s, with the caveat that only condominiums exist there as presented at the meeting by the developer.

The charities to be supported with Oktoberfest funds will receive them at the Holiday Party.

The final list of organizations and donation amounts were determined.

ELVN Christmas party will likely be December 10 at 7:00 at Murphy’s.

Jim states that we need a Nominating Committee for elections in the first quarter of 2016.  We need 2 people to collect names/run election/publish names.  Aileen, Bruce, and Chester will be on the committee.

Bylaws: Typographical change corrections were made.

The meeting adjourned at 8:49 p.m.

Minutes – October 6, 2015

October 6, 2015 ELVN Meeting Minutes

In attendance:

Michael Zink
Jim Spencer
Beth Murphy
Patrick Nagle
Mark Lundgren
Chester Kropidlowski
Terie Kata


Jean O’Neill
Bruce Handler
Tom Rothschild
Aileen Tien
Marty Wallace
Patrick Carlson

Jim called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.


No report/no representative present.

44th Ward

Jim reported that Bennett Lawson had a conflict and could not attend.  He learned that the Alderman has hired a replacement for Erin Duffy.


Heather Way Kitzes reported that there is little to update as to construction.  The crane will hopefully be gone in a few weeks.  If the Cubs beat Pittsburgh tomorrow night, the times of the home playoff games against the Cardinals are yet to be determined but will be at unusual late afternoon times set by Major League Baseball.

October 16 is Heather’s last day on the job before her maternity leave. Mike Lufrano and/or Jennifer Roditis will attend in her place until she returns.

Minute Approval

Jim asked for any motions pertaining to the minutes of the September meeting. Patrick moved to approve them, Mark seconded the motion, and it passed by acclamation.

46th Ward

Alderman Cappleman was present to give the report.  Notices were sent pertaining to of David Gasman’s development. It added an additional floor for a deck area. The Alderman noted that it is not the same as what was approved previously by ELVN.  The Alderman indicated that he has no preference between ELVN taking time to reexamine it again or approving it again with the change. The height increased from 7 to 8 stories.  Jim says that we can examine the new plan via email if time is of essence.  The Alderman says that he will distribute any additional information he receives to ELVN. It will likely be addressed by David Gasman at the ELVN November meeting.  Paul concurred.

The Alderman says that budget talks continue. He is a member of the Paul Douglas Alliance with 13 other Alderman and they meet regularly.  He is concerned about property tax ramifications, as they will certainly be passed on to tenants.  He is also reviewing proposed taxes on small businesses.   He acknowledged that there is budget revenue gap to fill.  The Alderman noted a proposed financial transaction tax (i.e. Board of Trade) but also noted that such a tax is illegal currently.

He is negotiating with the Mayor’s office and his yes or no vote on a budget indicates whether he received what he wanted in the budget.  He received a commitment for more police in the 19th District because of the merger of the 23rd and 19th Districts in 2012. He needs to receive a timeline of when that will occur.   The Alderman indicates that he has been adamant for more police in the 19th District.

Terie reminds and the Alderman concurs that there is a bidding process for police to be transferred.  Many police officers want to work in the 19th District.  However, there is a seniority preference in bidding so police are generally closer to retirement when they begin their duty in our district.  Turnover due to retirement  thus is a potential problem.

The Alderman says that there are many complications in the budget process.  The Paul Douglass Alliance is looking for departments in the city with high employee absentee rates.  These departments may be candidates for closure or consolidation if employees are not necessary for them.

The Alderman noted the Loukas development project on Dakin.  Terie mentioned that many received the letter from Loukas’ office about it and says that neighbors are very unhappy.  She stated that the design is acceptable but the height is still too great. She also stated that the change in zoning is not a good idea.

Jim asked the Alderman if Loukas needs owning variances for the proposed project.  The Alderman confirmed that he does, but that his office negotiates about variances based upon the community’s input.  The zoning change requested would amend the property from being a neighborhood shopping district to a commercial district.  The Alderman and Jim noted that ELVN approved the first design.  The Alderman will ask Tressa if Loukas wants ELVN approval/input of the new design.  The Alderman reminded everyone that the process includes input from lots of organizations.  The Alderman states that setback, height, and floor area ratio are 3 factors considered in approving variances.

