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ELVN September 6th General/Community Meeting Agenda

ELVN_community_meetingEast Lake View Neighbors Association Board Meeting

WHEN: Tuesday, September 6, 2016, at 7:00 P.M
WHERE: 19th District Police Station Community Room, 850 W. Addison


  1. Call to Order
  2. 12th District State Representative Sara Feigenholtz
  3. 44th Ward Update
  4. 46th Ward Update
  5. Cubs Update
  6. A presentation by resident James Velasco regarding a proposed dog park
  7. Oktoberfest 2016
  8. Old Business/New Business
  9. Adjournment

ELVN August 2nd Board Meeting Agenda

ELVN_community_meetingEast Lake View Neighbors Association Board Meeting

WHEN: Tuesday, August 2, 2016, at 7:00 P.M
WHERE: 19th District Police Station Community Room, 850 W. Addison


  1. Call to Order
  2. 44th Ward Update
  3. 46th Ward Update
  4. Cubs Update
  5. Oktoberfest 2016
  6. Old Business/New Business
  7. Adjournment

ELVN June 7th Community Meeting Agenda

ELVN_community_meetingEast Lake View Neighbors Association Community/General Quarterly Meeting

WHEN: Tuesday, June 7, 2016, at 7:00 P.M
WHERE: Lakeview Presbyterian Church Auditorium, 716 W. Addison St.


  1. Call to Order
  2. 46th Ward Update
  3. Lakeview Presbyterian Church – Pastor Joy Douglas Stone
  4. 44th Ward Update
  5. Cubs presentation of their pending Patio License Application
  6. Old Business/New Business
  7. Adjournment

Agenda for April 5, 2016, ELVN meeting

ELVN_community_meetingEast Lake View Neighbors will be hosting a Board meeting on Tuesday, April 5, 2016, at the 19th District Police Station Community Room, 850 W. Addison at 7:00 PM. Please join us.


  1. Call to Order
  2. 44th Ward Update
  3. Cubs Update
  4. 46th Ward Update – Presentation by Aristithis Loukas regarding proposed development of northwest corner of Dakin and Sheridan Road
  5. New Business/Old Business
  6. Adjournment
  7. Board Member Only Session
    • Nomination and election of Officers
    • Loukas property proposal
    • Set date of Oktoberfest 2016

East Lake View Neighbors (ELVN) 2016 Slate of Nominees for the Board

A reminder – The East Lake View Neighbors Annual Meeting and Board Election is scheduled for Tuesday March 1, 2016, at 7 PM. Location is To Be Determined, and a complete agenda is forthcoming.

Jim Spencer has been a Board member for four years and served as ELVN Chair of the past two years. He also serves on the Board of the Lakeview Citizens Council. Jim, his wife Maureen and their Foster Children Eugene and Gino live in the immediate Wrigley Field area and have been strong advocates in protecting the residential character of east lake view. He has owned and managed an apartment building in the neighborhood since 1996.

Chester Kropidlowski has lived in East Lake View since 1991 and has been a Board member for over ten years and is a past Chair of ELVN.  In 1998, Chester retired from the City after a 32 year career with the Chicago Department of Transportation as a City traffic engineer. His duties included dealing with Lake View traffic and parking issues and managing the night baseball Neighborhood Protection Program. Since retirement, Chester has worked as a traffic engineering consultant including consulting for both the City and the Cubs regarding the Wrigley Field program. Chester was Chair of the Transportation Committee for the 44th Ward Master Plan and was active in the development of the 46th Ward Master Plan. Chester and his significant other, Lenore, frequently enjoy the many restaurant and entertainment opportunities available in Lake View.

Patrick Nagle has lived in Lakeview for over 20 years and has worked as an attorney for 20 years. Patrick currently serves as a federal Administrative Law Judge. He has been an ELVN member for the past several years and is a member of Alderman Cappleman’s Zoning Committee. His wife and he are raising two children in the neighborhood and he is invested in making this community an optimal place for people to live and work.

Terie Kata has been active in ELVN since 1991, serving as Chair for five years, and Treasurer for over seven years. Terie, working as an ELVN contractor and working with our friends, the Murphy Family, raised ELVN fund-raising to new highs in attendance and profits at our annual Oktoberfests. Terie is an active member of numerous community and business organizations including being on the Board of the Lake View Citizens Council.