Parking for this development is 50% of the number of units.  Terie states that Zone 383 temporary window permits are being sold illegally to non-residents already and that this project will exacerbate the problem.  Beth states that residents of Transit Oriented Development (“TOD”) such as this one should not be allowed to get permits.  She states that one of the objectives of of TOD’s is to reduce usage of cars in the area. The Alderman says that no annual parking stickers will be sold to TOD residents, but that there is no such restriction on guest passes.

Terie says that increasing the number of rentals with this project will make parking worse.  The Alderman reminds that the city allows people to purchase up to 30 temporary passes per month.

Patrick confirmed an April 15, 2014 letter from ELVN approving the original Loukas project on Dakin with a majority vote on the building and zoning change request.  The Alderman says that his office has received some complaints about the change from a glass structure and concerns about parking.

The Alderman says that there has been some interest in the 3901 Broadway gas station site.  One proposal would keep it as it is currently zoned (as a gas station), which he would fight. Some requests have been to re-zone it to retail.

He states that the Chateau Hotel owner is not in a hurry. Michael asked the Alderman what tenants are expected in the bottom of the complex. The Alderman stated that one wants a restaurant and maybe a convenience store.  He stated that units are being rented very quickly, including some being rented sight unseen.  Jim says that the liquor store across the street may be interested in going into Chateau.

Terie asks the Alderman about the former Tropico restaurant location and the Ace Hardware block re-zoning in light of the TOD project.  Paul reminds that such re-zoning is the very essence of TOD projects, as it is meant to include expansion near train stops and has been shown in other cities to have very positive economic effects.  The Alderman says that when the TOD in the Buena Park area occurred, retail was expanded significantly.  He also says that he recently spoke to the owner of the former Tropico.  He indicated that it took 2 years to get title transferred to him, but that he is looking to do something to it.  The building has to be demolished.  The Alderman also confirmed that TOD’s may be effectuated with no community input.  It is possible that there will be retail at the former Tropico space.

In response to an inquiry by Terie, the Alderman does not know about any proposed development at the Chase building on Irving and Sheridan.


CAPS: Chester says that he will email an article about crime issues.  He also mentioned the issue of prohibited trucks being present on Lake Shore Drive to them.

Wrigley Renovations Committee on LVCC

Terie states that the committee received little support from the City, CPD, Ald. Tunney’s office, and the Cubs.  She says that things will not improve until construction phases are concluded.  She stated that LVCC was not supportive of the committee in terms of noting any problems that would arise.  She stated that the noise from the jumbotron still is a problem for nearby blocks as well as for multiple surrounding blocks.  She states that our community is not being acknowledged, that the proposed survey was shut down, and that a press release was attacked

She stated that going forward she may hold conference calls instead of meetings of community groups.  Chester adds that the Transportation Committee at LVCC will make reports to recommend changes which seem to be effective.

CDDC dealt with the Rosecranz substance abuse center requesting a special use permit at Waveland and Southport and in West Lakeview.  The Cubs also gave some ideas at that meeting and will be making more presentations in future.

New Business

Paul said that David Gasman called him and wants to meet with ELVN about the 927 West Irving building that he just bought.

Mark volunteered to draft language for a letter about the prohibited trucks on Lake Shore Drive with Chester.  Chester says that some areas allow trucks but this stretch is not one of them.  Jim notes that signs on Lake Shore Drive about such prohibitions are sparse.

Chester says that he wanted to have a Gill Park meeting by the end of October, but is disappointed that it will not occur.  He will continue to follow up.

Oktoberfest: Beth says that there were no outright contributions similar to last year.  Chester says that Halsted Flats promised $1,000. Beth says that a preliminary accounting seems to show a net of $16,000-$17,000.  More than 400 tickets were sold.  Jim notes that Murphy’s is the biggest benefactor by far for this event and thanked Beth for all of the work by her and her staff.

Jim stated that bylaw amendments are necessary. The attorney revised them and they are 17 pages. Much is required by the Secretary of State for licensing and for 501(c)(3) status. He wants a committee to review it.  Terie reminds that a quorum is of the Board, not of membership as the old bylaws stated.  People will send their comments to the Listserv and the committee will incorporate them.


Jim adjourned the meeting at 8:09 p.m.

Minutes – September 1, 2015

September 1, 2016 Minutes

In attendance:

Marty Wallace
Michael Zink
Jim Spencer
Beth Murphy
Tom Rothschild
Aileen Tien
Patrick Carlson
Patrick Nagle
Mark Lundgren
Chester Kropidlowski
Terie Kata


Jean O’Neill
Bruce Handler

Jim called the meeting to order at 7:03 p.m.

Board member Introduction

All ELVN Board members introduced themselves.


No report/no representative present.

44th Ward

Ald. Tunney was present to provide the report.  His former liaison Erin Duffy is no longer with his office and is now working in commercial real estate.

Wrigley Field: Many issues have been communicated to his office, especially with respect to construction, development, and traffic.  He is working with the Cubs and with the City to minimize street closures and maximize rodent control.  He stated that it will be a few years of stress and will continue to communicate regularly about it.  He believes that more requests will be forthcoming from the Cubs in upcoming years, so he would like to see the expansion committee from LVCC be in regular discussions with the Cubs about all ideas going forward.  Ald. Tunney said that he seems to get a new request from the Cubs almost every day.  While he anticipated that the past 4 years would be difficult, it seems to be more of a “one-way street” than when the project began, so he wants more community input going forward.  He has received the reports of the construction workers beginning too early in the mornings prior to agreed start times, working late past agreed end times, and complaints about street closures.

Other Ward 44 issues: There will be a new Mariano’s at Wellington and Broadway.  The Whole Foods on Ashland was approved.  Park on Clark development is still on course.  In October or November some of those properties may be demolished.

We need increased security in east and central Lakeview.  Part of the Cubs plan was additional security at every game, but he received some pushback on that.  Lakeview saw spikes in burglaries and robberies in the summer.  More police are not likely on the way, so we have to use the forces that we have in a smarter manner.

46th Ward

Tressa Feher, Ald. Cappleman’s Chief of Staff, was present.  The 3800 Broadway development is still working with the City’s Department of Planning.  There were concerns about the eagle statues.  The developer wants to remove them, but the City’s Landmark committee wants them to remain.

The Sheridan-Dakin Loukas development project is active again.  This was previously approved by ELVN, but the project is now reducing the number of units and increasing parking.

The 3901 Broadway gas station continues to receive attention for developments. One group proposed an 8-floor project, which was rejected because it was taller than the neighbors wished.  The owner is also looking at building another gas station there because it has been difficult to find an interested developer.  Barbara Cozzi, an area resident, says that there have been many weeds at the property, which Tressa says will be regularly removed.

Ald. Cappleman continued working with ELVN on renovating Gill Park.  Funds are available and the Park District has approved.  There will be another meeting on 9/3, and our own Chester has been actively involved.  Barbara Cozzi asked why a proposed rendering showed no slides or swings in the playground.  Chester stated that that was an old rendering and that there will be a play area which includes slides and swings.

Tressa says that the construction at the self-storage building on Byron and Sheffield was approved by ELVN approximately 6-7 years ago, and it is merely an addition on the building for more storage units.


Heather Way Kitzes and Mike Lufrano, Executive Vice-President of Community and Government Afairs/Chief Legal Officer, were present.  Heather stated that Waveland and Sheffield Avenues have been reopened.  She sent a communication last week regarding a crane coming next week to build the last 4 floors of the office building on Clark. Waveland Avenue will be closed from Seminary to Clifton through mid-November due to that work.

The first 2 concerts (Billy Joel and Foo Fighters) saw problems mostly involving traffic.  Security was in the area for 2 hours after concerts patrolling the neighborhood.  Heather will send another communication about the Zac Brown Band and AC/DC concerts in the coming days.  There will be some pyrotechnics and helicopters at the AC/DC concert because it will be filmed for a DVD.  Mike says that they are asking for an earlier start time to the show because it is a school night.