Tom Rothschild has called East Lakeview home for 19 of the 21 years he has lived in Chicago. Currently the Treasurer of his condo association, Tom has been active on the board of every building in which he has lived. His work with the condo board has led him to form relationships with the Alderman’s’ offices. Tom presently represents ELVN in the 44th Wards neighborhood sculpture program.

Heather Way Kitzes is proposed to be the Chicago Cubs representative to the ELVN Board. The Chicago Cubs are a long time Organizational member of ELVN. Since April 2015, Heather has held the position of Manager, Government and Neighborhood Relations for the Chicago Cubs. Heather’s current responsibilities include working with local community members on issues surrounding Wrigley Field. Prior to her role with the Cubs, Heather held the position of Executive Director with the Lakeview Chamber of Commerce for nearly 13 years. During her tenure, LCC experienced consistent membership growth, the formation of critical strategic partnerships and drafted and delivered the award winning Lakeview Area Master Plan (LAMP). Over the years, she has served on many local and regional boards including the Alderman Tunney’s 44th Ward Community Directed Development Council; Lakeview Citizen’s Council Executive Committee; Shiel Park Advisory Council; and the Lake View Pantry Board of Directors, among others. In 2014 she was elected as the Community Representative to the Inter American Magnet School LSC. Additionally, in 2012, she was appointed by former Governor Pat Quinn as a Commissioner to Serve Illinois, the state’s commission on volunteerism and service. She believes strongly that service and volunteerism are the key to a well-rounded professional and personal life. Although a long time Lake View resident, Heather currently lives in Andersonville with her husband David and their two children, Jack and Lilly.

Kit Welch and her partner have been residents of East Lakeview since May of 2012. Kit is an active member of her Condo Association including being the Association’s Treasurer. She also has experience as a Board member for a nature preserve in Florida  and has participated in various community organizations. She currently is a volunteer diver at the Shedd Aquarium. Kit’s Community support can be summarized by a quote:  “As a Realtor, I have a vested interest in our neighborhood, and feel that I have a lot to contribute to the ELVN board. I am an advocate for all members of our community having a voice, and I support reasonable, responsible development of the area in and around East Lakeview.”

ELVN Board Member Nominations

raisedhandsEast Lake View Neighbors will be accepting nominations for Board Members of ELVN at our next meeting on Tuesday, February 2, 2016, at 7:00 p.m. in the Community Room at the Police Station located at 850 West Addison Street. We invite all eligible people to consider serving on our Board. If you are interested, please attend the meeting on February 2, 2016, and either accept or submit your nomination. All nominees will be verified for eligibility and will be asked to submit a brief biography which will be considered by all ELVN Members. Nominees will stand for election to the Board at our General Community Meeting on March 1, 2016.

To be eligible to serve on The ELVN Board, nominees must live and own property within the boundaries of our Organization. The boundaries are Lake Shore Drive, Clark Street, Addison Street and Irving Park Road. Additionally, all nominees must have a fully paid membership by February 16, 2016.

Responsibilities of ELVN Board Members are as follows:

  • To understand the needs and concerns of the Community
  • To actively promote ELVN within the Community and to work to increase ELVN Membership
  • To attend at least seven (7) Board/Community meetings within the calendar year
  • To participate in annual fundraising activities such as our annual Oktoberfest
  • To be engaged in the activities of ELVN through active participation

Please consider this great opportunity to get involved in your Community. Contact friends@eastlakeview.org with any questions.

Jan. 5, 2016 ELVN Board Meeting

ELVN_community_meetingPlease attend the next ELVN Board Meeting Tuesday, Jan. 5, 2016 at 7:00 p.m. at the 19th District Police Station, 850 W. Addison St.

Meeting Agenda

  1. Call to Order
  2. Officers Report
  3. 44th Ward Update – Cubs Report
  4. 46th Ward Update
    Zoning variance request by Vicky Smith of Charbella hair Salon
    Dave Gassman update on his Irving Park Road property
  5. New Business
  6. Old Business – Board Seat Nominations and Election Update
  7. Adjournment
  8. Board Member only Meeting

2016 ELVN Meeting Schedule

Jan. 5 – Board Meeting
Feb. 2 – Board Meeting
Mar. 1 – General Meeting
Apr. 5 – Board Meeting
May 3 – Board Meeting
June 7 – General Meeting
Aug. 2 – Board Meeting
Sep. 6 – General Meeting
Oct. 4 – Board Meeting
Nov. 1 – Board Meeting
Dec. 6 – General Meeting