Sharon Magnus, a community resident, stated that she saw some very fast drivers during the concerts.  When she asked one of the security guards about it, the response she received was that their job is only to make sure that cars are not vandalized.  Chester stated that ELVN put together a traffic plan with Ald. Tunney’s office, and that it was a good plan and that the system let us down.  He stated that we lost control of some part of Addison because of cabs.  The group will amend the plan to address that problem, as well as limousines which have nowhere to drop off or pick up people.  Ald. Tunney says that a lack of TMA personnel was the main problem.  Beth stated that TMA personnel cannot issue tickets so it is not their fault, but rather a police problem.

A resident named David could hear the national anthem at the Clark-Sheffield-Newport intersection.  Ald. Tunney stated that the Department of Environment cut its staff and has only 1 person, but confirmed that there are sound rules in place.

Beth expressed delight at the first concerts because there was no construction and no jumbotron playing.  She thinks that we need a schedule of when the jumbotron will be used.  Beth states that it was on every day in August even when the Cubs were out of town, and that during batting practice the music is blaring.  Mike says that the Cubs are aware of this issue on non-event days, and that they will not be using the jumbotron speakers on non-event days.  There will be a new sound system but not in place this year.

Several in attendance noted that there seem to be many cars without Zone 383 permits that are not being ticketed.  Mike says that the Cubs had a record 785 cars in the remote lot last week, which is an excellent trend.

Mark says that virtually every trash can from Sheffield to Lake Shore Drive on Waveland was overflowing last week after the games.

Ald. Tunney says that the 22 Clark bus moved down the street near Clark and Roscoe, so it is flexible to make transportation changes as necessary.

Mark asks Ald. Tunney about any new requests that he received from the Cubs.  Mike answered, providing an example of the Cubs asking when they can use the Plaza and what events would be allowed on the Plaza.

Officer’s Reports

Jim says so far there have been about 8 responses about concerts, mostly positive.  The negatives included concerns about traffic and the limousines.

Ald. Tunney says we need to create public-private deals about security, and that central Lakeview is a hot spot  He says that we need to augment services and work with community groups/CAPS.  The City cannot afford to do it all, as these are tenuous budget times.

Patrick N. asks about Clark-Addison project delay.  Ald. Tunney says that most of it is in place, but they are private transactions.  He did not know if the project would begin by the end of the year.

A resident asked Ald. Tunney about the Brown Line flyover.  Ald. Tunney stated that the new CTA head wants it but that a redevelopment plan is necessary.  It will probably be built in about 2018.

New Business/Old Business

Sue from Lakeview Pantry spoke.  They are waiting for final permits to start interior demolition.  No exterior work will be done.  They hope to open in the spring and will vacate their current space by June 30, 2016.

Patrick moves to approve prior minutes, Mark seconded, and the motion passed.

Oktoberfest 2015

It will take place October 4.  Tickets are now available.  There will be e-mail blasts.  As always, there will be prizes, silent auction items, and food at Murphy’s.


No motion, but declared by Jim at 7:57 p.m.

Board Member Only Meeting

Jim gave details about Oktoberfest.  If there is a Cubs clinch game that day, the event will be rescheduled.

We need items for donation.

Motion to send $100 to group at Sheridan Triangle Park passes unanimously.

The Board Member Only Meeting adjourned at 8:11 p.m.

Minutes – November 7, 2017

November 7, 2017 ELVN Meeting Minutes

19th District Police Station

In attendance:

Michael Zink
Jim Spencer
Beth Murphy
Chester Kropidlowski
Heather Way-Kitzes
Kit Welch
Tom Rothschild
Jean O’Neill
Mark Lundgren
Terie Kata


Patrick Nagle
Aileen Tien
Maggie Koehler
Patrick Carlson
Marty Wallace

The meeting was called to order at 7:06 p.m.

46th Ward

Alderman Cappleman’s aide Lexi Silvers was present to give the report.

The Sheridan-Broadway road work is still on schedule.

The Howard Brown Center bought the building at 1023 W. Irving Park next to Byron’s.  This was intended to be a condominium building, the zoning change for which ELVN approved previously, but the developers experienced foundation issues.  No other information is available at this time, as Lexi was just told about it tonight.  Terie suggests that Lexi ask Howard Brown to e-mail some information, as well as to tell Howard Brown that the building appears not to be secured and may be inhabited by vagrants.

Jim asks about the Gasman building on Broadway.  A community member says that construction geothermal pipes are being installed 150 feet deep, which is slowing the project.  Lexi says that the project may be stalled until that work is complete.

Teri asks about the Loukas project on Dakin and Sheridan, the zoning change for which ELVN approved previously, as nothing seems to be happening.  Lexi does not know the status.  Terie says that word in the community is that Loukas is reconsidering the design.

The Lomanto development of the Ace Hardware building probably will not start until spring 2018 at the earliest.

44th Ward

No report.  Alderman Tunney and his staff are attending his fundraiser this evening.


Heather was present to give the report.

Ballpark constriction is back underway.  The new clubs inside Wrigley Field are being built.  This year and next year will be the last years for construction.

The Foo Fighters will have a concert on July 29.

The Park will become Winterland with an ice rink, Chriskindlemart, and a tree lighting this winter.  It will take about 2 weeks to set up the ice rink.  Santa’s workshop will be set up in the trophy room.  The World Series trophy will be gone for the winter.

This Thursday will be a food truck social at the Park.  This Saturday will have college football viewing at the Park.  Exercise classes will continue, weather permitting.

There will be a neighbor night probably some time before Thanksgiving.

The hotel is progressing and will open at the end of March.


Brian could not attend tonight but Jim and Terie gave a report.

There is approximately $2,000 in outstanding funds to collect.  The revenues totaled $30,490, expenses totaled $5,470, rendering a net collection of $25,020.  After a few additional miscellaneous funds are collected, the end net collection will probably total approximately $26,500.  Brian did a spreadsheet showing prior years’ numbers, and this was the best year yet.

Chester says that a monthly Treasurer’s report is needed.  Terie has it and reports that before Oktoberfest, the account contained approximately $13,000.  At the end of September, the account contained approximately $34,000.  Terie attended the city sculpture exhibit event and met an artist who is willing to sell a sculpture.  She looked into the cost of purchasing the arch leaf currently up in Kelly Park, and it would cost approximately $20,000.  Most sculptures cost approximately the same.


Michael reported that we need a copy of our Articles of Incorporation and the 3 past years’ filed financial statements.  Chester and Michael will talk about getting a copy of the Articles.

Holiday Party

After discussion during the meeting, the party will take place on December 5 from 7:00-9:00 p.m in the Murphy’s east bar due to many being unavailable on December 12.

Chester says that it is inappropriate to let people outside of the organization come without paying.  Heather says that other organizations have charged as a fundraiser to organization at a holiday party, but because we only are 4 weeks away, we should forego a charge this year.  Heather says it is also another reason why we need regular financial reports so that we can compare numbers from prior years.

Mark suggests a nominal charge of $10 with a wristband.  Terie asks for people to volunteer and she will work with Freddie on the menu.  We need a few people to stand at the door to collect money and to distribute tickets and wristbands.  Kit and Mark volunteer.  Jim says that we will charge $10 which equals membership plus party entry.  Heather will help with the invitations.

New Business

A community member mentions the termination of DNA Info and asks if there are other such sources of information.  Kit suggests reading the ELVN Facebook page and the Southeast Lakeview Facebook page.  Jim says that Patch is a web site with such information, and Lexi says that many of the DNA Info writers moved to Patch.

Tom asks about the huge crane that he saw at the co-op at Grace and Broadway.  Lexi says the Alderman’s office was not alerted to it before it arrived.

Old Business

Mark moves to approve the prior minutes except to correct the spelling of his wife’s name being Kenda.  Terie seconded the motion and it passed by acclamation.

Closed Session

Mark moved to adjourn the meeting at 8:08, and his motion passed by acclamation.

Respectfully submitted,

/s/ Michael Zink

Minutes – October 3, 2017

October 3, 2017 ELVN Meeting Minutes

19th District Police Station

In attendance:

Michael Zink
Jim Spencer
Beth Murphy
Kit Welch
Tom Rothschild
Aileen Tien
Marty Wallace
Maggie Koehler
Chester Kropidlowski
Terie Kata
Heather Way-Kitzes
Jean O’Neill
Mark Lundgren
Patrick Carlson
Patrick Nagle



The meeting was called to order at 7:01 p.m.

Jim opened the meeting welcoming everyone. Terie called read the names of all paid members to ensure that a quorum was present. After the roll call, 26 members were present and thus a quorum was present. The ELVN Board members introduced themselves.

46th Ward

Alderman Cappleman was present to give the report.

Broadway has been resurfaced after the water main work was completed. In some sections, sidewalks were not replaced yet due to new acorn lighting to be installed, but they should be replaced by Thanksgiving.

The bicycle path at Montrose is being redone, as it hosts some of highest accidents rates in the city.

For the building at the 3800 block of Broadway, construction is currently focused on the foundation, and there will be geothermal heating in the new structure.

The sidewalk at Addison and Pine Grove will be made ADA compliant.

A community member asks if any trees will be planted on Broadway between Addison and Grace. The Alderman confirms as much, but Maureen Martino is present from the Chamber and reminds him that the trees cannot be planted on a vaulted sidewalk.

Chester asks for the Alderman to send us a way to nominate businesses and organizations for ward awards, which the Alderman indicates that he will do.

Aileen asks about Vermillion Development’s project on the former Mobil site. The company previously represented to the community that the new structure will have 60 parking spaces, but an article online says that there will only be 29. The Alderman stats that he will investigate.

44th Ward

Ald. Tunney and his staffer Chris Jessup were present to give joint reports.

Chris provides a brief report while Alderman was taking a phone call outside the meeting.

The Chicago Marathon is this weekend, and the route will be the same in Lakeview as it has been in recent years. The race will clear Lakeview at approximately noon.

The Cubs’ NLDS Monday and Tuesday home game times next week have not yet been set by Major League Baseball, but they will be set by Thursday.

Chester says that the next LVCC meeting will be Thursday in this room, and he asks for the latest playoff information to be passed on to other wards.

Terie asks about local crime, particularly a robbery in Kelly Park and a rape on Dakin. Ald. Cappleman asks her to come to the CAPS meeting tomorrow about leads and restates the numbers of police officers promised by the Mayor.

Ald. Tunney says that parking restrictions for Cubs playoff games are on his web site. He anticipates salt trucks blocking intersections similar to last year.


Heather was present to give the report.

Tonight was the Cubs playoff rally at the Park from 3-7 p.m. There were giveaways and it was a family event that was well attended.

The Cubs are working with the City and agencies regarding traffic, parking, and security for playoff games. They will not know the NLDS game times until after the wild card games are completed.

Heather offers to sign up attendees for the Cubs mailing list and has “W” posters to distribute.

The hotel is on track to be open for Opening Day 2018.

Fitness classes and farmer’s markets will continue to be held at the Park through October, and winter events at the Park will be announced in the coming weeks. On October 23 the Park will host a Halloween pumpkin party, with singers from the Old Town School of Folk Music.

A community member asks about problems encountered in signing up for postseason tickets. Heather will help navigate the process.

Kendra Lundgren says that she received a robocall stating that she will need identification to enter the community during playoff games. Chris says that the restrictions should only be two hours before each game and one hour after. He says that these were the same restrictions in place last year and that the restrictions pertain only to vehicles.

A community member asks about many problems with the Cubs blocking the nearby Clifton alley this year with cones and that the problems were never resolved, even after repeated conversations with Heather and Mike Lufrano. Mike Lufrano is present and says that when he went to the location he saw no cones. After extended debate, the community member will speak further with Heather and Mike after the meeting.


Jim states that ELVN is voting to amend its bylaws and will apply for 501(c)(3) status for future fundraising activities. He says that the new template would replace the 3-page bylaws document. A committee met in August and at our September 5 meeting recommended changes. The Board voted on a final version which was published on the web site, and soon thereafter it a clause was discovered that would effectively allow only the owner of a business to be elected to the Board. Practical application of this provision would preclude the Cubs from having a Board member unless is was a member of the Ricketts family. He polled Board members and the Board almost unanimously wished to strike this exclusionary clause. Jim moves to strike the exclusionary clause.

Mark says that the word “member” is defined early in the proposed revised bylaws. Mark accordingly moves to strike the language from the penultimate sentence of the first paragraph of Article 7, Section 2 and to replace it to state, “Each Director must be a member in good standing of the Corporation” and also to strike the last sentence of the paragraph that states, “No person running for or holding an elected public office shall be a Director.” Aileen seconded the motion.

Terie says that the exclusionary clause would not even affect most business owners in neighborhood, and it would simply prevent Board membership from becoming a tag team event.

Maggie says that it would be extremely unlikely to have any member of the Ricketts family in attendance. She also states that elections would be the ideal channel to determine whether a Board member is retained.

Bruce Handler says that businesses should communicate to the community through the Chamber and not through neighborhood organizations.

Maggie states that there is no question that this is a debate exclusively about whether the Cubs should be permitted to have an employee on the Board and that this does not pertain to any other business in East Lakeview.

Jim asks Michael why no elected officials or candidates for elected office should be on the Board. Michael states that such a situation would probably violate the requirements of 501(c)(3) status,

Mark is not opposed to withdrawing that portion of his motion.

Maureen Martino says that businesses on the ELVN board lend to diversity.

Heather states that such a policy could shut out Lakeview Pantry from having any Board representation for example, as it has no particular owner. She states that the Cubs are very active in the community and has 50 front office members who reside in East Lakeview. She personally attends meetings and cultivates relationships, and the Cubs have supported schools, art, etc.

Terie says that the Cubs’ only community involvement is through ELVN and LVCC.

Chester says that he supports the Cubs participation.

Bruce says that he does not think that the Cubs should be able to send a representative to the Board.

Jim restates Mark’s motion, and Mark states his revised motion which withdrew his objection to language prohibiting elected officials and candidates from being on the Board. The revised motion would effectively allow the Cubs and any others to stand for election. Aileen again seconds. The motion passed with 27 votes.

Jim then moved for a provisional vote to suspend the current bylaws but only if the forthcoming motion to ratify the new bylaws is successful. Aileen seconds and the motion passed. Jim then moved to approve the language in the new bylaws with the amendments passed by Mark, Kit seconded the motion, and it passed with 31 votes.

New Business

Margaret Meister and a representative from LJ’s LLC were present. Although their business is located just outside of the ELVN boundaries, they wanted to explain that they are undertaking a project to maximize food space and to downsize. They will not need a zoning change but simply wanted to make ELVN aware.

Chester reminds the attendees of a CAPS meeting tomorrow night.

Maggie says that businesses on Broadway that were affected by the water main project will be having coordinated specials to reinvigorate the business. She says that the holiday season will have snowflakes on the lights.

Brandon Cunningham of Kelly Park says that architectural landscape firms have been selected to give presentations for renovations of Kelly Park.

Old Business

Patrick thanks Ald. Cappleman for his Oktoberfest contributions. Jim says that there will be an Oktoberfest update at the ELVN November meeting. Jim thanks the Murphy family for its efforts in hosting and fundraising for Oktoberfest.

Jim moves to adjourn, and his motion passed. The meeting adjourned at 8:11 p.m.

Closed Session

No Closed Session was held.

Minutes – September 5, 2017

September 5, 2017 ELVN Meeting Minutes

19th District Police Station

In attendance:

Michael Zink
Jim Spencer
Beth Murphy
Kit Welch
Tom Rothschild
Patrick Nagle
Aileen Tien
Maggie Koehler
Terie Kata
Heather Way-Kitzes
Patrick Carlson
Mark Lundgren
Jean O’Neill
Marty Wallace


Chester Kropidlowski
Bruce Handler

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m.

46th Ward

Alderman Cappleman was present to give the report.

The water main construction on the streets are to be done by the Chicago Marathon in October. There will be acorn lighting on the 3600 and 3700 blocks of Broadway thanks to Maureen Martino. His office is working with the local synagogues about parking plans for the upcoming Jewish holy days.

The ward has funds for a sculpture to be located at the Clarendon and Broadway intersection for a year. After that something a little more grander can be placed there. He will give a list of potential sculptures and allow ELVN to decide. Terie asks if we can do it as part of this year’s art program, to which Ald. Cappleman replied that we could not.

Patrick Nagle asks about Ald. Cappleman’s Facebook post suggesting that Gill Park will be completed soon. Ald. Capplemen says that there is no news on Gill Park. He also says that the Clarendon-Montrose TIF, the park district, and JDF Construction are contributing money for the Clarendon Playhouse.

44th Ward

Bennett Lawson was present to give the report.

The water main work itself is done, so now the street must be repaved from south to north. There will be a paper shred event on September 23 from 9 a.m.-12:00 p.m., with a limit of 2 boxes. The event is usually busy, so people should arrive early. In response to Marty’s question of when repaving will begin, Bennett says that the concrete work will start tomorrow September 6.

Mark asks about the meeting that aldermen held with JDF Construction about its multiple pending projects that are causing problems in many communities. Bennett says that after the meeting, JDF’s behavior has improved markedly, but that the aldermen will continue monitoring it to ensure that no further actions are necessary by City Hall.

Terie asks if there is any intention to address the rideshare prevalence in East Lakeview. Bennett says that there are more rideshare vehicles than cabs and that he was aware of rideshare issues around Wrigley Field near the marquee. He is not aware of a cap/maximum of rideshare vehicles in any area or that any law requires labeling of rideshare vehicles. He says that the 44th Ward office received complaints about certain drivers, but it is harder to identify particular rideshare drivers than particular drivers of buses or cabs, so the state and city need better mechanisms to deal with problematic rideshare drivers.


September 6 will be the makeup night viewing of the Jungle Book. That will be the last movie of the summer at the Park. It starts early, with the gates open at 6 p.m. and the movie starting at 7 p.m. The last Wiggleworms session was today, and the fitness programs will take place through October.

The Cubs game on Friday September 8 is now a night game. There will be a back-to-school party on the Park on September 11 from 4 p.m-6 p.m. with live music, face painting, and games.

Chamber of Commerce

Maggie was present to give the report.

The Festival for the Arts will take place September 9-10. Due to construction, there will be no Friday night preview. There will be 2 stages, a children’s area, great artists, Joffrey youth dancers, and martial arts performances among many other features. There is a $5 suggested donation for entry. It will be located on Broadway from Belmont to the Best Western hotel.

Legislative Updates

Robert, Chief of Staff for Sara Feigenholtz, was present. He reported that the annual senior health fair will take place at Weiss Hospital on October 6 from 11 a.m.-1 p.m. There is also a new law about motorcycle noise that allows the city to install noise monitoring on Lake Shore Drive. This technology will also generate more concrete data about motorcycle speed also. The legislature passed legislation reforming the funding formula for K-12 education. It allows the city on its own (without aldermanic vote) to pass a property tax increase up from .03 percent to .04 percent.

Mike Quigley’s community liaison was present. Congressman Quigley is upset about President Trump’s announced DACA termination. The debt ceiling also needs to be raised. Congressman Quigley will be working on these and many other issues in the coming months.

Marty Malone from Bridget Gainer’s office was present. He lives locally in East Lakeview. Property tax appeals are among their services, and he encouraged the community to contact the office with questions.

New Business

Jim says that Oktoberfest will take place September 24 at Murphy’s Bleachers. There will be flyers and tickets. We are seeking donations for silent auction items. We are pushing for more balance with fewer sports-related items and more arts-related items. Brian and Jaime Murphy are here with any questions. Brian says that posters and donation letters are available. It will be a pig roast again. This is the 19th annual Oktoberfest.

Tom mentions that the 3901 Broadway building is going up quickly, but that the David Gasman building across the street seems stalled. Ald. Cappleman says that the Gasman project right now is doing foundation work, so it is difficult to see. Tom says that he heard about a possible store with a liquor license will go into the Gasman building, but is concerned with a day care across the street. Ald. Cappleman said that he has not heard about liquor license entity there, but he will monitor the situation.

Bylaw Discussion

The Board and community members present discussed the proposed bylaws in detail as presented by the Bylaw Committee, which included Heather, Terie, Chester, and Michael. There were 2 motions advanced during the discussion. Jim moved to amend the definition of a quorum in Article 6, Section 6. Two people present opposed the motion, and the motion passed.

With respect to Article 6, Section 8, Jim moved to strike the provision allowing for proxies. The motion carried without objection.

Patrick moved to adjourn the meeting at 8:28 p.m.